Well, It’s Not Dead

I can’t remember when I bought this. A year ago or maybe two. I asked you all about a watering issue back in June. That has resolved. Marilyn posted a photo of hers and wow! It is spectacular. Obviously I’m not treating mine correctly. At a minimum it needs a better pot and more dirt so it sits higher. I’ve got to figure out where it will be happiest. Our house is cold and drafty during the winter. I used to have it in a room with a north and east facing windows on the north side. Then I tried close to the East window. Now it’s between the two. I don’t have a good west or south window to put it near. I think I’ll leave this photo here and check it again in a couple of months and see if it looks better.

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19 Responses to Well, It’s Not Dead

  1. 2dachsnite says:

    My African Violets always did best in our bathroom windows. I’m not sure if the west-facing windows helped or hurt, but they seemed to like the higher moisture. I’m always amazed when houseplants make it through the winter darkness in Alaska.

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  2. My little guy took a year to bloom. He’s in a west facing window and he gets MiracleGro once a month whether or not he wants it!

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  3. A couple of tips. First off, get an African Violet pot. Watering from the top will kill it because the leaves aren’t supposed to get wet. An African Violet pot holds the plant and dirt in a top pot which sits inside a larger pot/bowl filled with water and the water seeps in through the bottom of the top pot. Only needs to be refilled every few week. I had a constantly blooming African Violet for over 8 years. I’ll try and find a picture of the type of pot online and post the link for you.

    I kept that plant in my kitchen window of three different homes irregardless of which direction it faces.

    I think the reason so many people struggle with African Violets is they try too hard. lol Same thing with Orchids. Good luck! 🙂

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  4. Evelyn says:

    It looks pretty healthy now! I’ll check back in a few months, too!

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    It has new leaves, so it must be pretty happy. Mine are abused, I forget to water them, but they did love their new pots, and they bloom periodically. They are sitting on an inside counter between the kitchen and dining room, across the room from a west facing picture window. I guess that is indirect light?

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  6. I have never had success with African Violets, but my sister has them all over the place. The window orientation doesn’t matter. I think it’s a matter of the stars when one was born. Keep up the effort, it looks good and healthy.

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  7. My MIL was great with plants of any kind. Her African Violets were huge, healthy and in bloom. I was never so lucky. This post reminded me that I need to water my amaryllis plants. Thanks! One has no leaves but a 12-15 inch soak with a bud at the top. The other is all leaves and no sign of a bud. ☹️

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  8. chrisknits says:

    I don’t even try to keep living things alive. Well, except for my dogs and family. LOL!

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  9. It is looking very healthy! You will get it to bloom – never fear 🙂

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  10. ReginaMary says:

    I love African violets! Once CVS had a table in the front of the store with a half dozen sickly plants. It was during the winter and they sat there shivering for about a week before I decided to rescue them. My experience is that they thrive with a wicking pot like Ms. Savage stated. They don’t like being drafty either. Bright light works for mine, but direct sunlight should be tempered with a sheer curtain. If you don’t have a special violet pot, you can pick up a bag of those decorative glass beads at Pier 1 along with a pretty, shallow dish and water it that way. That would create a more humid micro-climate, while keeping the plant from sitting in water. The other thing about violets (at least my violets) is that they love hanging out with other violets. Mine bloom better with buddies around. Did I tell you about the violet leaf I rooted in a shot glass?
    Have a great week, hon!!

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  11. Stefanie says:

    The leaves look really healthy. I try to turn my plants a quarter of the way every day so they won’t lean in one way. Just watered them today as I think I’ve forgotten about them.

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