Perspective, The Narrative & That Oxygen Mask : Plus The Rules and *Groan* Homework

Me. I’ve always been weird.

I’ve been otherwise distracted lately. But I have things to say. Things to work out in my mind. I’ve been doing that here for nearly 17 years so here I am back to do it some more. Before I get to that I want to thank Kathy for her lovely comment a bit ago. Yes, I am honest and real here. My opinions are my own. They are based on my perspective. I don’t Facebook or Instagram. I don’t Twitter. That’s Myles account out there. I just type for him. I blog my thoughts, successes and failures. I am a real whole live person. I share what is mine to share.

As I said this is my perspective. We all have one. It comes from the way we were raised, the things we value and how we see the world. Everyone’s perspective has value and is important but we have to take that into account when we consider what they have to say. I remember a song that says “I’ve looked at both sides now.”I’m really bad with songs and musicians so while I remember that line I remember nothing else. We as a human race have to remember perspective and looking at both sides, all sides really.

Earlier this week I started watching a video on YouTube. I was interrupted before I could finish it and couldn’t find it again much like when you see that really great pattern on Ravelry and you can’t remember the name so you scroll through your history to find it. I still couldn’t find the video though but I think I got out of it what mattered. It was about the narrative and what we are told. I’m going to paraphrase it but I know I won’t get it exactly right. Imagine if what you are told is wrong. Not just a lie but a whole narrative of half truths. When we are babies we are taught trust. We cried and people came and met our needs. Over time they began to teach us things like the sky is blue and the clouds white. Grass is green and the sun yellow. What if someone or a group of someones said they wanted to control the narrative. If they worked in unison they could tell everyone for example that the sky is green and the grass is blue. If it’s from people you trust you believe them and their narrative. If you question the narrative you are told you are wrong. If you say things that contradict the narrative they are deleted. If you continue to say things that contradict the narrative you are deleted. Or cancelled as the young folks say.

Anyone who has been on an airplane, even me who hasn’t been on one in over 20 years, knows the speech given about putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others to put theirs on. It’s really an excellent analogy for how a lot of life works. We have to take care of ourselves before we help those around us. Notice I said I would take care of me before helping others. Not I would just take care of me and to hell with others. We are all in this together. Remember that.

Here are the rules. Feel free to comment. I love comments. Feel free to agree or disagree. I enjoy the free exchange of ideas. Be respectful. Colorful language is allowed. I particularly welcome and want the opinion of my international friends. We don’t hear their thoughts often enough in our media. Again respectful. No name calling or bullying.

Homework: Read Mike Pompeo’s Twitter. Read the things he did the past 4 years. Read about the Abraham Accords. Read about 5G Clean Networks. Read about all the work he has done with many nations. Read about America First where America is leading from the front to work with the world. All this without starting any new wars.

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21 Responses to Perspective, The Narrative & That Oxygen Mask : Plus The Rules and *Groan* Homework

  1. kathyreeves says:

    The world is rife with half truths right now. Our penchant for getting information in sound bytes has made us unwilling to do the due diligence needed to see issues clearly. Looking at both sides, and checking facts seems to have become too old fashioned, and our u willingness to do so as a nation has created a population of sheeple that would shame our country ding fathers, who gave up so much for us. I am afraid we have squandered our freedom. Over the past three weeks I have been reminded over and over again, that the only sure plans are God’s and the only true truth is His. I hinge all my hope on Him, no one else deserves it! Now off to read some more homework!

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    There is so much I want to say. So much in my heart. I have shared this with you a bit. When did we as a civilization stop loving each other? I mean really loving each other. We don’t have to like everything and everyone; I am talking about that fundamental love that says you matter, you are valued, you have a place here beside me. There is no love for life in our current world except for our own skin. Even people who advocate for this group or that are serving their own purpose and goals. This is a broad generalization, I know, but it is just how I am feeling right now and it is breaking my heart. I am tearing up as I write this. I’m sad. I am grateful for the kind corner of the world that exists in the knitting blogs that I follow. Thank you, Karen xoxo (I love you-you matter to me)

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    • I love you too Regina. You matter to me:)
      I believe that when being right became more important than being kind we were dragged down that road. Everyone should want the best for everyone else. That is nearly gone now.

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    PS. You were such a h*cking cute baby!!!

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  4. It feels like I’m living in the Twilight Zone these days. I remember something called a Slam Book when I was in junior high – every kid in the class had a page and it would be passed around and nasty, anonymous comments would be written down. As a kid with bad teeth and a horrible haircut, my page was especially cruel. Teachers would confiscate these books when they caught one, and the whole class would be lectured. I feel like we somehow decided that Slam Books were great and we should all strive to write the nastiest comments instead of trying to find common ground.

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    • I agree. There was a lot of bullying when I was in school. It was normally one child going after another and then everyone else getting pulled onto a side. It was cruel. When my daughter was in school there was a lot of time spent trying to teach anti bullying techniques but I’m afraid the wrong lesson was taught: bullying gets you what you want when no one stands up for the bullied. Teaching children to care about each other and stand up for each other would have been a better way.

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      • ReginaMary says:

        Bullying is still a big problem my school. We always used to look to the adults to help our young people navigate those waters. Now adults are worse than the kids! Really. We have parents who are unforgiving toward people on FB, and their children are modeling their behavior at school. Nuts!

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      • RebSef says:

        I volunteer in the youth sector. It’s awful how much teenagers think they are anonymous online and can say what they want without consequence because they see adults do it, brag about “I said thid to X” and get away with it. Why write it at all?

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      • Exactly. The fact that we are social distanced adds to it. The lack of in person interaction is adding to the lack of accountability.

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    • ReginaMary says:

      They have renamed it, it is now called Facebook.

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  5. Kellie says:

    I had a quick look, just commenting to let you know I’m in Australia and had never seen any of this before.
    The part about the slam book in the comments makes me sad.

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  6. If I try, I can get radio feeds from England, Germany and Canada, mostly through public radio. I always find it interesting to see the perspective from abroad. And many, if not most, of the blogs I follow are from outside the US.

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  7. chrisknits says:

    It is very sad. I am staying away from media right now because I trust none of it. It has devolved in to two sides of a story and usually neither side is completely right. So I just pray and watch out for the ones I love, and try to give grace to the rest. And shake my head at all of those who spout about love and give none to those not on “their” side. It’s embarrassing to see how some adults are acting right now.

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  8. Stefanie says:

    It is crazy out there.

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  9. nanacathy2 says:

    Well done on raising this topic. I have read your most recent post and this one in the wrong order, typical me. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp- seems to me he didn’t and now the swamp monster fights back. I from the UK fear for America- it was the land of the free.
    I think the line about looking at life from both sides comes from a song by the Carpenters, but I’m probably wrong. Hugs, x

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