Filling Time

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. The Husband and I got out for two near to home walks. We went to a park right up the road that is conservation land. The best part was the vernal pool which is quite full. The frogs think spring has arrived and they are loudly looking for a date. We spent about 45 minutes each time. There were a fair number of other people (lots with kids) out walking. Everyone was friendly and said hello but kept a reasonable distance.

How are you filling your time?

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16 Responses to Filling Time

  1. It’s knitting time!! I love the picture of the trees. I’m so glad you are getting out and about.

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  2. The trees are beautiful! Definitely planning for some walks with my roommate later this week. One minor sliver lining to working from home for the next several weeks is that it finally gave me the motivation to decorate my room (I moved 5 months ago) since staring at blank walls would not have been fun! So I spent several hours yesterday doing that as well as putting up some stuff in our living room and kitchen

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  3. Like you, lots of walks out in the park and woods, waving at others there. We are also busy in the garden. We went to friends’ wedding on Thursday and everyone, elbox pumped rather than embraced. Strange times!

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  4. I’m spending the morning coming up with a list of activities to do at home when we’re stuck inside with rainy days. I am worried about keeping the kids busy. When it is nice we are going to get outside.

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    • When my daughter was little (preschool age) on rainy days we would take some time and play school. I printed some easy worksheets from the internet (amazing resources out there!) and we just made it fun. One of her favorites was coloring pages where a hidden picture would appear. I felt like the day wasn’t a waste and using her brain tired out her body:)
      Good luck:)

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    • Laura Kate says:

      My daughter used to start “Dance Parties” when her son was little. She would put on some lively music and start whooping it up! She would keep it going until they both were laughing, panting and tired.

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  5. I’m sewing costumes for our daughter’s Christian theater (kids) production of Alice in Wonderland. It IS so nice to get outside ❤️

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  6. I’m making a “What to do when I’m bored” list of things for my grandchildren. With 2-3 weeks of no school thrown at you all of a sudden and online teaching, it can be hard to focus on other activities.
    Plus I’m finishing up a pair of socks.

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  7. kathyreeves says:

    I am getting ready to teach online, and I’m going to catch up on my BOM quilts. But best of all, I just spent an hour working on stitch counts for my Orkney. I may actually get to cast on today or tomorrow!

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  8. sewadilly says:

    Some normal house chores, knitting as well possibly decluttering … last one is scream worthy.

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  9. Taking an inventory of all food in the kitchen, dusting and rearranging the spice shelf, wriiting emails to find out how friends and family spread across the globe are doing.

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  10. Stefanie says:

    Lots of knitting in bed but out here in the dining area today catching up on WP blogs. Yesterday I caught up on Blogger ones.

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  11. cattknithat says:

    Walking sounds nice. We live in a nice wooded area, but we still have a bunch of snow. We made pizzas this afternoon, and we had Frank’s hot wings.

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  12. Sounds like some lovely walks – spring is springing! I spent most of the weekend knitting, with breaks for chores. Also, we went out to breakfast on Saturday. Nothing exciting 🙂

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  13. Nature is a tonic. I marvelled at a laburnum tree in bloom over the weekend. Its yellow flowers lifted my spirits. Thanks for sharing your lovely photo.

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