Weird, Just Weird

Even Myles was shocked to hear this tale.

Last night I was getting dinner together. The Husband had lit the grill and came in to grab a few things when we heard a noise outside. I knew immediately it was the sound of a car being hit. We headed for the door and see a teenager getting up off the ground after hitting my parked (in the driveway) car with his bike. Yes. My car was hit by a bicycle in the driveway and there is damage to the rear quarter panel. I made the kid call his mother who came over to see the damage and make sure he was ok. Our neighbor witnessed the whole thing: kid came speeding around the corner too fast and completely out of control and just couldn’t correct. So yeah, weird, really just weird. This kind of thing would only happen to me, in 2020 during a global pandemic, the year my name became a rather derogatory meme. I better watch out for those murder hornets. With my luck they’re looking for me.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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  1. Bobbie Jean says:

    LOL. I’ve seen one of those hornets. It was resting on a slat in the back fence. Girl, I hope you can sprint as you duck and dodge if you’re ever close to more than one. You’ll hear them before you see them. They’re loud. Beautiful and scary and loud.

    Hope the young biker is okay. Your car will be as good as new soon enough.

    Be well.

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  2. Hey whatever train you’re on, stand and wave!!! I am in one of the cars as well. That is the type of stuff that I just expect. I hope that the kid learns a lesson about care-attention-and awareness of your environment. I also hope the car is ok. Unless you wanted it totaled, then if that is the case,… back into a light pole… Blow the insurance adjuster’s mind. The kid had a mean stride 😉

    Man, look at Myles’s fro – wow – love it.

    Have a good day. I am editing the chapter to publish. I also unload the old apartment tomorrow.

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  3. We have a story that is true but still unbelievable. We live on one side of the entrance to a cul de sac and on the other side of the road is another house. Years ago the lady who lived in that house, lost control of her car, whilst it was on her drive, went through her front garden, knocked her fence down, down her curb, across the street, up our curb and smashed into our fence, The moved out, the next owner of that house does EXACTLY the same! I mean exactly the same scenario and hit the same fence on outside we’d had to replace. They then loved out and it’s now the 3rd family living there…so we can’t help thinking it will happen again but at least with lockdown people aren’t getting in their cars much.

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  4. nancyb422 says:

    That is crazy! Was he texting while riding? I had two bike riders just as free as can be riding their bikes down the middle of our street yesterday. I guess my car’s eco drive is so quiet they never heard it? Anyway, I Drove as slow as I could and felt bad but I had to honk my horn to make them aware I was now approaching them. Caused one to swerve in surprise but what else could I do? I hope your car gets repaired with minimal cost and the kid is ok. Good idea having the mother come and look at it!

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    • People are so distracted now. He wasn’t texting. He just wasn’t being careful. No one expects another car or person to be where they are going.
      The kid was fine. He was preparing to take off when my neighbor told him to wait.
      The main thing I hope is that he learns to be responsible for his actions. There could have been a car coming, I could have been backing out or a person with a baby stroller could have been walking on the sidewalk. What happened could have been so much worse.

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  5. knotfancyknitter says:

    From one Karen to another, these are crazy times we live in!

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    OMG!!! Only you! I’m sorry about your name. I feel badly for all Karens in the world. I think Betty would have been a better choice for the phrase. “OK, Betty” Right? Don’t you agree?

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  7. Oh no. Just glad no one was hurt, he must have been barreling toward your car. And I am sorry your lovely name has taken on such negative connotations.

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  8. sewadilly says:

    Lost for words as reading what is happening … WOW, and 2020 isn’t over yet.

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    • 2020 is just out for us all. My daughter pointed out that a dust storm from the Sahara is arriving in the US today. I feel like climbing into bed and pulling the covers up over my head until 2021:(

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      • sewadilly says:

        Hubby told me about dust storm yesterday — holy moly is all I can say. Sure hope none of us ask “what’s next” dealing with what we have is “ENOUGH” the lump in my bed will be me!!! lol.

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  9. Ooof. I hate the Karen meme. I hope next week is better.

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  10. AJ says:

    Oh my! What are the chances! I hope it gets resolved quickly!

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  11. chrisknits says:

    Miles doesn’t seem too affected by it. LOL! Sorry to hear that. It has been a year!!!

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  12. This has been a terrible year, hasn’t it. As in epic awfulness! I’m sorry about your car… can you do an online claim? My son’s car got caught in a hail storm last year; he sent in photos of the damage and they sent him a check. The way things are going it might be good to have extra cash on hand…

    One of my sons missed a turn on his bike, and ran into a tree face first. The teacher reported me for child abuse because it sounded so crazy. Boys on bikes!! I’m glad he is okay.

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    • My daughter at 2 ran down the hall at my mother’s and ran face first into a dresser. She ended up with 2 black eyes. The looks and comments I got everywhere were a disgrace. At least she could talk and tell people that she wasn’t supposed to run in the house. Kids. I think they’re why we get old:)

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      • My two boys were disaster specialists. My pediatrician used to joke that they were going to name one of the exam rooms after them. When this abuse report happened I talked to the principal and then connected her with my pediatrician and that was the end of that! I managed to keep them safe for years, but once they were school age the trips to the ER started. One son broke both arms in one school year on the playground! When I told my class that my son had broken his arm and I had dash off they all exploded with, “again!?”. Poor class, they had the principal for their teacher that day!

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  13. Oh my goodness – that is weird! Glad the kid was OK, and hope that the damage will be taken care of with no hassle. I think the Karen meme is pretty terrible too. This is really not a good year so far in general!

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  14. elpalchica says:

    This is proof that everyone takes those corners too fast. I hate to see what he is like when he starts driving. Really sorry to hear about this.

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  15. Olivia says:

    Oh My Karen, only you!And yes, definitely weird. 😂

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  16. This story reminds me of the time my dad’s car was hit by a dog. Haha. He was driving in our suburb and there was a dog chasing a horse and cart (in Cape Town sometimes people collecting scrap have horses that pull a cart/trailer thing) My dad could see that the dog was only focused on the horse so he stopped the car, hand break up and everything and THUD, the dog ran into the car. (The dog was totally fine btw and so was the car)

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  17. cattknithat says:

    Oh my goodness! That’s crazy.

    . . . I’ve seen the Karen memes with a cat. I don’t get it!

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