Character Building Bind Off

I’m about half way through the bind off on One & Done. It’s a different sort of picot bind off than I’ve ever done. It isn’t hard, it’s just slow. I tend to be lazy when it comes to my knitting and this bind off is a slog. I did half last night and plan to do the other half today.

The thing that’s getting me through is the promise of casting on a new project. The weather has turned colder here and I just keep craving a new sweater. Something warm and cozy is on the agenda. I’ve got a couple of yarn options in the stash even. I see a new sweater in my future. How about you? What project do you see in your future?

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21 Responses to Character Building Bind Off

  1. Laura Kate says:

    That shawl is so pretty. I like the drop stitch area, it is lacy-looking.

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  2. I really like that border, and what I assume is the bind off.

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  3. sewadilly says:

    Your shawl is lovely. I so admire you to knit challenging items. For years I have wanted to start and finish socks … never happened. What do you think, with all the news it seems challenge is not what look appealing to me .. is it just me? Maybe I’m not driven enough? Next project, I believe, is simple garter stitch shawl …. 🙂

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  4. I’ve got two cakes of Lion Brand Mandala in “Spirit” (which is a blue and gray gradient…kind of like my eyes!) and I have yet to make a project stick. I tried probably no less than 10 crocheted shawl patterns and a couple of knitting patterns and ended up feeling dissatisfied with all of them. I’m trying another knitting pattern right now, and I’ve just gotten past a row of eyelets without feeling like I want to frog it.

    Yeah…knitter’s block sucks. And I’m going through it right now.


  5. randomlyerin says:

    Well, since I’ve done this holiday knitting nonsense to myself I’m seeing three hats, a scarf, and maybe a blanket.

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  6. I ignored the sock I need to get done and cast on Slipstravaganza last night. The CO and set up took me 2 hours!! I may go back to the sock tonight…

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  7. I hate long bind offs. I am impressed you are getting it done over two days. I would spread that out over a week.

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  8. Stefanie says:

    I would to knit myself a sweater; I have yarn for it but it’s in fingering.

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  9. chrisknits says:

    I would love to cast on a sweater, but with all the sewing/quilting I want to do, that isn’t likely going to happen.

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  10. Picot bind-offs are really tough – it’s the end of the project and you just want to get dooooooone! But it will be really pretty 🙂 Do you know the sweater pattern you are planning on using? I’m having a bit of a debate with myself about what’s coming next. We shall see!

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  11. 26 more shawl rows and then I have a picot bind-off waiting for me too. Though several other projects are lying around waiting to be continued, I would love to start something new just for the thrill of it. (November has been short on thrills.) What, I don’t know, but I’ll think of something.

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  12. ReginaMary says:

    Thats gorgeous, Karen.

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  13. RebSef says:

    After Christmas, I am giving macrame a go! That’ll be my next project – tying myself in knots!

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  14. Olivia says:

    Once I finish the last stocking hat for my son (to match his baby’s sweater) I have a pumpkin pie color sock yarn with a pair of socks in my future AND some beautiful King Cole Plum colored yarn for a sweater to go under my new Tweed jacket. It been a while since I’ve knit anything for myself.

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