And I’m Back

Yes, that is a fudge covered Devil Dog. It was the required purchase this week. Some people use alcohol or drugs as a crutch, I use fudge covered Devil Dogs.

We survived the family events of this week. There was only a little drama and one ER visit* so all in all things went as well as can be expected. Wakes and funerals are difficult in the best of times but adding Covid makes for unbelievable events. No touching, hugging or coming within 6 feet were the rules, they were broken repeatedly by every person in the room. If this was a review I’d have to say “I do not recommend if I could give it zero stars I would.”

There has been very little knitting. I did a few rows on both the blanket (I did learn the baby is due Thanksgiving week- I have plenty of time to procrastinate a little.) and the Secret Handshake cowl. That’s it in the background. The fourth and final clue was released yesterday. I am still on clue 3. I’ll be concentrating on it for the next few days.

There won’t be any knitting until this evening though. N has a cross country meet this afternoon. It’s an away meet and since buses are a no go we will be driving him.

*My BIL had a kidney stone. He did not pass it but it seems to have slipped back into his kidney. He somehow managed to make it through.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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17 Responses to And I’m Back

  1. Mimmy Jain says:

    It’s a difficult time we live in. Knitting is what keeps the world sane.

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  2. It’s a challenging thing to go through in a normal time, so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you all now. Hope things start to look up for you now.
    I have to ask, what on earth is a fudge covered devil dog?

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  3. cattknithat says:

    Praying for you. I noticed you hadn’t been online.

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  4. yarnmama10 says:

    Glad you survived. We were fortunate not to have need of a formal funeral for my Daddy. He wanted a cremation and to be in the places he loved to hike in. It was just my brother and children and none of us cared for having a funeral. What we did instead felt like the perfect thing and what he would have wanted. My condolences on your family’s loss 🙏 💔

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  5. sewadilly says:

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully being home, knitting and yummy treat will help in this difficult time.

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  6. AJ says:

    Wow you’ve had quite the time! I think you’ve earned a nice long evening of knitting!
    How do you find the secret KALs? I am thinking of trying one, but am worried it would be stressful getting one clue done before the next came outz


  7. So sorry for your family’s loss! You are right those kinds of events are always very stressful. You deserve a devil dog if anyone does! Good for you for treating yourself 🙂 Also, your knitting is looking wonderful 🙂


  8. kathyreeves says:

    Glad your are back and survived the whole COvid funeral thing. When my MIL passed this summer, I was secretly glad that DH was too sick to go out of state. We watched online, and it would have been a wreck to have been there. I’ve been thinking of you all is week, here’s to things being calm and orderly for a spell.

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  9. Kellie says:

    Sorry for your loss ☹️
    Good to see you back and I have to admit I have never heard of a fudge covered devil dog but sounds pretty good 👌

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  10. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Deaths and funerals are times when we absolutely need to be close to other people. How awful to have this happen under the threatening skies of COVID. I hope everyone remains healthy. I am Ms. Precaution, but I probably would have broken the rules too.

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  11. salpal1 says:

    Gotta love family! And family in a pandemic is even better! Glad you survived, and your BIL is better for the moment! But how did you do it without knitting?

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  12. ReginaMary says:

    Wow, that was a full week. I would have broken every single one of those rules, too. Let’s hope you have a quiet, restful week with lots of knitting!

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  13. Im so so sorry for your loss. It is really tough, anytime but in COVID times, oh my. Let yourself get some peace and rest.

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