Coronavirus All The Time

I don’t know what you’re doing to combat the pandemic. My family and I are doing what we can. We are social distancing, washing our hands and driving each other crazy with our togetherness, at home, together. It seems that every single company that I have ever given my email address to wants me to know that they are concerned for me and their employees but they’re open and will welcome me if I’m not sick. Even my time wasting game is telling me to wash my hands and stay safe.

So I’ll be knitting quietly over here listening to a podcast. What are you doing to get through?

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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26 Responses to Coronavirus All The Time

  1. 2dachsnite says:

    I figure I’m going to have time on my hands, so I’m spinning and THEN knitting. It’ll take longer that way. Now to stay healthy long enough to enjoy it. 👍🏼

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  2. As I’m home alone most of the time I am just waiting around for my husband to come home and then stand there until I’ve seen him wash his hands properly 😂. They’ve stopped testing people in the UK, just telling people with a new persistent cough or fever to stay at home for 7 days and everyone else carry on as normal…except they’ve stopped sporting events. Typical Boris most concerned with the economy than people’s lives.

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    • His “herd immunity” approach is appalling. We’re your neighbours in Ireland and are on the verge of a lockdown. How is that actually going to work with so much travel between our 2 nations? Crazy times! Be well 😊

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      • We are going to the Outer Hebrides at the end of the month and hope the ferries will still be running. There’s just no consistent messaging. They keep advertising in our papers that the Highlands don’t have any cases, but given they’ve stopped doing the tests then how do they know that. The world’s gone mad.

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    • We are getting very mixed messages here too. We are supposed to social distance, kids are out of school but please support small businesses and restaurants. Either they want to break the infection chain or they don’t. You can’t have it both ways.

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      • Schools are still running here and we’ve just eaten at a restaurant in the beer garden as it’s a lovely day here and 8°C. The beach was fairly busy and the restaurants were pretty busy too for out of season. I’m thinking they just think we will all get it but they don’t want us to all at the same time.

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      • You are right. You can’t have it both ways. Social distance for now – there will be time to support local businesses later. Or think of it as supporting small businesses by not endangering the health of their staff. Health before money.

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  3. I’m going to buy more hand cream today since they get chapped at the best of times. The extra hand washing isn’t helping my dry skin!I’ve already stocked up on new books as well as craft projects to see me through the next few weeks. I’m also cooking even more than usual. Meals have become tastier since I have more time while work is suspended.

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  4. cattknithat says:

    Oh my goodness Candy Crush too? The companies are so annoying! I think they are just making people more nervous. I’ve been getting emails about disinfectants on sale for two weeks. My weather app was
    forcing notifications about the virus. Last night was the final straw, when I was scrolling through my news app, and it kept giving me hand knitted patterns to cover your hand sanitzers ??? I think I’m going to take a break from the news.

    I’m not actually that worried myself. I’m usually the type to freak out over everything. I’ve experienced some hard times in my life, but the Lord has gotten me through every single one. And I know where I’m going. But, you can bet I’m praying for other people, and am ready to help them whatever way I can

    With the numbers I’ve seen
    they say only 4% has been
    fatal. So that means 96% of the people that get it recover? Right now I’m more concerned over going to the stores. I know a lot of older people, and am concerned about them just trying to get their groceries.


  5. I am making things, be it sewing, knitting, painting, cooking or bak8ng. I find comfort in creating and it keeps my mind busy. My husband and I would fall in high risk groups, so we are cautious when we go out, but not in a panic. Staying calm and washing our hands constantly!

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  6. kathyreeves says:

    I have been getting ready to teach my piano lessons online. All the schools are closed next week while they deep clean and disinfect. All school concerts and sports are cancelled until April 13 for sure. DH saw the doctor yesterday and got prescriptions for everything he might need for the next 6 weeks no questions asked, which was a blessing. O. The bright side, with no kids coming to the house for the next two weeks, ai don’t have to clean all the time! Too bad I couldn’t use this time to sand and refinish the floors!😂 I will be sewing, knitting and stitching…oh and reading. I will stop periodically to give Max some tummy rubs too. 🙂


  7. Mr. Aitch and I don’t go many places so we’re just doing our regular thing. I’ll be knitting, baking and cooking along with washing my hands many, many times during the day. If I run out of those things to do, I can always declutter something. 😂

    I, too, have gotten a plethora of emails from every business I’ve dealt with about their plan to keep me and their employees safe and healthy. The Bishop even emailed that there will be no public Masses held for the next week or longer. As far as I know, no cases of the virus have been reported in my state but who can I believe?


