A Quiz About Gifting

I spent time off and on yesterday knitting the baby blanket. It got me thinking about gifting of the things we make. I’m curious what your thoughts are on gifting.

  • Do you gift your handmade items?
  • Do you have limits around who you gift to or what you gift?
  • What type of things do you like to make and gift?
  • Have you received handmade items?
  • Have you ever asked for a gift back?
  • Do you gift handmade items for holidays?

Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link to your blog if you’ll be answering there.

I left the questions very open so you can answer as you wish. Here are my answers.

  • I have gifted things I’ve knit. For the most part they’ve been well received. I like nothing better than seeing something I’ve made be used. It’s even better if it’s worn out.
  • I have fairly strict parameters around my gifting. I’ll knit for new babies. Something knit in washable yarn unless it’s for a person I know will care for and appreciate wool. Normally this is my opportunity to try a pattern that caught my eye but is something I don’t need in my life. I’ll knit for my children and The Husband if they ask for something specifically. I like to donate an item I’ve knit if I’m asked. Other than that I am a selfish knitter.
  • I have gifted shawls, socks, cowls, blankets and baby sweaters. I’ve knit sweaters for my children and The Husband. I like to gift something I think the person will use and enjoy.
  • I have received handmade items. H often gives me things she’s made. I consider a handmade gift, even if it was bought, a highly desirable gift. Not only does it represent someone’s creativity but it shows that the person knows I appreciate all that goes into a handmade gift.
  • I have not asked for a gift back but I know people who have been tempted to. When I learn that my handmade item isn’t appreciated I move that person off my will knit for list and just buy their gifts. It’s not worth my time to give something that isn’t appreciated.
  • I do not like the pressure of knitting for the holidays. I will gift something I have that is made if I think it’s right for someone. But I will never be found knitting my fingers to the bone trying to get gifts done.


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24 Responses to A Quiz About Gifting

  1. Helen says:

    Gifting is a great way to show love. I love receiving gifts that are handmade.I actually appreciate those more, knowing that the giver actually took the time to make it instead of forking over money to buy something at a store.

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  2. randomlyerin says:

    These days I knit almost exclusively for myself. The two occasional exceptions are my mom and Lancelot.

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  3. Laura Kate says:

    1. I gift my hand-made items to a select group. Like you, I knit for babies. One year there was a bumper crop of grand-nieces and nephews. I knit about six baby sweaters. I knit only for people that will appreciate what I have made. I usually ask ahead of time if they would like a knitted gift. 2. Socks are another items almost always welcomed as gifts.
    3, I’ve received hand-made items, but I didn’t always appreciate them. Now that I am a maker, I am a much more grateful recipient. The most exciting gift I ever received was a king-sized quilt made by my mother when I completed graduate school.
    4, I’ve thought seriously about asking for a gift back, but would never do it. I confess to feeling resentful if I never see the gift-ee using my gift.
    5. I knit for holidays once in a while, but mostly I give on other special occasions, like mother’s day or birthdays.

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  4. sewadilly says:

    I gift knit very very little. When I do it is more like dishcloth, scarf simple items. I knit mostly for myself. Have thought about knitting baby blankets but have not followed through with it as of yet.

    have an enjoyable day

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  5. sewadilly says:

    Oh, forgot to add this .. I dream of knitting much more than I actually accomplish .. 🙂

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  6. tinaor says:

    Really interesting to see why/what people gift. I pick and choose who I gift knits to – basically because I have seen lack of appreciation and it’s really galling to see something you’ve put hours of work into go unappreciated. I have seen recipients shrug, say half hearted thanks and put handknits to one side, so sad! Baby knits are one thing I do continue to gift – blankets are usually a good gift (you can never have too many, all over the house and in the car), sometimes cardigans and jackets too. I avoid bootees as rarely are they used though I did see some I’d made in a christening photoshoot recently which was lovely. I never knit adult garments to wear as gifts, too much work goes into those and fit may not be perfect, unless you count hats and scarves. I accept as an adult you can be choosy over what you want to wear. Mostly I knit for myself.

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  7. I knit for babies and small grandchildren. We have eight, ranging from aged two to aged nineteen. Once they get beyond six or seven years old, not only does it take longer to knit them stuff, but they also tend not to wear them. Maybe hats. One year the thirteen year old asked for Dobby socks (each sock a different colour, colour work) and he was delighted with them.
    Have never asked for a gift back, but would not knit for them again if the gift wasn’t appreciated. Just get it from the shop.
    This year I’ve only managed two shawlettes, which normally take a week to do, but I have problems with my hands. Injections next week – hooray- so might be able to knit again soon, but will have to take it easy.
    There are plans to make a Japanese knot bag as a gift but that too will have to wait until my hands are better.
    My sister and my French penfriend also receive knitted/made gifts but both can only wear cotton, like me. Occasionally one of the daughters-in-law received something hand made and always appreciates it. But like you I find it hard to knit to a schedule. From 28th November to 5th February there are eight family birthdays! so I space out the knitting through the year, or just buy stuff.
    I guess mostly I knit for myself. Hubby wears only black socks. I do knit him the occasional jumper which is always much appreciated.
    There is always a list of projects which is very flexible!

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  8. I do gift some hand knit items to people who have shown interest or appreciation for these items. I tend to give smaller pieces such as shawls, hats, mittens or scarves. I’ve received hand sewn gifts and cherish them! I’ve never asked for a gift back. Holidays are a nice time for me to give hand knit gifts.

