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I’m a list maker. I keep a bunch of always running lists in the notes app on my phone. There are the grocery lists, shopping lists, meals I plan to make, chores that need to be done. I’ve even got a long running Christmas list so I have ideas when holiday time rolls around.

My list for today includes giving Myles a much needed spa treatment. At a minimum he’s got to be brushed. Don’t tell him or he’ll try to hide. If he’s feeling cooperative he’ll have his hair cut too.

The big thing I knocked off the list yesterday was cleaning out the refrigerator. It’s been hanging on the list for way too long.

Are you a list person? Do you find crossing things off to be almost as satisfying as getting the chore done?

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25 Responses to To Do List

  1. I… am NOT… a very good list person. I am the guy that will put it on a post-it note. Before I know it – they are everywhere and then no-where, when I need them. I am a little bit better now, with lists. I have too many projects and thoughts to not… I just jotted a couple things down that I want to do when I wake up tomorrow. My partner is a list person. I have participated a bit with her and we share a Notes section where we put things down that we want to do etc. We have a grocery list there too so that we can update if we run out of something or if we want something. It’s also helpful since I like to inventory things from time to time – and keep up on the staples. While I cannot say that I am combing our cats’ hair – we did get a couple of silicone glove brushes… So … much… fur… has been removed. I joked with her that if the staple length was longer – we could spin all that we are pulling off of them. Well I have heard of people doing it – not this dude. We started the Labradoodle talk this weekend. I want another… I had one with my ex – and loved her but she stayed with there (which was right for so many reasons). I also dropped hints of a fox… Mwahaha…

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  2. Oh I love lists. If I get something done and it’s not on the list – I add it so that I can cross it off! 🤷‍♀️

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  3. Yes I’m a list person, although in May this seems to have stopped a little which is probably why I’m forgetting what I did. Last week I sanded and varnished the picnic table but totally forgot when writing my weekly blog post. I like to see things crossed off and the memory aid.

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  4. Alissa Head says:

    I am a list person at work. Not so much at home. I should try it!

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  5. Olivia says:

    LISTS! Love them, live by them, look for excuses to make yet another on. I have at least 4 apps with lists. I used to write lists but I love how I can store them on the phone now.

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  6. Evelyn says:

    Definitely a list person!!! ♥️

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  7. I am a visual person so lists are a must for me. I haven’t been making any lately and am not motivated to do anything. Maybe a list will get me back on track.

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  8. Marsha Noce says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I love my list. Without them nothing would get done. Hubby even has me put his honey dos on my lists. Crossing completed things off is one of my great joys. Gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.

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  9. Occasionally do lists, but not generally. I do keep a running grocery list and some reminders on the chalk board, but that’s about it. Too often lists just remind me of what I didn’t do, not that I need the reminder.

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  10. I am a half-hearted list person. If I don’t list down what I have to do then I will just do the things I want and leave the less exciting things. Yet just the action of putting something on a list makes me feel like I have done enough and I am guilty of often failing to complete. So maybe I am a list person, but I haven’t found quite the ideal way to make lists work. Or perhaps I’m just lazy….

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  11. kathyreeves says:

    Oh yes, I do love lists! Any time I have more than one free day, I make a list of what I’d like to do as well as what I need/should do, so I stay on track. When I was at the university, I lived and died by my lists! Now I am a little more free form, but I still get tremendous satisfaction from checking things off!

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  12. Mostly I use lists when I’m planning a road trip – what does the vehicle need? What food? what maps? categories of clothes? Otherwise I forget things like the computer, the camera, the bedding… Just a to-do list, not so much. I’m retired – if it doesn’t get done today, maybe it will happen tomorrow. Food shopping merits a list, as does Christmas making.

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  13. chrisknits says:

    I LIVE by lists! For sewing, knitting, grocery, to-do’s. I am lost without them. Don’t ask how many extra grocery trips I had to make because something wasn’t on the list!

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  14. RebSef says:

    I have a weekly “schedule” that I photocopy each week and put my “to-do” on it. I fold it up and tuck it in my phone case and scribble on it. I can’t do with it on my phone or I might lose them. I’ve learnt that lesson before. Now I always have a sheet of paper with me, or a few post-it notes. The sheet of paper is better because it’s just one thing. Each week I religiously update it. Things that have been there a while I usually scrub off – it’s clearly not that important 😉

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  15. pammiemk says:

    I’m definitely a list person. Although I have a smartphone, I keep lists, reminders, ideas, and sketches in a small paper notebook. It’s messy and always evolving.

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  16. I can’t function without lists!! For years I kept spiral notebooks that were filled with dated lists and additional information. I even put in a table of contents so I could hunt up stuff quickly. I don’t seem to do that so much anymore since I have discovered how to keep lists on my phone. Still, I make a list of tasks for each day and then the ever developing list of tasks and ideas keeps me moving forward to get things done. I think that the lists are creative, too, as I capture everything that I think of around my knitting and other things going on in my life.

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  17. Definitely a list person! I use little Field Notes notebooks that I keep in my purse – one for my life stuff (grocery lists, household to-dos), one for crafting, and one for work. I am lost without them!

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  18. I do like making lists. I like crossing things off even better. But sometimes my lists are just lingering lists. That’s ok. Makes me feel organized to make lists. I do hope that Myles behaves for his spa treatment.

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  19. ReginaMary says:

    I am definitely a list person which is why these days of winging it with work are driving me a bit batty. Miles and Razz both have COVID hair. My son tells me it is a thing.

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  20. LDSVenus says:

    Do the children’s detangler work for hiim?

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  21. randomlyerin says:

    Lists are life. ❤

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  22. Totally a list person – I always have at least 3 running on my phone. I have also been known sometimes to do things and THEN add them to my list just so I can cross them off. So satisfying.

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  23. Beccie B says:

    Definitely, my traveling lists like groceries and shopping are on my Paperless app on my phone. I love it for some many reasons. I also have a written list that’s more of a weekly journal type list, for when I need to quickly jot down a quick reminder when I’m crocheting, don’t have both hands free to look in my phone.

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