Just In Time

The minute I find my eye wandering to new patterns, any pattern, I know I better buckle down and get whatever I’m working on done. Now with socks, that come in a pair, it’s a bit harder. My brain knows I have to knit another one or I won’t be done but I feel like I have that finished project high and should be done. What am I going to do? First, immediately cast on the second sock. It’s the only way I have any chance of completing the pair. Second I will permit myself to entertain the thought of my next project. Oh let’s be real. I’ve picked out a couple of patterns as possibilities. It’s a gift. I’ve got to find the right yarn. It must be stash yarn. So, third, I’ll be taking a deep dive into the stash and see what I can come up with. There must be something in that pile that will be just right. But first: the second sock!


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13 Responses to Just In Time

  1. I hear you! I have to do socks two at a time. Otherwise I would just have a big pile of mismatched single socks. So do tell – what are the possibilities for your next project?

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  2. I have to knit 2 at a time or I’d get distracted by the FO high and castonitis, also I’m too lazy to count rows on socks and so 2 at a time I don’t need to both (except on the heel flap).

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  3. Alissa Head says:

    You are wonderfully disciplined! I should knit two at a time for all the reasons listed above by quiteayarnblog and highland heffalump. But I hate knitting them that way!

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  4. Rosie says:

    I’m hoping that I don’t get second sock syndrome too soon but I have a magpie eye so love anything shiny and new!

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  5. salpal1 says:

    Lol, I get it! I always cast on that second sock immediately. But I happily let my mind wander through stash and patterns to see what it can come up with.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    I would say that’s why I don’t do socks anymore, but that’s a lie. I’m just not into them anymore. Wearing, yes, knitting no. 😝

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  7. I generally am changing/altering/making up a pattern, and I alternate between socks so I don’t forget what I did! Toe on one, toe on the other, instep on one, then the other, heel on one, then the other – you get the idea. I like to try new stuff, but I’d prefer to have the bind-offs match! And if I run short of yarn, I’m short on both socks, and can add something that matches. Although now that I do toe up exclusively, that doesn’t happen any more.

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  8. kathyreeves says:

    That sock is so pretty, I love it! I just keep doing the same sock pattern over and over for DH, I have never knit a pair for myself!

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  9. Olivia says:

    It’s a gorgeous sock, carry on!

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