Sock On A Dog With A Side Of Quiz

I didn’t get nearly enough knitting done yesterday when you consider I spent literal hours lounging on the couch. Myles was spread out napping for much of the day so it was easy to get him to volunteer for the photo.

Since I’m still hanging here fighting a battle with the virus that has invaded me I thought a health quiz would benefit everyone. Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link if you’re answering on your blog. We all need as much help as we can to stay healthy.

  • As I’ve whined about I’m battling a cold. How to you stay healthy when the people in your house get sick? What are your favorite ways to prevent a cold?
  • What are your secrets to treating a cold? Do you feed a cold and starve a fever?
  • I believe that when you’re sick you should be extra kind to yourself? What do you do to baby yourself when you’re sick?
  • I think eating when you’re sick is a challenge. Do you eat your usual foods or do you have special things you like to eat when you’re sick?
  • Here are my answers.
    • I always manage to get sick once The Husband has succumbed. He is a horrible patient. Every cold leaves him with a cough and he coughs in his sleep. I’m doomed once he starts coughing. I try to wash my hands a lot. I have the dry skin to prove it.
      I tend to feed everything. My big thing when I’m sick is to constantly drink as much as I can. Orange juice is my go to but any beverage will do. I also like to have ginger ale.
      When I’m sick I set myself up on the couch and watch tv. Sometimes I knit but usually I end up playing games on my phone. I also like a hot steamy shower.
      Every time I get sick I eat whatever I want. Yesterday I had pizza for lunch. It was what I felt like so I was able to eat a reasonable amount. Normally when I head is congested I don’t want to eat. For breakfast I like toast or scrambled eggs. Being sick is a good excuse to eat ice cream but of course I use any excuse to do that.
  • If You have any great suggestions please leave a comment. I need all the help I can get to get over this cold.
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    12 Responses to Sock On A Dog With A Side Of Quiz

    1. Washing my hands, wiping door handles and remote controls, drinking orange juice and having tomato soup with cheese on toast are my routine if I’ve got a cold. When I have had flu it’s the only time in my life I wasn’t wanting food or to do anything but sleep.

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    2. kathyreeves says:

      Soup and Mexican food seem to work well when I have congestion. Elderberry syrup is also helpful, and it does’t make you gag like the cold remedies. We got some NyQuil super max cold and flu this year, and I must admit it helped me sleep, though getting it down was a trial. Lots of fluids, herbal teas with honey. I have yet to find a cough suppressant that works for the time it says, but I usually buy the 12 hour kind in hopes of sleeping through most of the night.

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    3. ReginaMary says:

      I can knock just about anything out of my system in record time with sleep and chicken broth. I typically get sick because I get tired and run down. I need my sleep.
      Feel better!

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    4. Erica says:

      I like soup when I’m sick. Especially chicken and rice and Miso soup. I also drink a ton of fluids. My go-to is tea, usually hibiscus with honey. I tend to sleep a lot when I’m sick. I do sometimes just lay there and scroll aimlessly on my phone on some websites like Facebook or Reddit.

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    5. randomlyerin says:

      This is excellent fodder for a blog post of my own, thanks! 🙂

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    7. chrisknits says:

      Hope you feel better soon!!!

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    8. salpal1 says:

      Wash my hands, for sure, but also take extra vitamin c and some zinc. And an elderberry elixir that my SIL makes. You can get elderberry syrup at the healthfood store.

      When I get sick, I definitely baby myself. I stay home from work, in bed or under blankets on the couch. I don’t do cold meds per se, on MD’s advice, but do sinus mist, and nasal steroids to help me breathe.

      I try to consume lots of soups, especially chicken (in case the old wives tales are true) and especially love real custard with a touch of maple syrup. But as I am the only one in the house who makes it, there is a definite balancing act needed to get it made before I am too sick to want to.

      And always ice cream.

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    9. RebSef says:

      How to you stay healthy when the people in your house get sick? Hand washing. Lots of vitamin C fruit/vegetables.
      What are your secrets to treating a cold? Lots of fluids, lots of vitamin C fruit/vegetables.
      What do you do to baby yourself when you’re sick? Snuggle up in a blanket and hug my Smurf.
      Do you eat your usual foods or do you have special things you like to eat when you’re sick? Extra ice lollies. Ice cream and soups.

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    10. Feel better soon!
      How I try to stay healthy is we have a big box of EmergenC packets, and I have one every day. If I do get sick, fluids, rest and staying warm are how I try to get over it. Herbal tea, regular tea, orange juice – any of them are good for staying hydrated. To baby myself, I take a hot back with bubble bath or epsom salts, and then lay around and either watch TV or read, and nap whenever I feel sleepy.

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    11. Olivia says:

      I do EXACTLY what you do, Although I have a dairy problem so I eat sorbet

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    12. Alissa Head says:

      I hope you are finally feeling better.

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