And So It Begins

I’m sure I must be one of the worst knitters as far as rule breaking is concerned. I pretty much never knit a gauge swatch unless I really think I’m going to run into trouble. I rarely read through a pattern before I cast on. I would say that 99% of the time I use a yarn that is different than what the pattern is written and this time I’m using a different weight of yarn. What can go wrong?

I’m more than half way through the first set of instructions. I might be knitting the upper back. I’m not sure. What I do know is knitting with worsted after using fingering weight all summer seems incredibly quick. The yarn, Stonehedge Fiber Mills shepherd’s worsted is lovely to knit with. It’s somewhat soft but should soften up to really soft when soaked. The granite color is slightly heathered. It’s something I would have picked out had I see it in person. I can’t always say that about online yarn purchases.

Have you been crafting this weekend? How is it going? Are you breaking a few rules?


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20 Responses to And So It Begins

  1. Stefanie says:

    ^__^ Karen’s rollin the dice, LOL. No rule breakin here but lots of sassiness.

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  2. I almost never do a gauge swatch either! This weekend I have been working on a heavily cabled sweater. So it’s progressing but sloooowly

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  3. I’ve never done an accurate gauge swatch, I’m uptight knitting them and relaxed in garment knitting so it all ends up bigger anyway.

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  4. Alissa Head says:

    That yarn does look like a lovely knit. I’ve finished the yoke on Arachne.

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  5. jasmelliot1 says:

    Been knitting going well

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  6. Erica says:

    I never knit a gauge swatch either!

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  7. Laura Kate says:

    Sorry, Karen, I live and die by my swatch. But then, I base my projects on the swatch results and rarely follow pattern instructions.

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  8. kathyreeves says:

    You rule breaker!😆 I am often knitting with different yarn. But I do usually swatch. I am going to knit a few rows this week, have ‘t picked the, up for a month, so I’ll be curious to see how the wrist does with An extended rest.

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  9. sewadilly says:

    You are my hero!!!

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  10. opiegp says:

    I have never knitted a swatch! Just treat the pattern instructions — including gauge, yarn weight, needle size — as recommendations, and you are good to go. Knitting should always be an adventure!

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  11. Jackie B says:

    This weekend I started sewing sequins on my Christmas sweater ( not very seasonal for an August project, but at least I know it will be finished by December!) This was a bit of an afterthought, but I thought it needed some bling.

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  12. chrisknits says:

    We don’t need no stinking swatch! Except when we do, and then we knit a sleeve. LOL! Lovely fabric you are creating!

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  13. Beautiful yarn, and lovely fabric!
    I started DH’s socks, and worked a bit more on my Shelly Summer Top and Half the Knit Sky.

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  14. IdleEmma says:

    Not making a gauge swatch, using different yarn, not reading the pattern through…yup, sounds a lot like me!

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  15. ReginaMary says:

    I wish I were breaking rules, at least that would mean I am making progress!

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  16. cattknithat says:

    A few years ago when I was first attempting to knit socks I didn’t read the pattern all the way, and didn’t knit a swatch. I didn’t check to use the right weight of yarn, (I was using lace weight). I read to when you make the cuff. Then I didn’t remember what pattern I was using so I Googled how to make the heel. No wonder why that it didn’t come out right! 😅

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