Sock Talk

I’ve turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches. I’m definitely on the downhill slope of this pair of socks. Hopefully I’ll have them done before July 1. I best get back to them or I won’t make it.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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20 Responses to Sock Talk

  1. Sock talk…do you watch The Grocery Girls podcast…I can’t hear those two words without hearing them both sing it. 😀

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  2. AJ says:

    Those are going to be great socks! Reminds me I should try to find a Kids top down sock pattern while I’m on holiday

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  3. chrisknits says:

    I think turning the heel was always my favorite part. It felt like the end was near. Even though my size 8.5 feet were long enough to make the foot last an eternity! LOL

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  4. sewadilly says:

    Your knitting is so lovely … beautiful stitches

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  5. Are those INOX needles?
    Once I get to the heel, I feel like I’m almost finished! I have one more 12-row pattern repeat on my second sock before I reach the heel. Then my new yarn will be calling me.

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  6. kathyreeves says:

    That sock is another beauty!

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  7. Laura Kate says:

    It looks perfect.


  8. It looks great. You are almost done!

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  9. Stefanie says:

    Fast! I may switch to cuff down socks because I guess I know it more by memory than toe up, but I really like how clean the gusset is with toe up.

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  10. Olivia says:

    Your blog is my Monday Morning entertainment. Have a good one this week, you deserve it

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  11. ReginaMary says:

    Oh, you’ll make it. You always do! I love the way they look.

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  12. It looks great! You are making great progress!

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