WIP Wednesday: I Swear There Is No Vodka In My Orange Juice Edition

Though based on the way my day has gone I should probably skip the OJ and just suck straight out of the vodka bottle. Alas I do not drink alcohol ever so I’m coping by knitting a sock. We all have our coping mechanisms. Some people pray. I knit socks.

I have cast on (about 4 or 5 times to be accurate) my final second semester Loopy Grad School project. The beginning has been rough but it makes a good distraction from the hellscape that was my day.

The pattern is Double Heelix by Jeny Staiman. Jeny is obviously a dominatrix of knitting. She enjoys making knitters suffer for their socks. You’ll notice they have rated this pattern extraspicy on Knitty. That seems a little low to me but it is their highest difficulty level. The yarn I’m using is JulieSpins half pint in orchid (the lighter one) and magenta (the darker one).

There are a number of interesting things about this pattern and since it’s available for free on Knitty.com I feel free to share the details. The pattern has you begin knitting the sock in the middle of the heel magic loop style using 4 strands of yarn. (This requirement for Loopy Grad School is to knit a sock with unusual construction. This one is over qualified as far as I’m concerned.) The tangle of yarn in the photo seems par for the course since there are video instructions on how not to tangle the yarn. I’m sad to say I skipped that video since I already had 4 windows open on my iPad and was frantically flipping back and forth between them. So the cast on is Judy’s Magic Cast On but done backwards. Or maybe upside down. I’m not sure. It is magic but my brain that has trouble processing left and right is also having trouble with 2 strands of yarn and two needle ends all being used at once by one knitter who is using an iPad at the same time. I figured it out once I found the technical drawings on Jeny’s blog. She’s really thought of everything. Once you get the initial stitches cast on there is another YouTube video explaining how to actually knit the first few cycles of the heelix design-thank the knitting goddess because the words made little sense until I saw it in action. I have read ahead and I see the words crochet chain. This scares me but I remember reading provisional cast on and putting stitches on a holder in some of the helpful projects on Ravelry so I’m not going to panic* until I get there.

If you’re the praying type send a few my way. The sock and I could use it.

* I’m reserving my panic for the news. Our governor has declared a state of emergency and the mayor of the big city nearby has cancelled the St Patrick’s Day parade and is looking side-eyed at the marathon. H has been told to work from home. Colleges are sending students home and having classes remotely. Could you pray for all these people too?

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18 Responses to WIP Wednesday: I Swear There Is No Vodka In My Orange Juice Edition

  1. I’m having quite a day myself, and I’m so worn out I’m knitting my sweater because it’s all stockinette in the round. Whew! I’m alternating balls of yarn which is almost more than I can handle! Your sock it absolutely fabulous!!

    I’ve done the chain stitch provisional CO – it works great but absolutely go to YouTube!! There are lots of wrong ways to do it and I’ve tried them all. Making the chain over a needle worked best for me.

    It is so stressful right now. You are in a much worse area than I am, but our governor also declared a state of emergency and Denver canceled the St. Patrick’s parade too. Tomorrow I walk into a hospital for some testing, and you know I will be taking some extra breaths as I go in the door. Hugs to you and all you love. Knit on, my sister!

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  2. Alissa Head says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day. I hope today is better and I’m glad you have spicy sock knitting to distract you!

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  3. Sorry you had a rubbish day, hopefully things will get much better! My brain hurts just thinking about that sock heel, but I bet it will look amazing when it’s done.

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    • It is the most supported pattern I have ever knit. The designer has really thought of everything to help someone knit this sock. But you’re right, it made my brain hurt when I first started.


  4. ReginaMary says:

    You know I will pray!!

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  5. That pattern has been on my radar for some time. I’ll wait till you’re finished before I attempt them. Plus I have three other sock patterns in my cue…

    The powers that be also cancelled classes beginning next week in our neck of the woods, too. Mr. Aitch plays in a college/community jazz band and he’s not sure if practices will be cancelled for the rest of the semester as they rehearse at the college every week. Prayers to all.

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  6. Marsha Noce says:

    I have admired that sock for a while. After reading your post, I have decided to continue to admire it much longer. It will be fun watching yours develop though. Been doing lots of praying for this nasty flu and CoVid19 season. I am supposed to fly to Dallas the end of this month. Hopefully things will be settling a bit by then.

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  7. So sorry you are having such a rotten day! Will definitely pray for you and also for all affected by the coronavirus – it is definitely causing a lot of disruption.
    In other news, that sock is IN.SANE. You are really rocking it though! You deserve a Loopy PhD after this one!

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  8. The words “crochet chain” usually send me running in the other direction too.
    You’re lucky H can work from home. As of next week the universities in Austria will be closed too, and the Vienna Marathon in April has already been canceled.
    Good luck with the sock and take comfort in knowing your yarn stash is big enough to see you through COVID19.

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  9. Bobbie Jean says:

    Houston’s rodeo has been canceled. A first! There are some sad cowboys and cowgirls here. 4-H’ers too. A lot of relieved bulls and muttons though. All this business has now been declared a pandemic, right? Or have I gotten hold of more false news?

    Be well.

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  10. LOVE that design, and the challenge – another sock you have added to my to-do list!

    Cancellations are not affecting me directly yet – I’m not much for big crowds anyway, and my next trip will be driving. Mom is allowed no visitors in her facility, but she probably won’t notice. And my knitting groups are continuing, at least so far.

    But all those who will loose wages, they’re the ones I’m worried about. Those with compromised immune systems, who still have to go out in public and/or to work.

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  11. Varian says:

    *tosses some knitting prayers to his goddess*

    That yarn is *beautiful* and your description of the pattern made my head explode.

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  12. kathyreeves says:

    That yarn is lovely, will love watching this grow into a sock! I am just so relived Girl #2 got out of Italy when she did. It sounds like all the colleges will be moving to online classes in the next couple of weeks here. I may be teaching piano via video too, with DH’s immune system compromised. Sending you hugs and yup, lots of prayers.


  13. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Thinking about that pattern makes my head hurt, even with all of the help. I really hope I don’t love your sock because I would have to need to make my own pair.

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  14. Stefanie says:

    Oh boy, that pattern went quite over my head. Sorry. School is finally closing down here in the southeast bay of the CA bay area.

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