Holiday Gift Quiz

It’s Tuesday. It’s snowing outside. It is a snow day so we are all at home. French toast will be on the menu! So let’s do a quick holiday gift quiz.

Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link if you’ll be answering on your blog.

For these questions money, storage space and time is no object.

  • List 3 things you would like to receive as a gift. Go all out for at least one of them.
  • List 3 gifts you’d like to give. You don’t have to mention who it’s for.
  • List 3 food gifts you’d like to give or receive.
  • Here are my answers:
    • 1. An Irish Wolfhound puppy. In my fantasy life I have large Irish Wolfhound who walks very nicely on a leash when we walk around the neighborhood and he lays down nicely on the couch next to me when I knit. 2. Enough cashmere yarn to knit a cardigan. I don’t even know if I’d like it but I know it would be super soft and warm. 3. A cool pair of boots.
      1. A trip around the world visiting all the Disney parks. 2. A Mazda Miata 3. A hunting trip.
      1. A gallon of Kimball’s Ice cream. 2. Fudgetown Cookies. These were discontinued but they were a favorite. 3. A beer subscription for The Husband. He and Myles would really enjoy that.

    About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    10 Responses to Holiday Gift Quiz

    1. To receive…1. now I’ve told my husband not to get me one this year, but at some point I’d like a wood turning lathe and tools etc and workshop space! 2. A dog trainer with magic powers to solve all my dogs issues. 3. A ticket for a knitting trip around the Baltic areas.
      To give…1. I’d like to give my dad another pair of hand knit socks but I’m out of time to make some, 2. For my niece and nephew a plane ticket to come and see me in the summer, 3. A felted scarf to my mum, but we’re estranged.
      Fooooood…1. I wish we had a cold stone creamery here, when I was in America one year at Thanksgiving I bought an Oreo base peanut butter ice cream pie and oh my that was good! Dairy doesn’t agree with me but I’d suffer the consequences. 2. Magically Calorie free lifetime supply of Montezuma’s lime and sea salt dark chocolate bars. 3. A cheese advent calendar for my husband, with 24 different cheeses.
      My husband is in a beer subscription service called Beer 52, he loves it and there are beers that arrive from all over the world.

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    2. M YarnToday says:

      To receive: 1. My own yarn room in our house. I can imagine how wonderful it would be to have all my yarn out on nice shelves from IKEA. In the room I would love a comfy chair just to sit, knit, and read. 2. A trip to a mill to see how wool is made. I would also like to go through a cotton mill as well. 3. To see my stepchildren again. They live in Wiesbaden Germany with their mother. Unfortunately this is the dreaming gift because we will not be able to see them until their 18.

      To give: 1. I want to make a pair of socks for my husband that he would like. 2. I want to buy a lot of gifts for my stepchildren and send them anonymously so they will be able to keep them and enjoy them. 3. I want to give a scarf to my mother-in-law that she would really like.

      Food: 1. SugarFree whoppers….I love whoppers but being a Type 1 Diabetic its not really a good thing to have. 2. A meatloaf. Currently my oven doesn’t work so its been hard not being able to make it. 😦 3. Guacamole Salad that my mother used to make. It was amazing. Right now avocados are out of season but my hope is to make it in the spring. It had chips and tuna as well. It was the best thing to have on a summer day.

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    3. Laura Kate says:

      To receive: 1. A condo within walking distance of my daughter’s house. 2. New furniture and equipment for my studio and a professional designer/organizer to help me make it work. 3. A vacation on a warm beach somewhere. To give: 1. A new house for my daughter’s family, with plenty of storage and a nice master bathroom. 2. A fishing lodge on a trout stream for my husband. 3. A greenhouse for my brother. Food gifts: 1. Smoked salmon. 2. Monthly deliveries of fresh fruit. 3. Carrot cake.

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    4. To receive: a cover stitch machine, a painting subscription box and a pair of outrageous leather boots. To give: to my husband the ultimate pair of earphones, to my children new cars, to my granddaughter a violin. Food gifts: decadent chocolate truffles, cheese and salami tray, and selection of craft beers.

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    5. chrisknits says:

      List 3 things you would like to receive as a gift.
      1 Long Arm Quilting Machine!!!!
      2 New SUV
      3 Serger sewing machine
      List 3 gifts you’d like to give.
      1 A new house to BioGirl
      2 A new House to Diva
      3 A big personal dog park to my pups. LOL
      List 3 food gifts you’d like to give or receive.
      1 A lifetime supply of Pizza from my fav restaurant. LOL
      2 Weekly prepared meals?
      3 Endless supply of Salted Milk Chocolate Caramels!!

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    6. Fun quiz, as always! 🙂 I answered on my blog over here:

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    7. Alissa Head says:

      I blogged it at!


    8. salpal1 says:

      To receive: a complete tiny house to be a crafting studio; a garage so I don’t have to clean off the car all winter long; a european river boat cruise with an unending supply of cash for the trip. To give: good health to A’s niece who is scheduled for a mastectomy on Dec 23; a real workshop to A, maybe in that garage? And a magical wright loss diet to all of us who struggle. Food gifts: all calorie free, of course! Maple candy for Mom, chocolate chip cookies for my friend who loves them, homemade alfredo sauce for A.

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    9. Stefanie says:

      Well, I sent off an email to Santa’s helper recently of what I’d like to receive:
      1. the summer colors set of Distress Oxide Ink pads to complete my collection
      2. a Harry Potter night shirt
      3. a Maleficent hoodie
      4. a Maleficent tea cup and saucer set.
      To give:
      1. I ordered the husband the Chewbaca colorway by Must Stash Yarns today; he’s SO hard to shop for.
      2. clothes already ordered from Old Navy for five kids + two adults
      3. cookie boxes
      1. cookie boxes but we’ll see how this goes
      2. & 3. I have no clue yet.

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