Thankful Saturday

  • I’ve seen people doing daily posts for November of things they are thankful for. I really like this idea but I don’t know that I could keep up every day for the whole month so I thought I’d try doing a post each Saturday for the month of November. If you’d like to join in on this lower commitment but still thank filled topic on your blog feel free to leave a link in the comments. If you’d like to leave a comment with what you’re thankful for this week that would be great too. There is no requirement for how many things you list or if they’re serious or silly. Mine will be all over the place.
  • I am thankful for:
    • Chocolate. In a chocolate/vanilla situation I will 99% of the time chose chocolate. It is the flavor of my life.
      Being able to drive. It provides a freedom that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
      Compassion. In a world that can be incredibly cruel whenever I see one human being having compassion for another I am touched. I am equally touched when that compassion is for an animal who in all likelihood doesn’t feel that compassion in return.
      I am thankful for you blog reader who comes here to read my thoughts. Most of the people I come in contact with on a daily basis don’t want to hear my thoughts on yarn or what I’m knitting. I am thankful to have this outlet and the many interactions with like minded crafters.
      My cellphone. It lets me be in touch with whoever needs me (and more telemarketers than I ever thought possible) wherever I am. I am also thankful for call forwarding so I can send my home phone calls to my cellphone and I never have to stay home when I’m waiting for an important call.


    About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    10 Responses to Thankful Saturday

    1. I love these thankful posts I’m reading on your and other bloggers posts. I keep thinking ‘oh yes I’m grateful for that too’. My nephew’s favourite flavour is vanilla and he hates chocolate in all forms. He’s 15 now and I’m still in shock of having 1 relative who doesn’t like chocolate!

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    2. pammiemk says:

      Great reasons to be thankful! ❤️

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    3. KerryCan says:

      I love Thanksgiving and posts like this, that encourage us to acknowledge, really ponder, how good we have it!

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    4. Alissa Head says:

      Oh yes, I am going to try to do this on Thursdays. Thankful for you!

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    5. Laura Kate says:

      I’m also thankful that I found some like-minded companions to my thoughts on WordPress.

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    6. I try to be mindful to be thankful daily – just sitting here waiting for my sister & brother-in-law to come home, I am thankful for them in my life, the sun streaming in the windows, the warmth inside, and to a lesser extent on the three season porch – and my knitting, which I will shortly be taking out on said porch!

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    7. kathyreeves says:

      Great list today, really makes me consider things I might have taken for granted. I am thankful that my sweet husband seems to be regaining his health. This past week he has turned a corner and I think we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. ❤️

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    8. Thankful for you! Keep your yarny (and other) thoughts coming – love to read them 🙂

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    9. salpal1 says:

      Good list! I am glad to have found you, too!

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