My Favorite Knit Of The Last Decade

People have been talking about how we’ll be starting a new decade on Wednesday. They’re discussing their favorite movie or tv show. I thought I’d talk about my favorite knit.

I completed this Elizabeth Zimmermann Yoke Sweater in February 2010. It took me only about a month to knit. The yarn is Patons Classic Wool Worsted in black, red, grey mix and white. It isn’t perfect. The yoke fits a little wonky. I have a hard time telling the front from the back so on occasion I discover the short rows I added to lengthen the back are on my front. It is the warmest sweater I own and because of that I wear it a lot. It’s comfortable and very cozy.

Some time in the next decade I’d like to knit another one with a smaller design at the yoke. Maybe a cardigan. They’re much more versatile. Maybe in blues.

What is your favorite project of the last decade? Would you like to make another in the next decade?

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21 Responses to My Favorite Knit Of The Last Decade

  1. 2dachsnite says:

    I can only envy your knitting ability. I’m more a spinner who knits than a knitter. I learned to knit because my stash of hand-spun yarn was getting out of hand about 8 years ago. I still haven’t progressed much beyond scarves, hats and socks. At least they make great gifts!

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  2. I’ve only been knitting a tiny amount of this decade, I’m not sure what my favourite item of this year or of all my knitting is, I guess I feel I’m still learning so everything has an issue I’d do better next time. Talking of best of the decade…We just watched a show last night that was the World Cup of the decade, started off with different sections like movies, tv shows, things, songs. The overall winner of the best of the decade was Toy Story 3, with emojis 2nd and I think Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, Wolf of Wall Street and Sherlock being the runners up.

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  3. Evelyn says:

    I didn’t even realize we were starting a new decade!! 🙂


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  4. kathyreeves says:

    The new decade caught me a bit by surprise last week, yikes! I love that you are still wearing your favorite knit of the decade!

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  5. Katherine says:

    Love both the sweater and your selfie technique! 🙂
    Have only been knitting for the past year; favorite project is a multi-color, varied-stitch baby blanket.

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  6. Laura Kate says:

    My favorite knit of the decade is a pencil skirt I designed. It took a long time to work out the details but I totally love it.

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  7. It was just another year to me until you mentioned it’s a new decade, lol.

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  8. Love your sweater – it looks great on you! Boy – tough question. I have trouble picking out my favorite knit of the decade. Will need to think about that 🙂

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  9. What a great little exercise—it got me thinking of the projects I would call my favorite except for some problem which makes me want to re-knit them (with better/different yarn, more attention to detail, etc.).
    That said, my favorite project was the Tettegouche hat by Virginia Sattler-Reimer. I sadly left it behind when exiting a taxi recently, so I will definitely be knitting another.

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  10. Alissa Head says:

    This Paris Toujours May turn out to be my favorite knit of the decade. I’ll let you know later!

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  11. salpal1 says:

    I wonder if I can even remember everything I have knit this decade? I will have to see what Ravelry tells me, though I wasn’t very good about that in the early teens. But I love your sweater, and can see why it is a favorite. 🙂

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  12. AJ says:

    I love the yoke sweater I made earlier this year, but have the same problems with it

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  13. jmn says:

    A year and a half ago I bought some alpaca and llama yarns to knit myself a fair isle/lopi sweater – the challenge is adapting the designs for whatever size needles I’m going to need for the weight of yarn I bought! There’s also the possibility that I may be allergic to the alpaca (I certainly reacted with wheezing to the animals on the eco-farm I stayed at in Italy – which is where I bought the yarn – which has been washed). So far I have it stashed away in sealed plastic bags out of my bedroom – just in case it’s one more thing that’s triggering my chronic cough!

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  14. Stefanie says:

    I’d like to get another sweater under my belt. I need to wear my Flax and Polly Pullover more.


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