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  9. Emma says:

    I’ve only been gifting things to people I know will appreciate them, because I have gifted crochet or knitted things in the past that I know didn’t end up being used much. I love to receive handmade gifts, probably because I know how much work goes into them and I find it so special ☺️ I’ve never asked for a gift back (unless it’s a pre arranged handmade items swap) I feel like it defeats the purpose of gifting something. And I don’t generally stress about holidays gifts because I don’t want to be forced to make something, I’d rather go with the flow 😁

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  10. 2dachsnite says:

    I have gifted my knitted (and sometimes hand-spun) pieces, but like you, I have a list of folks who will NOT be thus gifted a 2nd time.

    My hubby, two sons and their spouses appreciate and use the hats, scarves, etc., which is nice to see in photos they send me.

    I’ve never asked for a gifted item back, but I once requested a knit baby cap be passed along to a new nephew in the family. It was … and they even sent the matching booties along too. 😏 It was then I discovered that the adorable (and washable) little hat and matching booties had never even been worn by the original giftee. 😥 I guess that explains why I never got a thank you, eh?

    OTOH, the set was loved and appreciated by home #2, so maybe it was for the best. 💙💛💙

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  11. MrsCraft says:

    I gift what I have the time to make, I normally make something for new babies. I rarely knit or crochet as Christmas gifts as time pressure isn’t my thing. If I think a gift isn’t appreciated or used I won’t bother again. I’d never expect a gift back.

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  12. I love getting and giving gifts. I asked my daughter to give me back the skirt i made her….just yesterday! hahaha. She isn’t happy with the fit and it was not something she asked for. So that’s fair. But I want to give it to someone

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  13. Do you gift your handmade items? Yes but not all. I’m building a stock to sell to support my yarn addiction. 😊
    Do you have limits around who you gift to or what you gift? I guess so. Some projects won’t have a recipient in mind until one turns up. I made a lovely blue and white chevron crochet blanket and it eventually found a whole with a colleague that just had a baby.
    What type of things do you like to make and gift? Scarf, blanket, hats, shawls mostly.
    Have you received handmade items? Rarely. Mainly from my sister, something knitted, or my mum a crossstitch picture of a picture I took.
    Have you ever asked for a gift back? Not yet, but there still time 😉. I’d like to think something is being used.
    Do you gift handmade items for holidays? I used to but don’t anymore. It’s too much pressure and forethought. Plus I think I exhausted my recipient list in the first two years lol. Anything that does get given at Christmas is unplanned. I may decided as I am making something or after and think, hmm, this will suit so and so.


  14. Do you gift your handmade items? 50 – 75% of what I knit is gifted or donated. I often am knitting a requested item for someone else, with their yarn – even for knitting friends! I keep a donation basket going with smaller items, using up stash. Many, but not all, family members are always up for another hand knit something. For instance, of the four pairs of socks I’ve knit in the past 6 months, one pair for me, one for my sister with yarn I picked up with her in mind while on PEI, one for my nephew (he gave me the yarn for Christmas, hoping I’d knit him the purple socks he wants to wear in honor of the Baltimore Ravens), one for a friend from stash yarn that I really didn’t like. Next pair is for me, again. I also gift sewn garments, especially to family.
    Do you have limits around who you gift to or what you gift? Not as long as I think it will be appreciated.
    What type of things do you like to make and gift? Anything small, anything from stash (including one of the sweaters I’ve made the past year), anything requested. Nothing boring!
    Have you received handmade items? Rarely – although I’m sitting on some gifted to me handspun that’s waiting for the right project.
    Have you ever asked for a gift back? Heck, no – once given, it’s out of my orbit.
    Do you gift handmade items for holidays? Often – but I don’t wait until holidays, either. And if the holiday ends up being New Years or Valentines Day instead of Christmas, that’s OK with me.

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  15. It’s so interesting seeing the range of attitudes on knitting gifts! We are in agreement on a lot of your answers 🙂 I will answer on my blog!

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  16. kathyreeves says:

    I gift quite a lot of what I sew/knit/stitch. Usually baby gifts and wedding gifts for past students. They are always simple, a baby sweater, or a appliquéd towel/knit dishcloth in the kitchen colors. The big items are kept for family and me!

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  17. AJ says:

    I have given knit items, but I now make sure that I gift to people who will take care of the item, enjoy it, and use it!
    I have gifted shawls, hats, scarves, sweaters.
    I have received some handmade gifts and I always love them!
    I have never asked for a gift back.
    I have had the habit of making all my gifts for friends for the holidays since I was a kid. Hopefully the gifts have improved.

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  18. Jackie B says:

    Almost all the gifts I knit are for babies and I’ve never felt the need to ask for anything back. They have always been appreciated (I think) and I’ve always appreciated handmade gifts I’ve received. I make tiny gifts we use as place markers at Christmas Dinner but not knitted (yet). Last year it was felt tree decorations and the year before sea glass key rings.

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  19. Kellie says:

    Great questions, I came by your blog from ‘Quite a yarn’ blog. I have only gifted to my immediate family and one 18th gift. My Nannas both gifted me items that I cherish. I have definitely crocheted for Christmas but don’t leave it last second. Great blog! 👌

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  20. Alissa Head says:

    I’m going to answer on my blog today!

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  21. Olivia says:

    Nearly everything I make is a gift. Many are baby things, which are quick and use lovely stash.

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  23. Stefanie says:

    It has been three years since I’ve gifted a handknitted item. I am trying to do holiday gifts this year but well, I only have one done. However, I’m not stressing myself out about it. I’ve been knitting for myself and I darn well think I deserve it.

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