Sometimes the hardest part of knitting is picking out a pattern. Because I’m doing Loopy Academy Grad School I have parameters I have to follow. There are three options:

  • A project with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel
  • A project by Hunter Hammersen
  • A project by Cookie A
  • And it has to be a sock pattern because as we know that is my major.
  • After considering the options, and boy there were a lot, I narrowed it down to three:

    • Cleave by Hunter Hammersen, a cabled sock
    • Monkey Socks (or the no purl version) by Cookie A, an iconic sock pattern
    • Hedera by Cookie A, a lace sock pattern
  • While I really like Cleave I decided that since I already knit a cabled sock I would be better off choosing something else. Monkey socks are so tempting. Both versions are fantastic patterns. They’re quick to knit, comfortable to wear. But I’ve knit them like 4 times. That felt a little like cheating. So Hedera it is! I’ve had this pattern on my radar since it was first published in Knitty in 2006. I guess it’s time has come. Let’s hope the yarn cooperates.
  • About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    8 Responses to Decisions

    1. Looking forward to seeing it! Are you using the blue yarn in the picture for it?


    2. kathyreeves says:

      A lace sock sounds like a good challenge for your MA!

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    3. chrisknits says:

      No clue what the patterns look like, but I love the color of the yarn!

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    4. Stefanie says:

      I’ve made Hedura’s in the past and liked the pattern; that was one of the very few times I knitted lace for socks.


    5. What a great pattern choice. I might have to add them to my queue.

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    6. I love Cookie A. Have fun, can’t wait to see your socks.

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    7. I 💯 agree with the top statement I can get lost for hours searching for a pattern and probably could have had a half FO by the time I find one I like

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