  8. Varian says:

    I’m reading and knitting, mostly. Trying to avoid the news because hearing nothing but virus stuff is starting to take a toll on me emotionally.

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  9. ReginaMary says:

    Knitting, reading, cooking, walking dog-dog and PRAYING. Dutchess County execs just closed public schools for two weeks. I’m off until Tuesday.

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  10. Erin W says:

    I’m hosting virtual Maker Circles to keep one another company and share self-care ideas while we’re quarantined.

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  11. pammiemk says:

    Hope you are well. I live in a community. In S. Korea hit by the virus. The numbers are going down, but we’re still at home. I’m a full time professor and I do all my classes online now. A bit more time for crafts 😆🎉

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  12. We are doing kind of the same – staying in as much as possible, but if we need to go out, we do and just try to take precautions. Both my job and DH’s are talking about having people work from home as much as possible, which we could both do for the most part. And of course, there’s always knitting for stress relief 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

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  13. Try to keep calm and knit 🧶

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  14. chrisknits says:

    I plan to do the same as I have been doing, except my guild cancelled all get togethers, so 4 events off my schedule. I am not panicked, I am not downplaying, I am just following my normal routine and life. I am not an at risk demo, nor do I live with anyone at risk. I am not over washing my hands if at home, just the normal times, and doing the same thing I always did in public, wipe down grocery carts, wipe down my hands when done grocery shopping, cleaning my hands after touching gas pumps, using other parts of my arm to open doors when I can. And I am also irritated every time another company sends me a note. As to the people bashing those worrying about the economy, tell that small business person whose clientele has dried up that a faceless person’s life is more important than their livelihood. It’s very easy to sit at home knowing your income won’t take a hit, but their world just might be destroyed with a tanked economy. I figure now’s the best time to eat out, can you imagine how disinfected the restaurants are?

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  15. Stefanie says:

    I am also recovering from last Friday’s oral surgery which hasn’t been no picnic. The husband has been buying online. He still has to go to work and is waiting to see if they decide to have ppl telecommunicate.

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  16. Olivia says:

    I know the emails are ridiculous I’m getting them from companies I no longer have anything to do with. Having a hard time getting my husband to take this whole thing seriously however & he freaks me out because if he gets sick he brings it home to me. So far I don’t think there are any cases on Cape Cod but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile I’m staying home as usual and freaking out over the news, Calling my children to make sure they are paying attention and walking the puppies outside, who are by the way doing wonderful. However I totally forgot to do my blog post last night as I was watching the Democratic debate. The new baby sweater for a new grandchild on the way is half done.

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  17. Yep. I am a newswatcher and I am getting freaked out the more I watch. So I turn it off. Trying to catch up on emails and blogging and my box is filled with stores that want me to visit, or are closed and want me to shop their internet. Hubby and I are hunkered down. He is working from home and I am trying to catch up whatever I feel like when I feel like doing it 😉 Stay healthy ❤

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  18. jmn says:

    I’m sewing – I sew every day, anyway, so that’s nothing new. I have several projects on the go and many more ideas for things to make. I knit socks in the evening – that’s how I justify watching TV – I’m productive anyway. What I’m missing most is my tri-weekly water aerobic class. My back needs the vigorous exercise – walking actually aggravates it. I must check to see if the pool is actually open. If it is, I may risk going into the building to exercise by myself if I can. Stay well, all.

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  19. aquariansoap says:

    Doing much the same as you. Staying home, knitting, washing hands, being cautious. Hoping this gets better soon! Stay healthy!

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