Not Beautiful But Tasty

I finally decided that it was time to use a couple of the mixes that have been kicking around in my kitchen. Yesterday I made the King Arthur Gongerbread Scones. The Husband and I thought they were very good. They have a nice ginger flavor without having an unpleasant burn. There are bits of crystalized ginger that do give a little extra taste. They were easy to mix up and baked as directed. I’d buy them again. N wasn’t thrilled with them but he isn’t a fan of gingerbread so I’m not surprised. Next time I think I’ll try the sour cream blueberry scones.

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17 Responses to Not Beautiful But Tasty

  1. Wow, those look wonderful! I just remembered that I have pumpkin in the cupboard… tomorrow I’m making pumpkin spiced bread. Not gingerbread, but close. I may even have some ginger…


  2. Those scones are very appealing and I wish I could try one. They remind me of the ginger cookies my grandma used to bake for me.

    Did you know there is an Italian cookie called “brutti ma buoni” (ugly but good)? It’s traditionally made of ground hazelnuts, sugar, and egg white. There are lots of recipes floating around out there. You could substitute walnuts or almonds if you don’t have hazelnuts.

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    Those look good! Baking always makes the day special for me!

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  4. Colleen says:

    I love KAF scone mixes:). I make them frequently, most often now for a friend whose son is in hospital with cancer. I have been taking her scones weekly for months. I also took some to the staff of my mom‘s retirement center last week. They needed a blessing and scones did the trick! Keep baking and spread the joy!

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  5. I’ve made the KAF gingerbread scone mix. I love it. I wish I had a box right now. Yum!

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  6. sewadilly says:

    Looks yummy.

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  7. That sounds yummy. Apparently a lot of people are baking LOL. I had to don the hazmat suit… not really… but venture to the store. NO YEAST… AT. ALL. And no cat litter LOL.

    I like a dump cake recipe. Two containers of spiced apples, yellow cake on top, brown sugar and butter covering the cake mix. Nothing else. 425 for 40ish mins. Nom nom nom.

    Happy baking. Stay sane 🙂

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  9. Those look delicious!

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  10. Oh they do look yummy. I am thinking I need to start baking sometime soon. I have been put off because the house we bought came with a gas oven and I just cant seem to get anything to dry out in it. 😦

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  11. ReginaMary says:

    I’ll take one please!

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  12. cattknithat says:

    Now I need to go make scones!!!


  13. RebSef says:

    They look and sound so lovely!!

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  14. Stefanie says:

    The sour cream, blueberry scones sound yummy! Yeah, sometimes it’s not stylized worth but if it tastes good, score one.

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  15. kmkat says:

    Sour cream blueberry scones sound divine! I may need to order the mix from King Arthur. (They are already my provider for flours that my local co-op doesn’t stock.)

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  16. They actually look really tasty!

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