A Q & A From Kathy

Kathy posted a fun little quiz about the telephone. Since I’m still sick and I have nothing fun to post about I thought Id grab this and give it a go.


#1 Do you spend too much time on the phone?

#2 Remember the old wall phones? How many phones were in your house , growing up?

#3 Did you parents make you answer the phone a certain way?


#4 Did you have to wait to call your friends until 8 other people were done with the one phone line in the house?

#5 When the phone rang in our house, there was a mad dash to answer it.

#6 My mom loved her friends, but one talked a blue streak. Rosalie. She’d say , ‘Oh boy. Rosalie just called and was on for an hour.” My father had us say, “Just a moment , I’ll see if he is home” and we’d cover the mouthpiece, tell him who it was and go from there. He’d mouth NO! if it was someone he couldn’t talk to then, or Give me the phone and we’d go from there.

#7 Did you know any switchboard operators?

#8 Remember dialing O for the operator. For you youngsters, this is what you did if you didn’t know a persons phone number. The operator would give it to you. Most times.

#9 Kids played phone games that were kind of mean. It basically was bullying by phone. They’d call you, or you if you were bad, called them, and you would say nothing when they answered and then hang up. You would do this over and over. The person would say, “Kathy…..is this you? IF i find out its you! This is so mean” Usually there was giggling heard in the background and you realized you’d been had.

#10 Did you ever get a phone call that changed your life?

Here are my answers.

  1. I am not much of a phone person. I do have a weekly scheduled call with a friend. I think of her as the sanity in my life. We can and do talk for a couple of hours.
  2. That photo above is my kitchen wall in 2020. Yes. That is a real wall phone and it works. When I was growing up we had 2 phones in our first house and 3 in the second. By the time I was in high school we had way more, 6 I believe.
  3. I just said hello but I had to be polite when they asked for whoever they wanted to speak to “just a moment let me get whoever”. I was also required to say “May I speak with whoever” when I called someone. Politeness was a big thing in my house.
  4. I’m an only child so the phone was available to me most of the time.
  5. No mad dash. I’d say we hoped someone else would get it.
  6. My Aunt loved to talk on the phone. She’d call my mother and they’d talk a long time.
  7. My mother was an operator for the phone company. She loved the job but said the rules were strict and she has some really cranky supervisors.
  8. I remember calling 411 to get phone listings.
  9. Prank phone calls were a big thing when I was a kid. I wasn’t really into doing them but I had friends who did them way more than they should have.
  10. Kathy had such a sad life changing phone call so instead of going with a sad one I’ll do the happiest one I have. In early 2003 I answered the phone and was told that in Seoul South Korea my son, the baby I had waited 18 long months for, had been born. Our social worker was calling to schedule an appointment for us to come look at his file and photo. Best phone call next to the one that came that June telling us he’d be arriving in a few days. Both of those calls were received on that wall phone hanging in my kitchen.
  • Feel free to answer the questions in Kathy’s comments, my comments or on your blog. Leave a link if you’re posting on your blog. Thanks Kathy. That was a super fun quiz.
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    5 Responses to A Q & A From Kathy

    1. I’m so happy to finally read about good life changing news. I miss having a wall phone, and told John we need to get one in our next house.

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      • When my daughter was in middle school when her friends wanted to call home for a ride she would direct them to the wall phone and they’d be baffled. None of them had seen a rotary dial. They needed her to show them how to dial the number.


    2. Interesting answers! Thanks for sharing a happy memory 🙂 I am answering these on my blog tomorrow.

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    3. ReginaMary says:

      I love the life changing call you received. I honestly cannot image the joy you felt.

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    4. Alissa Head says:

      Remember Time and Temperature?

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