Things I Never Learn

I forced myself to finish the bind off of the One & Done shawl. I’m not doing that particular version of picot bind off again. I know I’ve done a better one. This one was wonky when done. I should have stopped and hunted up the one I liked. But of course I didn’t.

You’ll also notice that the ends of the shawl are curved. Yup, that top edge is tight. Mighty tight really. I should have added a YO and dropped it on the next row. I made a note to do this and promptly didn’t.

Fortunately I firmly believe in learning. Even if it’s the same thing over and over and over again.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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12 Responses to Things I Never Learn

  1. The colors of your yarn are gorgeous!

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Well, that is gorgeous! And your perspective on learning is priceless! I have a feeling many of us subscribe to that same philosophy!

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  3. chrisknits says:

    The tight edge is my issue with a lot of the slipped stitch edges. I never learn to not use that method! Hope the reality of it is better than the blocking state.

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  4. Mimmy Jain says:

    It’s looking lovely though, so well done!

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  5. Alissa Head says:

    It a beauty though. I’m always learning too.

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  6. nanacathy2 says:

    Oh that old adage, if you always do ,what you have always done , you’ll always get, what you always got! That said I think it is very pretty indeed.

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  7. Laura Kate says:

    It’s nice. I don’t think the curled points will detract from its appearance when worn. In fact, it may add a certain je ne sai quoi.

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  8. And here i was thinking the curved tips were a great design element –

    If you don’t try new things, you don’t find a technique that might be better. (You also don’t expand your brain power…) Now you know there’s a better picot than this one, and that’s something you’ve got in your toolbox.

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  9. Your shawl looks great! I think the curved tips look good 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to try different stuff even if it turns out to be not the best method. Now you know the other picot bindoff is better!

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  10. kathyreeves says:

    I like those curves! The colors on this are so pretty, a beautiful project!

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  11. Kellie says:

    Love it and yes to learning 👌

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  12. Stefanie says:

    This is how I had to pin down my Purlbreak. I got the idea from another knitter in the pattern’s project gallery.

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