New Yarn And My August Camp Loopy Plan

I’m quite excited about both my yarn and project plan for August Camp Loopy. As I expected the requirement is to knit at least 800 yards in either a physical, earth or life science.

The yarn I chose is Stonehedge Fiber Mills shepherd’s worsted wool in granite which meets the earth science geology requirement. The color of the yarn is a heather black.

The pattern I’ve decided on is the Stockholm Slipover by PetiteKnit. It’s a fairly plain stockinette vest. It’s the type of clothing I really like but can rarely find in a store.

It’s optimistic of me to think I can knit about 850 yards in a month but I’ve convinced myself that it will be easy because it’s worsted weight. Don’t remind me that 850 yards is 850 yards no matter what the weight. I won’t listen.


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16 Responses to New Yarn And My August Camp Loopy Plan

  1. I really feel I do knit worsted/Aran faster than finer yarn. I’m sure of it…though never timed it.

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  2. Evelyn says:

    This is the kind of knitting you can do anytime, anywhere. It should go fast. Very nice vest! and beautiful yarn.


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  3. Alissa Head says:

    It’s going to be lovely! That yarn is scrummy.

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  4. Beautiful vest! I love this pattern. Classic and timeless. One could easily add some colorwork if one desires.

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    I love that pattern, and the yarn you chose is going to knit up beautifully. I love a sleeveless sweater, but you are right, you can’t find them in stores.

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  6. Love this project, both the pattern and the wool. I’m sure you’ll be able do it, just take it one stitch at a time.

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  7. Stefanie says:

    Great color. At least you won’t have to visit sleeve island ^__^.

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  8. bluestempond says:

    That’ll be a really nice little vest.

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  9. You can absolutely do it! The yarn and the pattern are lovely!

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  10. chrisknits says:

    Whoa, where have I been? 4 posts to catch up on. Love the nap for Miles, my kind of nap. You can do it! 3200 yards in over 3 months, yes! But don’t look at my non out put in the knit department. Love the yarn and vest pattern. There, did I catch it all?

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  11. knotfancyknitter says:

    It’s totally possible. Unless you end up like me, casting on a million new projects when you’ve got a deadline looming…

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  12. Wow, I love that yarn!!

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  13. 850 yards is 850 yards – but does it tend to split? Does it flow nicely over the needles? Does it feel good in the hands??? I don’t care what weight the yarn is, as long as it behaves nicely!

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  14. salpal1 says:

    You got this! Of course worsted is faster, it is on bigger needles! All those centimeters difference in circumference add up! I think that vest is perfect for real life, and you will be glad to have it. Pretty yarn, too.

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  15. That’s some pretty yarn, I believe you can get it all knitted up in time!

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