The Good Things

I have read a few blog posts where people are talking about the good things they’ve experienced over the past week. I’ve been feeling my mood be very much affected by the weather and by the mood of my household members. Dwelling on the good as opposed to the bad seems like a good plan. So here are a few good things from this past week.

  • Walking. The photo above shows yesterday. I’m tired and my feet hurt but it feels good to get a good long walk. I particularly have enjoyed spending time in the woods and walking through the neighborhood where people while distancing say hello and offer other encouraging words.
  • I sewed masks! And they turned out usable. My sewing skills are rudimentary at best. My ability to operate my 35 year old sewing machine is minimal. My interest in sewing is moderate. I have a bunch of projects I’d love to try but sewing is an exact science compared to knitting where a mistake can be ripped out and reknit.
  • I’ve been really enjoying and embracing my new morning ritual. I wake up a little later than normal. I sit on the couch in my pyjamas drinking iced coffee and playing games on my phone and reading blogs. Myles curls up next to me and naps. We enjoy a good hour of down time and then start our day.
  • You won’t understand this unless you play Pokemon Go. I hatched 60 eggs this week and the last one was the shiny Riolu I’ve been hoping for.
  • Finally, I finished my socks and have two projects ready to go but more about those tomorrow.

What good things have you experienced this week? Did you finish a project? Bake something tasty? Embrace a new routine?

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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26 Responses to The Good Things

  1. higgy88 says:

    60 eggs!!! I am in awe of your Pokemon skills. My biggest problem is getting eggs as I don’t live anywhere near a pokestop so I’m relying on friends sending me gifts. What level are you currently on? So glad to find a fellow Pokémon Go player.

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  2. I’ve been sleeping. A. Lot. But that’s the M.E. I’ve been trying to go for a walk each day. And have managed to adjust, very slightly, my knitting technique so that I don’t aggravate the arthritis. So I can knit again. Not very much at a time, but it’s such a joy! I’ve been gardening a bit too. In fact the green wheelie bin is full. I also had a small re-arrange/sort out of my clothes drawers, which resulted in a bag for the charity (thrift?) shop and one for the rubbish bin. Started converting 1,400 slides from my mother’s house into digital format. One at a time. And they all need cropping. So it’s slow but satisfying. Reading lots. Currently on the last in the Wolf Hall trilogy (The Mirror and The Light). And watching re-runs of old series on BBC iPlayer. Finished series 3 of In The Line Of Duty last night. Bosting.

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    • I think everyone should embrace doing all those little things they normally don’t have time for. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when one thing gets done:) I should clean out my dresser. I’ve got so many things that could go…


  3. Olivia says:

    OK there are a couple of things in this post I wanna comment on. First of all you’re drinking iced coffee? I thought you didn’t like coffee. And second 60 eggs?! Yikes. I got a shiny torchik But I already had one. I actually had to go get gas last week (was amazingly cheap) So I could continue driving around and collecting PokéStops. I don’t live near a single one within walking distance. It’s a pain in the neck. But at least when I drive around I don’t feel like I’m living in a covered fishbowl with only half the kitchen. I take the puppies with me in the car and they instantly fall asleep just like they were babies. But knitting I’m just not feeling it. I ordered facemasks which were coming from China, they said they were delivered when they clearly were not so I may have to break out my sewing machine and start making some as well. One thing though I don’t have any fabric so it could be tricky.

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  4. I celebrated Easter by making creampuffs with chocolate icing and five masks for the family – we had no fabric either, but sacrificed an old t-shirt and a worn out button down. Machine not mine, but a solid old Bernina, with no instruction manual and an owner who’s not sewn in years. So tell me – why would I leave on what was planned to be a 5 week road trip without bring one of my machines along?!? Also this past week: kayaking a couple of times, knitting on two very different sweaters, getting one sleeve done – which is too tight, so today I’ll take it out and restart. Oh, yes – lots of throwing toys for the dog! It’s not even 9AM here, and we’ve already had recess.

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  5. Iced coffee….yum! It’s the only way I can drink coffee but it has to have sweetener and creamer. I’m a tea drinker myself. My current obsession is Tazo Zen. I can causally drink it straight (hot and without sweetener).

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  6. Laura Kate says:

    This week? Went on 1 amazing camping overnight with perfect weather under a Supermoon. Dealt with 2 UFOs, frogged one, finished the other. Participated in 3 sessions of on-line yoga. Scored 4 tomato starts from a fellow master gardener. Made 5 sketches including trees, birds and sea turtles. It was a good week that was topped up with seeing our granddaughter on Skype.

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  7. kathyreeves says:

    I got tons done on Saturday, and had a lovely, relaxing Easter staying in. The sun did come out and melt snow even though it barely reach freezing, but that means we’ll go for a short walk in the sunshine this am. The spring weather is supposed to return later I. The week, and I hope this time it sticks around! It’s time to put the broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower out. They have been under the light and have grown like crazy this past week. 🙂

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  8. That sounds like a wonderful way to wake up – and I’m sure Myles is happy to have some cuddle time with you to start the day, too! Yay for your socks being done – looking forward to seeing them! I am trying to build some new habits – like spending 15 minutes a day just tidying up an area of the house. Having mixed success making that happen, but hopefully it will become part of each day 🙂

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  9. cattknithat says:

    One good thing it seems like I can keep up with my long distance friends more. Nobody has anything to do so we chat more.

    What fitness app is that? I have a Mi 4 band that allows you to add friends in the app.
    I like to walk too, but it is so rainy right now. I was a half a mile in today and got drenched. I can walk a mile indoors, but a lot of days I only do a half a mile because . . . I don’t feel like walking through the house. It gets old.

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  10. Alissa Head says:

    I mostly knit and sewed this weekend. That was a good thing. I made a cake in a cup, too. It was surprisingly good.

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  11. Varian says:

    I read an absolutely *amazing* horror novel, and have begin to learn how to spin.

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  12. chrisknits says:

    I sewed masks and head covers, I worked on quilting projects, I baked a cheesy bread and banana bars, I found I suck at making powdered sugar from regular sugar with my food processor, oh wait, that wasn’t good, it made the icing for the banana bars too grainy, but Diva and CarGuy didn’t care, I sent the remainder home with them after our Easter dinner. That was the goodest of all things this week, having them over for dinner, but we missed ScientistGirl and ElectricGuy.

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