As We Remember

As we remember 9/11/2001 there are so many emotions. That day we learned just how vulnerable we can be. We learned how naive we were. There was shock at how cruel people can be. We saw true horror. We witnessed true bravery. Over the following days we came together as a people. We mourned those that perished. We supported those that survived. We leaned on each other. We prayed. We must remember. We must never forget.

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7 Responses to As We Remember

  1. sewadilly says:

    We must remember, never forget — hopefully we make better decisions “we are one” let us remember, never forget —-

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  2. barbfessler says:

    Hopefully we will always remember for those that lost their lives not only in New York, but Pennsylvania and Washington DC

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  3. Very well said! I agree

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  4. pammiemk says:

    I will always remember where I was when I heard the news. The shock and heartbreak. And how we rallied as a nation. It’s hard to believe 19 years have passed.

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