After my MIL passed away my BIL cleaned out her place. He bundled up the things she wanted each of us to have and then started sending photos of things and asking who would like it. One day The Husband and I were out when a text arrived with a photo of a quilt. I said I’d like that if no one else wants it. Mostly things had been claimed by whoever had given them originally. The Husband texted back our interest if no one else wanted it. Last weekend my BIL texted to say he’d be by to drop a few things off. I was so surprised to see the quilt among the items. I thought for sure someone would claim it.

I am no quilt expert but I know there are a few out there. The quilt appears to be machine sewed but hand quilted.

It has a tag with the name of the quilter, the year and where it was made here in Massachusetts. Does anyone know what the design is called? Currently I’ve got it folded at the foot of our bed. I want to use it and enjoy it but I want to care for it correctly. I will confess that it was dusty and likely had cat hair on it so I put it through the delicate cycle in the washing machine and dried it on low. It survived just fine and so did I. Is there anything special I should do with it? How do I keep it from fading? Our room has east, south and west windows.


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17 Responses to Serendipity

  1. It is very unique and colorful. I’d like to know the design as well. What year was it made?

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  2. OMG, that’s beautiful! My mom would say – quilts are meant to be used. Put it on your bed! If you don’t want to use it, put it on a quilt rack and just refold it every few months so it doesn’t get fold lines. I can’t believe no one wanted it! I don’t know what the pattern is, but I’ll see if I can find anything.

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  3. That is a gorgeous quilt! I think you are on the right track – gentle laundering and normal use should be good.

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  4. What a beautiful quilt! It has found a good home.

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  5. Alissa Head says:

    That’s a wonderful quilt. And what a nice memory of your MIL.

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  6. My only advice would be to keep it out of direct sunlight, the direst light will cause fading. Otherwise enjoy the beautiful quilt.

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  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That is a stunning work of art! Definitely use it and enjoy it. I’ll ask one of my quilting friends if she recognizes the pattern.

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  8. Laura Kate says:

    Beautiful quilt. I’m always impressed when a modern quilt is hand-quilted. All the other comments have given you everything you need to know to keep it looking good for years to come.

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  9. yarnmama10 says:

    I have done lots of quilts but not for the last 20 years or so. That is a beautiful quilt! You are very fortunate to be it’s new owner. Enjoy!

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  10. sewadilly says:

    Beautiful quilt!!! Use your quilt — as you have experienced not everyone loves/treasures them .. enjoy it, love and use it. That is my advise. Quilts are made with love enjoy the love using it.

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  11. chrisknits says:

    It looks like a Tessellation pattern, which were very popular in the 90’s. It’s basically a Pinwheel pattern with a twist. Very pretty. My best advice, use it as it’s intended, as a bed quilt. To avoid fading change up the way you lay it on the bed to avoid one spot getting all the exposure. Unless you have 365 full sun, full strength, I doubt it will suffer a great deal of damage. How wonderful for you.

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  12. kathyreeves says:

    That’s a beautiful quilt, enjoy it!

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  13. What a beautiful quilt! I received a hand quilted quilt from an aunt and she told me to keep it out of direct light and NO CATS allowed on it, but that it was meant to be use. I kept that quilt on my bed for over 10 years before it began to wear and then I moved it to a closet. I cleaned out lots of stuff this pandemic year but I still have the quilt; at this point it is kind of an heirloom. Congrats on yours.

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  14. elpalchica says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous. You know yourself that when you make something with so much care and dedication, you want it to be used. Don’t be afraid to use it and enjoy such color in your everyday.

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  15. I am so glad you get to enjoy that heirloom quilt!!! I have no experience with sewing! But you can turn to Nancy at Wyoming Breezes or Val at Wandering Cat. B Oth quilt all the time .

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