Sock It To Me Monday: Decisions Will Be Made

I’ve been very good about dividing my knitting time between the two projects that have to be completed this month: the Blogville Pride Month Rainbow socks and the My Hope shawl. I’m sorry to say Arachne hasn’t had a stitch knit but I will get back to it once these two are done.

I’m really pleased with how the rainbow socks are coming along. The rainbow is vibrant. I’ve reached the point where I have to decide what I want to do about the heel. These socks are for me so in the grand scheme of things I’ll be happy with them if they fit. That being said my preferred heel is a heel flap and we all are well aware that a heel flap monkeys up the stripes. I could do an afterthought heel using the blue/gray sections of yarn to complete it. I might have to cut out a section of rainbow to accomplish it but if I wait until both socks are done it wouldn’t matter. Of course I could just knit a heel flap and not worry about the striping on the foot. It will live inside a shoe anyway.

I didn’t give any consideration to being able to match the first and second sock so spending a lot of time considering what to do about the heel seems like wasted energy. What would you do?

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22 Responses to Sock It To Me Monday: Decisions Will Be Made

  1. Your socks are lovely. A grey heel would be nice but it would take longer for an afterthought heel. For enjoyment and speediness I would probably just carry on with a heel flap.

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  2. I have found the Hermione’s Everyday Sock heel flap and gusset doesn’t mess too much with patterns, but for a perfect set of stripes I guess an afterthought heel would be required. I’d go with the heel I find most comfortable.

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  3. First of all, I’d like to say that I love how these are working up, for some reason they remind me of a Pink Floyd Album. Then to answer your question about the heel. I also do heel flaps and if it were me making the socks I would make the heel in a seperate yarn that I would either try to match with the greyish colour or with one of the colours from the rainbow section. I have never been brave enough to attempt an afterthought heel.

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  4. Gracie says:

    These are looking great! If they were mine, I’d do a heel flap in a red or yellow that matches the rainbow, and try not to worry too much if the pattern gets a little off around the gusset.

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  5. I agree with Elliementalist and try to find a solid color for the heel flap. Though I’ve never attempted to do an afterthought heel, the construction makes me think of a tube sock with a heel. The gusset adds to the fit, or am I wrong?

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    • Yes. I’ve done an afterthought heel a handful of times. It works pretty well though the fit is hit or miss depending on how well one knows the size of the feet they’re knitting for.


  6. kathyreeves says:

    I’d look in my stash for yarn that matches any color in the current yarn and use it. Maybe even two colors. The word vibrant is perfect!

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  7. I’d go right on knitting. Especially if they were for me. I like my socks to be one long string with no breaks. I rarely do opposite toes and heels. I just like that one string ….seeing it become one sock

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  8. Ange says:

    I love the socks, cute! I think that is a great addition for pride month. Great job! I cannot wait to see the final product, too.

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  9. LDSVenus says:

    The sock color is beautiful. Even tho you didn’t think it would bother you, it must be a little to be thinking about it :P, thinking about something and deciding is never a waste of time, so it seems to me, you are trying to decide to go with your favorite heel or doing some color management of some kind to have the color more even. In the end it will be what you decide you can live with, the heel you want or the extra time and effort for the color management :). Either way they will be beautiful 🙂

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  10. callmesly says:

    Wow, these are going to be absolutely stunning socks! Is the yarn self-striping?

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  11. Those are great! I’m a compulsive sock matcher – I would likely knit straight through, and let the rainbow fall where it wants – but make the second sock match as closely as possible. Having a gray heel, or a color-from-rainbow heel would also be on my list – if I had left over yarn that would work. What ever you do, HAVE FUN with it!

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  12. I would start a heel flap in a solid that matches one of the rainbow stripes right after a rainbow section. The gray section after the flap and turn would be narrower than the other gray stripes, but probably not enough to notice. I’m always disappointed when I go for a heel that isn’t the flap and gusset.


  13. Stefanie says:

    Write your options down and pick blindly from a hat.

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  14. Your sock is beautiful – love the rainbow stripes! I would do the heel flap in a solid color and then pick the self-striping back up afterwards.

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  15. chrisknits says:

    Just do what works for you!

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  16. ReginaMary says:

    I like the idea of using the blue/grey contrast, but…I am really fond of the heel flap/gusset. To be honest, there are times when that method produces a pleasantly surprising heel. I am voting for a heel flap/gusset. Final answer.

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  17. Oooh they are gorgeous!! I don’t feel I know enough about heels yet to put a vote in, so I just say whatever you think will work best.

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  18. kmkat says:

    OMG, those socks just GLOW! They are beautiful.

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