I’m Kind Of Confused

I finished the first set of instructions and got a measurement. I’m close but off. Not a huge amount. Close enough to keep going. Far enough away to awaken that nagging voice in my head that doubts. Next I start increases. This is the back yoke. There is no schematic with the pattern so I’m kind of guessing that it is the upper most part of the back.

How are you doing? We haven’t checked in on each other in a while. Are you still social distancing? Have you created a pod of people you visit with in person? Are you getting your exercise? We are still socially distant from most people. We do see H somewhat regularly. I haven’t started a pod but from what I see it’s a thing and is gaining popularity. We haven’t been getting out as much to walk. It’s either 90+degrees or raining. When we can we get a short one. As the title says, I’m confused. I’m watching a variety of news sources and reading more. There is no consensus on what is the right thing to do as far as Covid is concerned. Every recommendation is countered or denounced or changed. The only thing everyone seems to agree on is you don’t want to get Covid if you can avoid it. So we’ll be continuing with what has worked for us so far: social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and we’ll continue to wait for a single sane set of directives from an MD not in government employ.

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23 Responses to I’m Kind Of Confused

  1. This is a tricky virus for sure, and they still keep finding new symptoms to look out for and a whole raft of other symptoms some have experienced and then the after effects are so varied too and some are likely to be affected for life. My friend is a scientific director of immunology and her colleagues all agree it’s not your average virus so that’s why things keep changing. All those asymptotic people may have had these undiscovered symptoms…but they put them down to other things that are pretty common, like chilblains. It’s certainly a year like no other.

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    • My husband has been following information about the virus. He’s a biology nerd and has an idea of how common viruses work. We are all aware that this one isn’t like most common viruses. Do your friends believe it to be naturally occurring or did it have a bit of human help shall we say?

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  2. Hi. We are continuing to act as if we’re on full lockdown, more or less. Masks, hand washing, social distancing, buying online. Both of us have underlying conditions so it makes sense. We are very lucky that we are both retired, so have no small children to entertain, and love our house and garden.

    The UK government is struggling with clarity too. The captains of industry need to get the economy going, but at what cost? is my unanswerable question. In my head, human health and life comes first. But hey.

    Gauge – hmm. I never bother if it’s the same weight, or if it’s for a scarf or shawlette or toy. But if it’s a substitution like, say, worsted for Aran or vice versa, I do a sample just in case. It’s been invaluable over the years! I always use needles one size bigger than the yarn label says as I knit so tightly as well.

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  3. Alissa Head says:

    Yes, we are doing all the things. I’m glad to hear you are, too. If you are enjoying your knitting and it’s close enough, I would keep going. One time I knit an entire sweater that was way to big for me, but I was able to give it to my sister. It was a lovely gift. Hand dyed yarn before it was such a big trend.

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  4. randomlyerin says:

    We’ve had two separate people over for dinner on two separate nights and we had one friend stop by and just hang out in the driveway for a bit. We’re being super careful. No exercise really. I’m way too far behind with work.

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  5. Olivia says:

    We still haven’t Met with anyone except to talk across the street when I’m walking the dogs. I’m too afraid. It’s bad enough having all these workmen in the house and having to keep after them to keep the masks on. I also shut the AC off when they’re in the house so it doesn’t blow particles everywhere. Then when they leave I open the windows and blast the AC in hopes that it removes any floating aerosols.We have a couple more days of workmen to finish electrical and painting and then I kind of want to hibernate and not see anyone. I miss my daughter in Connecticut horribly though.

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  6. Marsha Noce says:

    Good morning. How interesting to be knitting an item and not being sure what part it is. As for me and the virus………hubby and I have a pod of 7 people we agree to be around. But even then we do not hug or touch each other. We wear masks when grocery shopping and keep hand sanitizer with us at all times. Hand washing commences as soon as we get home. It has worked well for us so far. Our state is just now starting to level off a bit (Arizona) . The exercise we get is either from our home equipment or our pool. At 115 it is too darn hot to be outside for long. Not to mention the fire near LA has come to pollute our air.

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  7. Laura Kate says:

    My routine hasn’t changed much. I wear a mask when going shopping, and wash my hands before and after putting away the groceries. Exercise is important to me, since I have osteopenia. Because my teacher moved her class on-line, I can do yoga at home. My organizations have also moved their meetings on-line. So really, the only hardship for me is a bit of loneliness from time to time. I appreciate comments from my blogging friends a lot.

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  8. In Vienna, I have felt comfortable meeting friends at a small outdoor cafe or for a walk in the park for the past six weeks, but now that everyone but me is going away on vacation, I don’t know if I will feel just as safe in a few weeks. Plus there is the whole unknown of what will happen when school starts and the fall cold and flu season arrives. But here it is nothing like in the States. I try not to think about family and friends who might be forced to return to the classroom and get sick. For the time being, I am enjoying getting out for many a walk. I wear a mask when indoors or on public transit but not outdoors. I also try to avoid walking in the slipstream of walkers and runners.

    For good medical information on COVID, I highly recommend Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube channel. He is a British doctor and educator. I am no expert, but every serious scientific report I have read about says this coronavirus emerged without any human help and I find the arguments provided to be convincing.

