Blogville Knitters Challenge

Alissa posted a challenge for Blogville: Where is your favorite place to knit?

I’ve knit a lot of places. Some really nice like the ocean front condo my parents rented for a few winters when H was little or the swanky boat house we stayed in in Bar Harbor. I sat on a bench and knit at Rhinebeck, a memory I’ll have forever. Neutral but cozy places like our living room in northern Maine during a snowstorm while the wind blew the snow up against our windows or my bed with the air conditioner blasting so I could finish knitting a sweater in August. Then there are the bad places like subway, the emergency room when my mother was sick or my father’s hospice room when we were waiting for the end that took it’s definitely not sweet time to arrive.

But my absolute favorite place to knit has always been at my children’s sporting events. I sat at many a field hockey game with a sock in process in hand when H played. Then there were all the lacrosse practices and games of N’s. Finally the cross country and track events. Knitting keeps my hands busy while I concentrate on the event. It helps me ignore the other parents who are maybe behaving in ways that wouldn’t make their children proud.

The spring track season has been cancelled. I’ll miss sitting on those unbelievably uncomfortable bleachers that always manage to be freezing cold, unless they are burning hot watching my kid run and jump. I’ll still be knitting but not at my favorite place.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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17 Responses to Blogville Knitters Challenge

  1. Hmmmm that’s a tricky question. Like you, I’ve knit/crocheted in a lot of different places…

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  3. I think I’ll be knitting at sporting events a lot in the future. I do love swim lesson knitting.

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  4. My favorite place to knit is outside when it’s not really windy. Then I keep awake. I have this problem that knitting makes me so relaxed that I get tired. It’s good to be relaxed sometimes, but other times I fall asleep and don’t get enough done. You know what I mean? So my fave place is outside in the shade.

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    I’m not surprised this is your favorite spot!

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  6. My most favorite place to knit is at home, in front of the tv, if I have mindless knitting. But I have also knit at my kids’ sporting events, and band events and football games waiting for the 1/2 time show to watch my boys do the band thing. I have also knitted in the car waiting for kids after school or after activities, or waiting for my Mom at her doctor’s appointments. In hotel rooms on vacation, in the mall on national knitting day, and at the salon while getting my hair done. Oh I really miss that one!!

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  7. randomlyerin says:

    My nieces’ baton competitions used to be the top spot. Now I would say it’s the living room, first thing in the morning when it’s still quiet because most of the world is asleep at 4:30am.

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  8. Alissa Head says:

    I like reading about all the different places you’ve knit. I guess I typically only knit at home or at the yarn shop. I need to get out with my knitting more! Well, maybe after the Covid.

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  9. kmkat says:

    My favorite spots are 1, in my rocker while watching TV; B, in a lawn chair at a campground overlooking Lake Superior; and, iii, in a lawn chair at a campground in the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. Oh, and in the mini-mini-motorhome on the way to and from those last two.

    I am catching up on blogs — can you tell?

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  10. cattknithat says:

    I like to knit on my front porch when the sun is going down. I like to listen to the quiet and the birds singing. It is so relaxing.

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  11. Now you have reminded me that I knit during Zach’s doubles matches in high school.
    My favorite place to knit: ON MY PORCH after sunset in summer, with fireflies out in the yard

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  12. You have knit in some lovely places! Sporting event knitting sounds just wonderful, as do so many of your other knitting sites 🙂

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  13. Olivia says:

    Ah, my favorite place I ever knit was in April in Parc Monceau on a green bench in the heart of Paris. The tulips were in bloom and it was beginning to be warmer. So many lovely people came up and spoke to me (in French, of course) and I was able to tell them what I was knitting. It was a sweet baby jacket for my sons best friend growing up. I was able to tell them it was made in Paris. Lovely memories

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  14. ReginaMary says:

    My favorite places to knit is at the diner, and on the sofa while my husband relaxes with a game of Madden Football.

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  15. Stefanie says:

    I would knit at my daughter’s tennis matches. I wonder if she’ll be able to play in the fall. CA has extended its shelter-in-place til the end of May.

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