A Request For Assistance

Before I get into the mess that is that photo I want to thank you all for yesterday’s contributions to the quiz. It’s nice to see that we all have our own experiences with gifting our handmade items. If I learned anything from our conversation it’s that I should continue to gift a first gift and then assess whether that recipient is worthy of additional gifts.

I have received excellent information about plants/gardening by asking questions on my blog. Thanks for that help. I need help again. The photo above is a Crown of Thorns that belonged to my mother. She had it for over 20 years. In her houses she had a fantastic sunny bow window to keep this plant happy. I don’t have a window like that. My house, a Cape Cod style, has small double hung windows. I thought I’d found an acceptable location for the plant in my east facing bedroom window. Alas that hasn’t worked out well. The plant is easily 2 feet tall but is now bent over trying to get sun on the leaves. Once it had reached this shape it became much more unstable in a stiff breeze and it went over, landing on the floor twice. I finally took the hint and repotted the plant. Once it was in its new pot, and now nearly 3 feet tall, I moved it to a new location where it will get more sun. This is a south facing window. So, will the plant stand up straighter if I keep it turned as in the photo? Should I just sit it directly in front of the window? It doesn’t need the wall for leaning on. Even though I don’t love this plant, those thorns scare me, I want to keep it alive. I have only a few plants left of the many that were my mother’s. I don’t have my mother’s green thumb.

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9 Responses to A Request For Assistance

  1. Erica says:

    It should stand back up eventually it may take a while though. Think of how a sunflower follows the sun throughout the day. Plants have flexibility. I would recommend letting the arched side face away from the window to help straighten it, make the plant work a little for the sunlight.

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    • Laura Kate says:

      Erica is correct. It’s the cell walls of the stem that lengthen as a response to the angular light which tilt the plant. Rotating your plant should help. That said, if the trunk gets woody, it may not be able to bend back the other direction.

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  2. Marsha Noce says:

    I agree with the others. It should straighten up again. Once it does, pick a day of the week to water it and turn it 1/4 turn to maintain it’s upright position.

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  3. AJ says:

    Oh I know how you feel! My mom has a christmas cacti she kept alive forever and she gave it to me. I am eaten with guilt and sadness as it didn’t survive my black thumb:(

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  4. chrisknits says:

    No help on plants, I gift excessively to worthy people. Worthy people are the ones who thank me profusely for my gifts and wear them where I can see.

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  5. Can you pull the plant up a little to stack it more upright? I had a jade plant get droopy on me and for awhile only the stake was holding it up. I now have it in a window with better light and it is standing upright on its own. I also give some plants supplemental light with a grow lamp. I haven’t talked about it but the poor monster orchid (of the fabulous blooms) is now all sad and droopy so I moved it under a grow light and it is popping out healthy looking leaves now. It is a beautiful plant… hope it makes it. :–)

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  6. I was also wondering if a grow light of some kind would be possible. It is a really lovely plant 🙂

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  7. It looks like you have a couple of stems. If it were me, I would prune one back by half. It should sprout side branches. All being well, you can then work around the plant until eventually you have a bushy plant again. Found this link online that gives care instructions, although another said 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight, this one says indirect. The others are correct regards turning the plant.

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  8. Stefanie says:

    I remember with my orchids and how they would bend toward the light. My aunt mentioned once that my uncle said I should turn it every day. So I turn my window plants a quarter turn each day…if I remember.

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