WIP Wednesday: Perspective Edition

The albatross around my neck is exactly where it was when we last met. I’ve been feeling poorly. I have a headache (is it a migraine? Is it stress? Is it lack of sleep?Is it a brain tumor?) and don’t feel like knitting, or doing anything else really.

I don’t really feel like my vest project is an albatross. It’s just my perspective today. I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective lately. We all have our own unique view of things. One of the greatest lessons I learned as a child that I don’t think is talked about much anymore is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. I can remember witnessing a fight on the playground during recess. The dispute is unimportant what matters was the teacher pointing out that each of us standing there has a different view of the exact same event. It isn’t until we look at that event from the other side do we have full understanding of the situation. In order to do this we have to take the time to really listen to what the other person has to say and they must listen to us. Both yelling at the same time does nothing.

I don’t like to talk about politics on the front page here but it is related to the story. One time a friend and I were discussing our political beliefs. It was a few presidential elections ago. We believed we firmly sat on opposite sides of the fence since we planned to vote for opposing candidates but after a few minutes on each of the big talking points we discovered that our political beliefs were firmly aligned but because of our perspective and the political climate we lived in we had aligned with different parties. By seeing where the other was coming from we both gained knowledge and expanded our beliefs.

So I’m changing my perspective. I love this vest. The pattern is clever. Instead of feeling the weight of having to be done by 8/31 I shall relish the time I get to knit it. Honestly this is one pattern that I would be happy to cast on again right after I bind this one off. How’s that for a change of perspective?

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17 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Perspective Edition

  1. barbfessler says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I love your vest

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Wow! I just witnessed a transformation of sort. Good for you!

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  3. Marsha Noce says:

    What a great reminder to all of us. The vest will get done. Your headache will leave. Some days just require a person to just sit back and regroup.

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  4. Evelyn says:

    Remember that you love the vest and the August 31 deadline is self-imposed. The world won’t end if you don’t finish it by then, but whenever you finish it, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your wardrobe! Hope you feel better soon.

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  5. chrisknits says:

    As I read both yesterday and today’s post I believe perspective is all in the eye of the beholder. I am not social distancing. We have been amongst friends and family, I have been “exposed”, hubster was “exposed” only slightly, and neither one of us has come up sick and he has even had 3 negatives over the course of this virus. I am trying hard to understand those who are still fearful, but it’s difficult. So I just allow them grace to live their lives and I go along living mine. But the lectures from those who are fearful is just about the breaking point, not talking about you. I avoid FB right now because I can’t read 5 posts without 1 being someone admonishing those who don’t wear masks. Sure wish they would use their perspective to understand the other side. Alas I fear the current political crap will forever divide the fanatics and leave the middle in their quagmire.

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    • The other perspective: I’ve had three relatives ill, although none hospitalized – my 30yr old nephew is still dealing with aftermath three months later. And one of his friends is on a ventilator, with kidney failure – a young, healthy until now person. I avoid going into places where people aren’t willing to wear masks; I ALWAYS wear one in enclosed spaces where we can’t physically distance, out of respect for others, and hand sanitizer lives in the vehicle, although I wash hands as a first choice. I carry in my wallet my request to not be intubated or resuscitated, with phone numbers for my medical proxy. I do not let fear rule my life; I travel (having a camper so I’m not exposed to others as much), I have a lot of friends who also limit their exposure, and we physically distance, and much of the socializing I do is outdoors and/or in kayaks.

      I sincerely hope hubris does not come around and smite you; this is not an illness I’d wish on my worst enemy – and all I know of you is that you are a knitter, so you must be OK!

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  6. randomlyerin says:

    I’ve been exhausted and just feeling cruddy the last few days. I did finish Reyna this morning but that was the most productive thing I’ve done all day, and this is not a good time of year for me not to be productive at work. Hopefully this passes and we all start feeling better soon.

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  7. suth2 says:

    Excellent advice.

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  8. Wahoo! You go girl, perspective is so important.


  9. Stefanie says:

    Sorry your head hurts. What a smart teacher you had. I admit I need to listen more instead of getting defensive; I’m somewhat better at it but well, I inherited the short temper from my dad. Yeah, I have friends who have voted differently. I still love them.

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  10. kathyreeves says:

    Well done talking yourself out of a potential hole! That vest looks just beautifully knit. I hope the head ache goes away soon! I have been feeling a slump too, which I’m blaming on the heat and poor sleep. Five more days of this crazy heat, sorry it’s coming your way!

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  11. I love the change of perspective! I hope that you start to feel more motivated again soon.

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  12. Laura Kate says:

    Your change of perspective is excellent!


  13. Catching up on your posts. Been a bit. Sorry you feel yuck. I think that it’s wise of you to explore options and consider things. Listen to yourself. That is a science/art in itself. Listening to one’s self. I struggle. And it is a weird kind of depressing when your liked hobbies or liked things don’t stimulate anything more than blah.

    A lot of times we get lost on huge debates about things and the way we word things is how we determine which side we are on. Not always – there are some things that are clearly one side or the other. But it’s not all the time. I also have realized I am more liberal than not – but I AM NOT STRAIGHT TICKET on ANYTHING. I also don’t support all the views of either party. We would do best to compromise on some things and not have to pick. It’s like an opportunity cost. Or something that I buy at the store… Ok I spend a little more and I get this… but not that… or if I get this one – it also comes with a… Oi Vey!

    Hope all gets warmer-fuzzier-better.


    • I had a little chuckle at your “I also have realized I am more liberal than not”. It proves I did a good job keeping my opinions vague. I am dead center with a sharp right lean financially. I also am very much for law enforcement and the military. To me the most important thing is safety. The second is financial security. All the other issues I am live and let live on. It’s a unique view and no party comes close. I tend to vote the lesser of two evils. It’s really pretty sad that we have no politicians to get excited about. I suppose they are all human so expecting too much of them will just lead to disappointment.

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  14. That is a pretty great change of perspective! I agree with your views pretty much exactly. I’m not really for one party or the other. The Libertarians are the closest to my opinions, but I also don’t agree with them entirely at all. Hang in there!

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  15. salpal1 says:

    it is a great vest, you will LOVE having it in the wardrobe, you know that, right? Plod on, MacDuff! Oh, and by the way, it probably is a brain tumor. This is 2020 you know. Now forget about it and stop worrying.

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