What I Did With My Wednesday

This is the second time I’m writing this post. I have no idea what happened to the first one. I hate when that happens! Pretend this one is witty and entertaining.

So my yesterday was busy. I made a quick trip to the grocery store, did a Pokemon Go raid with the lunch hour group, did a load of laundry, returned my book to the library and made a quick dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner. I spent the rest of my day knitting. I was able to finish the heel flap, turn the heel and complete the gusset decreases.

Today promises some knitting time too. Will I have a completed pair of socks tomorrow? Maybe!

Here is a quick review of the book I just finished: Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen. This book is a call to action for ordinary citizens who have an interest in crime to find ways to help law enforcement solve unsolved crimes. There are rules and suggestions laid out in the book after the author tells the story of how he became a citizen detective. The idea of ordinary people using their talents and skills this way is interesting. It’s part taking care of your fellow man and part if you see something say something.

I recommend the book if you have an interest in crime or crime solving.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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9 Responses to What I Did With My Wednesday

  1. Camilla says:

    The socks look very nice. What kind of pattern are you using? 🙂

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  2. chrisknits says:

    The sock is soo pretty! They will be gorgeous on your feet, too pretty to hide under pants!

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    What an intriguing book, and hurrah for more sock progress!

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  4. The sock is looking great! That is an interesting book – really must look it up

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  5. I’m loving the sock pattern 😍
    That book will definitely go on my reading list! I’m always reading ‘cozies’ about citizen detectives…maybe it’s time to become one 😎 Thank you for the recommendation!

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  6. Olivia says:

    That Hass to be the most beautiful heel flap/gusset I’ve ever seen

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  7. Stefanie says:

    Interesting; I never knew there were citizen detectives.

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