Yesterday was a bit harder to keep busy than the other days. It rained. It reminded me of being a kid on a rainy day. Everything I felt like doing would be fun if only it wasn’t raining.

Myles was a little bored with less time outside too. We played some fetch in the living room and he shook his squirrel wildly.

How are you doing filling your days? Are you crafting? The designers on Ravelry are being so generous offering free patterns to help get us through. I’ve picked up a few I look forward to making.

I continue to knit the sock. I realized when I went to try it on that I should have done the leg first. I’ve got the back of the heel stitches on a stitch holder so I can’t really try it on. I guess I’ll shoot for a tad too long in the foot.

Today is promising to be a better day weather wise so I expect a good walk at some point. I also plan to knit the rest of the foot of the sock.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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9 Responses to Entertainment

  1. I crocheted a hat and dish cloths. Cute pup

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  2. jackallcraft says:

    Thread a piece of waste yarn in to hold your stitches instead of a rigid stitch holder. Then you can try the sock on.

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  3. I’m saving a ton of money by not making impulse purchases when I leave the house. My bank accounts thank me.

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  4. sewadilly says:

    I have thought a lot about knitting, anyone else feeling like “I want to do something / knitting but can’t seem to get off just thinking”

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  5. Myles – so cute! I know what you mean with the rainy days – it makes you so restless! Glad there is nicer weather today and hope you guys enjoy some outside time 🙂

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  6. chrisknits says:

    I have 4 dogs at the moment, had them since Monday. My sister had a sitter set up, but his wife works for Roche and their household was in need of quiet for the work from home situation. I am trying to keep all 4 from barking at every family taking walks throughout the day to keep from killing their now homeschooled kids. LOL! The dogs think every human being is an intruder to be barked into submission. The 2 littles, my sister’s dogs, are the yappiest of the 4, but my two boys are the louder of the 4, so I am caught trying to silence them to avoid impacting Hubster, also working from home. I am ready to put them all in the car and just drive them around for a few hours, allowing them to bark their fool heads off! I’m exhausted or going mad, not sure right now!

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  7. Stefanie says:

    I’ve been knititng a lot and so need to watch my left wrist and hand. I may try to bake today. The husband took the girls out for a bike ride to get some fresh air.

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