Let’s Talk About The Positives

As we all spend more time at home and in our tiny real life social circles things become bigger. The little annoyances that normally mean nothing are magnified. The socks left tucked into the couch cushion or the crumbs left all over the kitchen counter seem like a personal affront. Let’s not dwell on these today. Let’s talk about the positives we are discovering in our new reality.

Myles is beyond thrilled to have his people at home. He picks a lap and moves in for as long as attention is forthcoming. Then he moves on to the next lap. This goes on until he realizes someone is in the kitchen where the treats are kept. Then he moves there and behaves in his usual give me a cookie ways: jumping wildly at the leg to get the attention of the person and then sitting nicely in anticipation. It works remarkably well based on how low the treat jar is getting.

Along with knitting a few rows whenever I sit down, I’ve stopped wearing a bra. Why should I bother if I’m going to remain at least 6 feet away from people. I’m more comfortable and I’m cutting down on laundry. A double win!

With so many meals and snacks being eaten at home things are actually being used up. We tend to end up with the end of a lot of things left over. Not any more. That last handful of potato chips gets gobbled right up. Now if someone would just get to the cans of weird things that I don’t even remember buying. A few more days and we just might see some movement on that front too.

So what are the little positives you see in your life?

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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23 Responses to Let’s Talk About The Positives

  1. My kids don’t have school so I get more time with them. I get to homeschool them one on one. I’ve crocheted a hat for a baby as well.

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  2. 2dachsnite says:

    Positives … hmm. Well, I don’t need to worry about my class curriculum for the next few weeks. And, given a few weeks with no classes to teach, I’m betting I can get Rhonda (my Dachshund girlie) to the next level in her Trick Dog training. And then there’s knitting. I have three projects in various states of progress … and then there’s spinning. Who knows? The way things are heading, I could really put a dent in my stash.

    Yikes … I was trying to stay positive – right up until that last bit. 🤔

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  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about silver linings recently- Ive been able to get better at working from home (I want to move to one day a week consistently after this is over), I finally got the motivation to start decorating my house, I’m actually doing some exercise becauseI know it’s important

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    • My daughter said the people at her job are struggling with working from home. Most have never done it and they’re not used to setting a clearly defined schedule. She’s getting messages about work at 10pm and she is nicely having to say that she only works 8-5. As a plus they are all chatting together for their lunch hour which she thinks is good for the people who live alone and really good for them to become closer as a group:) Good luck! Working from home is a great option:)

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  4. claire93 says:

    I’m laughing at your reason for going bra-less ^^
    Mind you, weather is gorgeous here and I’ve just put on a pair of summer leggings which means white hairy legs are now exposed. I did Wonder whether I should give them a quick going over with my lady-shave, and thought “why bother?” since, as you say, I won’t be going out in public so only the hubby will see them!

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    A positive is that online piano lessons are going pretty well. I am really tired on my days with lots of lessons, but that will improve after everyone is settled in and we have less IT issues.🙂 With no one coming to the house I can actually scrub down the hardwood and even oil it this weekend with 10 days for it to soak in. Next Monday will be master class, and I will do them on line, which means 4 days off! Sewing room here I come!

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  6. I am sure that Myles is super happy to have lots of attention! Our cat Jack is also getting lots of attention now that he was 2 humans home instead of just one.

    My husband is lucky enough to be able to continue work from home so I am thankful that we don’t need to worry financially and it is also nice that we can now take our lunches together and have a little more time to be together.

    I am also blessed to have my sock mojo in full swing so we will see how many socks I knit while in social distancing. 🙂

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  7. I’m sleeping later. Previously I would get up in time to send a positive message to my granddaughter that she could read while traveling between schools. She’s at home now, so I send them later. And I am sewing, painting and baking bread!

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  8. AJ says:

    What an awesome way to look at it. I’m trying to make my food last and not eating out so I’m getting rid of some of the pounds that have crept on

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  9. Marsha Noce says:

    Very good positives. I am picking a spot each day and deep cleaning it while decluttering it also. Neglected areas are getting much needed love. We are saving on gas since we step not going out as much. My knitting is getting more attention. Making more homemade and less store bought is bringing me joy and bringing back lovely memories of my childhood. All these are positives for me.

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  10. djdfr says:

    The only good part for me is having plenty of time to work in the garden while the sun is shining.

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  11. I am working from home for the moment, which means I can wear sweatpants and t-shirts all day! I can knit when I am on phone call meetings. The cats are here for petting all day long. I can have tea whenever I want. Like with your family, I am definitely using up stuff that would have gone to waste in other situations!

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  12. ReginaMary says:

    I am looking at a lot of Goldies on instagram lately. Fortunately, the cutest one is currently sleeping, snoring and pooting on my feet right now.
    Hi Myles!! BOOP!

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  13. I can stay in pajamas all day. I can still get fresh air. I can improve my baking. I’m actually feeling good about it today.

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  14. chrisknits says:

    My positive is about trying to be a positive for someone else. I try to help the area, family-owned, businesses, so I grab gift cards or food to do my part.

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  15. Alissa Head says:

    I’m too stressed out to see positives yet, but I will work on it this weekend and let you know.

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  16. Okay, positives. I get to see more of my boyfriend. I don’t have to drive through rush hour twice a day. That extra time not driving can be spent with yarn. I no longer have to try to remember 20 different hot drink orders when I make a round. Can listen to any music I like when I’m working. My boyfriend keeps randomly shouting “ILOVE YOOOOUUU” and making me laugh.

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  17. I teach at a college that’s moving all classes online for at least the next few weeks. Since I’ve taught both on campus and online for several years, I’m one of the people who volunteered to help the professors who’ve never taught online, and in most cases had no desire to teach online, try to get up and functional by Monday. The positive – we’re doing zoom meetings and getting to talk to people we’ve never met, helping people and laughing and learning new stuff too. I’ve found that I’m not just a teacher, but a shoulder for some of my students. We’ll get through this. We’re tough and strong and this will not break us.

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  18. Stefanie says:

    LOL, I threw out all my underwire bras some time ago; they were so uncomfortable. I am in pj pants these days with a long-sleeved top.

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  19. Olivia says:

    Biggest positive is that I have 2 puppies to train and raise and not children. As a mother of 9 I was completely happy with babies at home but older children needed school and time with friends (obviously I didn’t have 9 at once) so I have a lot of empathy for those raising kids through this. Having the internet helps but it’s not everything. Keeping them happy, safe and healthy in a crowded environment takes more patience than I currently possess. This has to be why only young people have babies! Lol

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  20. kmkat says:

    I may actually get my home office cleaned up and properly organized! But only if I quit obsessing over news stories online…

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