That’s The Look!

I’ve been getting this look a lot lately and not just from Myles.

How are things at your house? We had a rainy day yesterday but The Husband and I still ventured out for a quick walk. We also did a run to BJ’s (massive warehouse store for those that haven’t heard of it) and the pet store. We will now be able to eat for another week. Myles is relieved.

There seems to be a loss of mojo out there in our crafting community. We know this is a crisis, particularly in a crisis when we have extra crafting hours. If you’ve ever had a loss of mojo can you share how you moved beyond it? Is there a trick you use to find your mojo? Something special that sparks your creative interest? Maybe a tried and true cure?

I have a three step plan I follow when my mojo takes a hike. First I spend some quality time looking at patterns, yarn and finished objects online. Other people’s projects can often light that spark. Second I dive into my stash. There is some good stuff in there that I’m saving for just the right moment. If I’m struck by something that needs to be cast on, third, I cast it on and start something I really feel like knitting. Usually it’s socks but sometimes it’s a shawl. I find it’s best to do this knitting while avoiding chores that need doing. It’s easier to sit on the couch and knit when the other option is cleaning the bathroom or folding laundry. I find that mindless TV works best for loss of mojo knitting. Rewatching a series or movie you love or trying out a documentary from Netflix (I’m looking at you Tiger King!) is the prescription. Also add a cup of tea (or glass of wine-we don’t judge here) and a few cookies or some decadent chocolate to complete the mood. If you find that you’re enjoying your knitting again don’t stop, just order a pizza for dinner and settle in for a long night of knitting.


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14 Responses to That’s The Look!

  1. This is an area where I have the opposite problem – too many projects calling me! it’s true that I often take a break from a large project – I’ve knit two hats for the donation basket while working on this gurnsey sweater. Or I sew something.

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  2. kathyreeves says:

    I’m in the category of what shall I do first? I do like putting off the cleaning chores, now that no students are coming to the house, but I seem to be doing a lot more cooking these days, too. When I reach that frozen stage where nothing gets done, I have a list of someday projects, and if I am completely lost, I just choose the first one and start. Either I love it, or fairly quickly I am thinking, “I wish I were doing xyz,” and that gets me going!

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  3. Excellent tips for mojo retrieval!

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  4. Marsha Noce says:

    This extra knitting time is causing issues here. I want to cast on EVERYTHING. You ideas about looking at patterns and others FOs is great advice too. It does inspire me doing that. Myles expressions crack me up. So much personality in one pup

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  5. chrisknits says:

    I didn’t sew yesterday, a 7 hour round trip preempted some, but once home I had no desire. I had sewn 6-7 hours a day leading up to that point. Today I will sit at the machine, but not for that amount of time. Just enough to get some blocks done. And I WILL knit on the shawl today, it’s been languishing too long, and I really want to wear it before the heat returns.

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    My mojo was way off at the start of all this. I have since tuned out any unnecessary news and busy myself with a very full morning routine. Then, once the afternoon comes around, I am ready to stop ‘working’ and that always motivates me to relax with my knitting. A nice hot cup of tea, knitting podcast or a little jazz and a few candles. I have come to crave that part of my day.

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  7. I have chunks of time where my mojo wanders off somewhere. I find it works for me just to sit it out. The workd will turn and wool and patterns will start to interest me again and soon I will be engrossed in some knitting project. When the mojo is halfway back I find it helps if I make a point of picking up the needles to “just knit two rows” whenever I can because watching the project grow is a great motivator.

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  8. salpal1 says:

    I am sorry about the loss of mojo. My schedule hasn’t changed much, but it is about to… we will see if I still want to knit all the time!


  9. Well… if I knit – I would totally follow your plan. Q, my partner, said that she will teach me. I just … I haven’t for *that* mojo yet. In my past life, I spent a lot of time around the fiber. We spun, dyed… And my partner loves… to knit too – so I didn’t lose those skills 😉 Anyways… on to your questions… I really do not have a look. I am still able to work – so some of the days are still normal. I have put in a request to work from home 40-60% of the time. While I can do it once in a while, my role isn’t really a remote role. I can do my consultant-like things remotely though. I am trying. Reducing any exposure is better for everyone altogether. I have been working on my story timeline which you were helping get me into the other day. I decided to continue some character dev. Now, I am ready. I started today. Only a few hundred words in – but I started. I also set up a sheet and am going to shoot for April. Why not!?!? I like to check out a freebie website ( and see what things are available. I also started two posts tonight. A lot of my time revolves around writing right now. I downloaded the updates for my favorite game – I just don’t want to lose hours during the week. Oh the last thing, down the TV path, is Dry Bar Comedy on Facebook. Mostly clean humor. And I have decided that a belly laugh is worth all of it. I like Miles, btw. Seems like quite a personality.

    Best – Joe

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  10. Olivia says:

    Between the kitchen renovation and two new puppies I have no time or interest in knitting right now But I try to work on the baby layette I started, I’m down to the last bootie but I’m going to need to know whether it’s a boy or girl before I start the blanket.

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  11. Stefanie says:

    Good advice here, Karen. I tried sewing which was a nice break from the constant knitting I’ve been doing since March 6th.

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  12. kmkat says:

    My stash is a never-ending source of inspiration. It has inspired me several times recently. Someday in the far distant future I may actually need to buy yarn again…

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