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  9. chrisknits says:

    Haven’t changed my routine much, just forced to wear a mask when I go in places. Was exposed to a pre-symptomatic positive person for 1 hour inside and outside and did not contract the virus. I have only personally know 7 people who have had it and it ranged from a bad flu to a mild cold. I think all these “symptoms” are getting out of hand and are being ascribed to COVID when they are not caused by the virus. Husband was “exposed” in an office for 8 minutes social distanced from a guy who 2 days later showed symptoms, both wearing masks. Hubster has not shown 1 symptom after 5 days. Our neighbor is a nurse and he says symptoms are going to show up 2-3 days after exposure. Oh, and he has had many exposure possibilities and has not gotten sick. Now all this hysteria is affecting our daughter’s wedding. If she had only had it 1 month earlier there would have been few to no restrictions. Now our state/businesses are ramping up restrictions while our death rate has bottomed out and our positive cases are flatlined. Our hospitals are treating few COVID patients and our ICUs are not even half capacity with all patient issues. It’s a virus, we will never eradicate it, all it will do is become a weaker strain as time and herd immunity strengthens. I am done with being ruled by hysteria. As to the experts? I am not finding many experts who aren’t ruled by politics, so I am ignoring most of them and going back to those who were speaking out before the virus became politicized. Sure wish I lived in Sweden right now!

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  10. I am still socially distancing alone. I talked to my doctor about maybe cutting down on some of my drugs to lower my Covid risk, but that’s a no go, so home alone it is. Thank heavens for the yarn stash and the kitten!! I need a steroid injection in my hip and we even put that off because the is an urgent care at the facility I needed to go to. I’ve been concerned by the poor public health messaging which is leading to more cases, so home I am. Sigh.

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  11. tinaor says:

    Still social distancing, still mask wearing (and making spares), still knitting, still sewing. Current craft projects – too many to admit to – though the finished ones usually make it to my blog posts. Latest little projects involved tension square making (for a change) so now I have to work out which needles to use to make the squares the correct size because I desperately want to use my new yarn purchases …. so all in all , still slightly mad!

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  12. I’m pretty cautious – but not staying home, as I live in Vermont where there is little active virus. That may well change when kids go back to school, if they aren’t able to operate in a safe manner, but for now, there was one positive case today, and there’s one person hospitalized with the virus, and there have been no new deaths in quite a while. We are permitted travel to other counties with low incidence of virus, without quarantine on return, so I just spent a week on the Maine coast and will go over to upstate New York next week for a few days. I wear a mask any time I’m in a building with other people, or if outside and unable to distance, wash hands any time I’m touching things that might have been touched by others, and carry hand sanitizer – although I believe soap and water do a better job, when available. I believe that if everyone was willing to wear a mask and physically distance themselves from others, there would be a LOT fewer cases – but too many are so much into individual liberty that they feel they can put the rest of us at risk. Sigh.

    The most risky place I go is Connecticut, to visit 98 year old Mom – but I go only to her facility, and we visit outdoors wearing a mask and at a distance, and everyone there is tested every month and temp checked every day.

    I have a few relations who’ve been ill, although none needed to be hospitalized – but my 30 yr old nephew was miserably ill for about 10 days – unable to eat, coughing enough to be unable to sleep, etc. He works in a nursing home, and they were unwilling to tell the staff who among residents was positive so that they could take precautions!!! So I’m not surprised he became ill. It will eventually burn itself out, or there will be a vaccine, but until then I’d prefer to not get it.

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  13. We are pretty much doing all the things. We both work from home now, so we go whole days at a time without leaving the house except to get the mail. Masks are mandated for anyone in public areas now, so when we do go grocery shopping or out for errands, we have them on. The crowds are pretty sparse, so social distancing isn’t a problem. We don’t have a pod, as such. We can interact with most of our friends virtually, and our families all live out of state so we weren’t seeing them in any case. We should definitely exercise more, but the weather has not been our friend for that lately. Glad to hear you and yours are OK 🙂 Your sweater is looking great so far – lovely fabric!

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  14. claire93 says:

    in France, life is more or less getting back to normal but with a few changes. Masks are compulsory in all shops and enclosed spaces and everyone seems to be respecting that. All places have hand gel by the door and it’s become an automatic gesture to sanitize before walking through the door.
    We’ve done a bit of socialising, with neighbours, but only in small groups.
    And one thing that I probably notice the most . . . the French people, who (before Covid) would be shaking hands or kissing people on cheeks when greeting each other, have stopped doing that.

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  15. Anne Donovan says:

    I’m in the UK and some of my family live in areas where there are new restrictions like not being able to have people visit them at home so it’s tough on my sister who has 8 grandchildren. We can go on public transport and into shops if we wear face coverings but the latest rumour/proposal is in order to reopen schools in September, pubs will have to close again. I have a good sense of humour to keep me going!

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  16. ReginaMary says:

    I did not post once in the month of July. It has been such a strange few weeks.

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  17. hello ,here we still stay social distancing, wear face masks everywhere, most of our parks are closed ,we started schools online ,i hear theres new symptoms i just got out of quarantine again 🤷‍♀️,it’s been like this since march .

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