Well Guess Who Is Bored

The weather was absolutely miserable yesterday. There were two storms (fortunately rain) sitting off the coast. One was pushing the other back at us. This left us with a day of rain and wind. No walk or run for any of us. Myles was not amused.

This #stayhome thing has positives but on a dark rainy day they’re kind of hard to find. Myles was not entertained by my afternoon movie choices: Ghost and Footlose. He’s not much of an 80’s movie fan I guess.

But today will be a whole different kind of day. We have a birthday in the house! Myles is now 5 years old! I predict a nice walk and extra treats. How will you be spending your Saturday?

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16 Responses to Well Guess Who Is Bored

  1. Rainy and cold here. 35 then 85 Tuesday. Stop this!!! I am sorry that a walk didn’t work. Happy bday Myles! I plan to write. I’m into the first chapter so I’m trying to keep the momentum.

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  2. knittingjane says:

    Happy Birthday Myles 🎂
    We are all getting so fit all this walking and there are lots of dogs out there who are benefiting from extra walkies 🐶🐶🐶

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  3. Daniela says:

    I have already done the ironing and am looking forward to my cardmaking session: My mother’s and a friend’s birthday need to be celebrated someway…

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  4. Alissa Head says:

    Happy Birthday Myles! Since I was able to rest up most of the day yesterday, I may be functional today. I’m going to clean the bathroom, knit a gusset, and cast on Arachne with Marilee. Are you able to join us for that?

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  5. cattknithat says:

    Happy Birthday to Miles. I’m going to do some household chores and studying. Depending on how time goes I may finally finish a post for my blog.

    Guess what? I’m working on a sock using dpns. I’m very excited to finish that. I was up until nearly midnight last night working on that. But, I have other knitting projects that I should be working on too.

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  6. Laura Kate says:

    Yoga and painting. I will be roasting a chicken for dinner. Enjoy your day and thanks for posting.

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  7. Marsha Noce says:

    Happy birthday Myles. He will be so happy with that walk and those treats. Today I will be making face masks for hubby and I to wear in public. Not exactly how I originally planned to spend the day. There will he house cleaning and knitting too.

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  8. sewadilly says:

    Happy Birthday Myles!!! sending you birthday hugs — your mom will deliver for me.

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  9. Out for 3 1/2 hours of kayaking; will spend some time knitting; there’s yard work (spreading mulch and moving ivy) to help with. Post on blog about kayaking after I download photos.

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  10. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Happy Birthday, Myles!

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  11. kathyreeves says:

    Poor Max was so tired from his walk (he wouldn’t be if we could just walk every day and he would start slimming down), he slept and pushed around the rest of the afternoon. It was good to get out after two days of cold and snow!

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  12. Happy birthday to Myles!
    An 80’s movie day sounds like a great idea 🙂 Hope Saturday is a better day for you guys. Wishing you nicer weather, walks and extra treats all around!

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  13. Happy Birthday Myles!

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  14. ReginaMary says:

    Happy Birthday, MYLES!! xoxo Razz

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  15. Stefanie says:

    LOL, Myles! Love this pic of him. Oh, I had read that cozy mystery, “A Pedigree to Die For,” and it was about AKC poodles just like Myles! Said they were a breed that would be good for families. Need to tell the hubby that.

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