A Self-Care Quiz

Self-Care is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere these days. Normally I think of the things I do for myself as indulgences but when reframed as self-care they become more necessary for improved mental health and less of a luxury. It is always a surprise to me how my view of something can change just by renaming it. So let’s take a few minutes to share how we care for ourselves. Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments or leave a link to your blog if you’ve answered there.

  • Do you practice self-care? Is it a term you use or is it a foreign concept?
  • How do you practice self-care in a physical way? Do you put make up on or get your hair done? Maybe get a massage? Go for a run?
  • How do you practice self-care in a mental way? Do you meditate? Do you pray? Do you sit quietly and empty your mind?
  • Do you consider time alone to be self-care? Or time with family? Or time with friends?
  • Here are my answers.
    • Self-care is a pretty foreign concept to me. I’m one of those people who spends their time doing for others. I’m a mother and wife. The needs of others have always come first. When I do something for me I normally try to fit it in with the needs of other. So I’m just learning to do things specifically for me. Knitting (and buying yarn) has been my one thing for many years.
      The one physical/mental thing I’ve been doing for myself is kind of crazy but I find it improves both my mood and how I feel physically. I crank my Spotify up loud on the speaker in the living room and I blast my playlist loud enough that I’m sure it can be heard outside and I sing. Now my voice is horrible so the music has to be really loud but my mood always improves and I feel physically revived. I totally recommend it.
      I spend 90% of my waking time with other people so for me a little time alone is good. I look forward to my regularly scheduled alone time (Friday midday) and when I don’t get it I miss it. I also like 10 minutes to just lay in bed when I wake up in the morning. Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me. Just 10 minutes to get my head ready for the day.
  • I think self-care is something I’ll be incorporating into my life. Remember to answer in the comments or leave a link so we can all learn new ways to care for ourselves.
  • The photo is a close up of the origami mandala. I wish I could have gotten closer but it was hanging too high on the wall.
  • About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    20 Responses to A Self-Care Quiz

    1. Alissa Head says:

      I need more self-care. Work is crazy right now, and I am hustling all day until I drink two glasses of wine in the evening and pass out. 😦

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    2. Jackie B says:

      It’s not a term I use but I do think about mindfulness and trying to do absorbing activities that take you awY from the daily grind. for me it’s music (singing/playing/listening), all things crafty and being with nature. All these were sadly neglected when I was a full time working mum.

      I always wear make up and am obsessed with my nails.

      I think

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      • Jackie B says:

        It’s not a term I use but I do think about mindfulness and trying to do absorbing activities that take you awY from the daily grind. for me it’s music (singing/playing/listening), all things crafty and being with nature. All these were sadly neglected when I was a full time working mum.

        I always wear make up and am obsessed with my nails.

        The activities I’m engaged with can be quite meditative but I don’t do anything like praying.

        Social time is important to be but sometimes solitude is ok. I need a balance

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    3. nancyb422 says:

      I read a bible verse in the morning and contemplate on it. I practice deep breathing and. I am stressed at work. I’m taking a 4 week meditation class on sundays and it’s been great! Really has helped me, especially with falling back to sleep at night!
      I always take a little time for myself – facial every 6 weeks.
      I try not to take everything too seriously!

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    4. ReginaMary says:

      Self-care for me are things that I find myself craving. When I work, I really want/need that 3 mile walk ALONE at lunch time outside. Sundays I need my family and football. When I wake up, I spend about an hour in prayer. The house is dark because I get up so early. I light a candle and pray. In the evening, I knit, do yoga and meditate to help me sleep and to put the day to rest. I think self-care can mean a million different things. I need knitting, prayer, exercise and fresh air everyday.

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    5. kathyreeves says:

      Self care for me didn’t happen much until my kids left for college, that’s when I started my blog, and really got back into crafting. When I left the University, DH enforced a six month rest, which really was a self care retreat in so many ways. Today I am better at gauging when I need “me” time, and do a better job of taking it. My favorite is still sewing, but I also find that my day goes much better if I spend some time reading my Bible and praying for others.🙂

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    6. cbraun354 says:

      A whole new perspective – self-care didn’t happen for me until I had to retire because of illness. Being chronically ill is all about self-care – perhaps too much so. I do crafts, read and write – as a way to take me away from the daily health care needs.

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    7. Erica says:

      They started talking to me about self-care several years ago in therapy. I didn’t start doing it until after I got divorced though. I got a monthly massage, started praying and meditating more and really finding myself. I am now remarried and a lot of my self-care revolves around prayers and crafts. My husband said my only limit to my funds for crafting is the amount of my paycheck. I gave up massages before I met him and started focusing more on crafts because it was something I could do every day. I have a lot of alone time so I do enjoy the company of my husband greatly. He is part of my self-care plan.

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    9. I answered in a blog post: https://mildlygranola.com/2020/01/25/self-care/
      I always appreciate these quizzes. I want to write more, but sometimes have nothing I feel like sharing. This was a great one.

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    10. Do you practice self-care? There are some things that I do regularly which are ongoing self-care, others that I prioritise only when I feel myself de-railing as I have been recently.
      How do you practice self-care in a physical way? I have always loved skin-care and make-up and my daily rituals, although brief, are important to me. I also prefer a long bath to a short shower and bathe regularly. Before my return to work intruded, I had a weekly swim with my sister which was physical and mental self-care. Walking daily is also a physical and mental boost.
      How do you practice self-care in a mental way? Day-dreaming.
      Do you consider time alone to be self-care? Alone, because time with others uses energy, time alone replenishes it. However, time with my family is positive and stimulating so it is equally important.

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    11. Another great quiz! I’m glad you are starting to take more time for you and practicing a bit more self-care 🙂 I will answer in my blog tonight!

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    12. salpal1 says:

      I rarely use the term, but do make sure I get down time to play with fiber. I don’t like a day where I didn’t at least knit a row. I am coming up on my insanely busy three months of the year and my teammate just quit. I feel anxiety building!

      Another thing we really work hard to achieve is a day a week where we go nowhere and no one comes over. We might spend that day working around the house, but we do it at whatever pace feels good with no extra people in our world. Important for two introverts who work with lots of people all day long.

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    13. Every morning starts with about 20 minutes of prayer/meditation/holding people in the Light.
      Every month I try to give myself one day off – when I don’t have to go out, get dressed, do anything for others.
      Kayaking – alone or with others – feeds the spirit and soul.
      Knitting – alone or with others – likewise.
      If we don’t care for ourselves, we don’t have the reserves to care for others, or when adversity/emergency strikes. JUST DO IT!

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    14. Stefanie says:

      LOL! LOVE, LOVE that you blast your music and sing-a-long! I use my wireless headphones or blast our Google Home. I work out just about every day, walking on the treadmill although I need to get back to weights and crunches. I’m lazy and don’t put make up on unless I have an event to go to. I’d like to take better care of my face by using more masks. I’ve used the peel off, charcoal ones in the past and boy do they work.

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    16. randomlyerin says:

      Self-care is crucial for me because of the bipolar. I get up early in the mornings so I have time to knit before going to work, I try to put on eye makeup every day, I make my bed every morning (or try to, it’s important to me), I get my hair cut once a month, and Lancelot and I get massages once a month.

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    17. This is such a great quiz, I haven’t seen anything like this before and I will definetly join in and answer these questions in a future blog post.

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