The Last Quiz Of 2019

I thought a quiz was in order to wrap up 2019. Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link if you’re answering on your blog.

  • How will you spend the last night of 2019? Will you party all night? Will you go to bed early?
  • Do you have any little superstitions about ringing in the new year?
  • Do you have craft plans for 2020? Are you hoping to try new things or improve your current set of skills?
  • Do you have resolutions for 2020? If so what are they? If not do you have a word or goal for the new year?
  • Here are my answers.
    • My New Years Eve will be the same as it has been the last few years. We’ll spend a quiet evening at home eating appetizers and other snacky foods while watching tv. I plan to knit. (I plan that for every day, really.) I’m positive I’ll be in bed well before midnight. It’s just how I roll.
      My mother always put money outside some time before midnight and brought it in after midnight. She said it brought good luck. I don’t really do anything though I do like to spend time knitting on New Years Day in the start as you hope to go on way.
      My only knitting plans for 2020 involve Loopy Academy. I will continue with their grad school. It begins 1/1/20. Also I will only buy yarn for grad school. All other projects will be knit with stash yarn. That’s the plan. We’ll see if I stick with it.
      I’m not big on resolutions. The quickest way for me to break them is to make them. I’m thinking of going with a word for the year but I haven’t committed to anything yet.
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    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    15 Responses to The Last Quiz Of 2019

    1. How will you spend the last night of 2019? Will you party all night? Will you go to bed early? Cooking for friend recovering from flu, and her hubby; probably not out late. Weather is supposed to be horrid that day, though, so plans may change!
      Do you have any little superstitions about ringing in the new year? No
      Do you have craft plans for 2020? Are you hoping to try new things or improve your current set of skills?
      Finish the blanket requested for Christmas by youngest grandchild; she didn’t ask until Thanksgiving, though, so she will get it before Valentine’s Day! A sweater for me. A shawl for a friend; it’s started (so she’d know if she liked it, and could order more sari yarn). A sweater for another friend, with really nice yarn she brought back from Italy years and years ago; I’m also sewing curtains for her. Socks for my sister. Socks for me. Socks for the nephew who bought me the yarn for Christmas, so I could make him socks!?!
      Do you have resolutions for 2020? If so what are they? If not do you have a word or goal for the new year?
      I don’t do resolutions – I just always try to be the best I can be, and make a positive difference in the world.

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    2. AJ says:

      New Years Eve for me is a quiet night in of reading, knitting and watching movies.
      Growing up we always did a jigsaw puzzle on New Year’s Eve and went outside to bang pots and pans at midnight, but my neighbors might kill me for that now.
      I just started wondering what my crafty plans will be. Haven’t made any decisions yet though.
      I would like to steel something and perhaps knit with beads.
      I always have goals, but they come slowly. So far I know I want to read more non fiction.

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    3. New Year’s Eve will be quiet at home, reading and knitting and probably watching something dreadful on the TV.
      I have no superstitions about NYE – it’s an arbitary date and has no particular significance for me.
      Craft plans – I will be more pro-active writing out my patterns – I have over 8 waiting to be published! I am also planning to do some limited natural dyeing to sell. Other plans include a sweater and some ‘home’ knits, cushions and possibly an afgan.
      My husband and I make affirmations each year with written down goals and plans. These seem to work. I also do a bullet journal that has daily plans etc. It takes less than 5 minutes each day but does help to focus and remind my what I’m supposed to be doing! 🙂

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    4. RebSef says:

      My sister and I will probably see in the New Year by watching the TV – BBC show the fireworks in London. I usually watch the BBC24 around the day to see the fireworks in the other countries, too. Happy 2020 to you xxxx

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    5. Alissa Head says:

      I answered your quiz on my blog!


    6. Olivia says:

      Our family always sits down on New Year’s Day and I record three things for each person present: a New Year’s resolution, The favorite thing of the past year, and something you dream of doing in the new year. I have the results for everyone from the last decade and it’s amazing to read them.

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    7. kathyreeves says:

      We will probably have some cheese and crackers in the evening, and maybe choose a movie to watch. No real traditions here. Crafty plans for 2020 include finishing a quilt for my graduating piano student, and piecing a couple of others. I am going to finish knitting the blocks for my afghan, it’s been sitting in limbo too long, then maybe an Orkney cardigan.

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    8. We are off to my mother in laws for New Year’s Eve and she’s invited her neighbours so that’s a relief it’s isn’t just the 3 of us again, having just had Christmas together too. No superstitions, usually home watching the London fireworks on the TV and then go to bed. 2020 I’m not buying any new yarn and only working from stash. I have the rest of my Year of Projects list I am going to work through until End of June and then will see then what plans I make for the 2nd half of the year, it will be from stash though. I want to get fitter and get out of the ‘over weight’ band for BMI, so will need to be more active and have some routines in place. So my word for 2020 is ‘active’.

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    9. salpal1 says:

      I love a quiz!

      We MIGHT make it as late as 9 PM because it is a holiday… it will be midnight somewhere over the Atlantic then, right?

      No superstitions specific top the new year, but I hope I remember to say Rabbit…

      Craft plans – I hope to get better at weaving, and do more sewing while still knitting and spinning. Might have to quit work or sleep less, but I will give it my best.

      I stopped doing resolutions in favor of goals. Did I get that idea here? anyway, my goal is to accomplish my crafting plans… and try to be more healthy. Especially in food choices.

      I wonder how I will do?

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    10. Love your quizzes! I will answer on my blog 🙂

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    11. chrisknits says:

      We hang out with friends back in the hometown, until midnight then we all leave to go home to bed! LOL. I have no superstitions with NYE. I have plans to make those wedding table toppers, but plan to not make too many plans, just let it happen. No resolutions, but I will try to loose a bit of weight before the wedding. Joy is my word. If it doesn’t spark Joy, I’m not doing it!

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