Speed Knitting

It rained a good bit of yesterday afternoon so I didn’t get a walk and I ignored the mess that is my house in favor of knitting. After a handful of hours I had this much done. If I was following the pattern I’d be ready to place the waste yarn for the heel. But I’m not following the pattern. I’m knitting the pattern but using my own numbers. I like a 7 inch leg on my socks. Also I have small feet so I use more yarn on the leg to insure I use as much yarn as required for my challenge. How long a leg do you like for your socks? Do you regularly change the numbers in a sock pattern?

I have been asked to give a review of the pattern. Normally I’d wait until I had completed the project but this time I’m going to try something different. I’m going to review the sections of the pattern as I’m working on them so that my opinion is fresh in my mind.

This is a pay pattern so my expectation is higher than it would be for a free pattern. There are currently 439 projects on Ravelry so the pattern has been knit enough times to know if there are major issues. I like a tried and true pattern. The designer includes in the pattern links to video tutorials for many of the steps. I’ve watched one of them and it was very well done. There are 4 sizes included in the pattern. The one tiny complaint I have is that the photos included with the pattern show a ribbed sock with a pivot edge but when actually doing the pattern the picot edge is optional. The pattern calls for a ribbed cuff. When you move on to the instructions for the leg it just has you knit in the round. It does not offer the optional instructions for the ribbed leg that is shown in the pattern. I consider myself an advanced sock knitter so I could easily knit a ribbed leg and a picot edge if that was what I wanted but I want you to know not to expect to have the pattern duplicate the photo.

Stay tuned for additional comments on the pattern.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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9 Responses to Speed Knitting

  1. Seriously? They didn’t include the pattern that was shown in the photo? Hmmmm… I’d be rather disappointed by that. Like you, I’m a fairly experienced knitter and can adapt most patterns to my liking, but if I’m following a pattern I want it to be written as the one I’m seeing.

    I just knit my husband a pair of slipper socks last weekend. He’s worn them every day since!!! 🙂 I’ve warned him to be ready for a slew of little knit surprises now that he’s got me going. 😉

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  2. Alissa Head says:

    You really got a lot done! I need to get back to my sock. I’m an extremist. I like my socks to be anklets or knee high. I only like them in between if they are slouchy and I don’t really feel them. Otherwise I always feel like my socks are falling down.

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  3. I am knitting a vanilla sock right now just for the fun of it after a very complicated sock. Toe up is my preference so that I can knit the leg as tall as possible with the yarn I have. Two at a time as well. You have made great progress in a day! I like a ribbed leg for the way it fits so I am doing a 3×1 rib on the instep and leg.

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  4. What Colleen said – and i would be bored to tears by the socks you are doing! I’ve been putting off a couple of Christmas stockings a friend wants, because I dread the plain stockinette!

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    I like the idea of doing a pattern review as you go, I would choose that approach as well.

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  6. Very helpful comments – exactly what I would want to know if I was knitting this. I like a longer sock myself. You are making great progress!

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  7. I like a longer sock too. I’m always adding length to the leg.

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  8. AJ says:

    That would bug me that I didn’t have the instructions to complete what was in the picture!
    I always have to change numbers, especially in sock patterns as I have little kid sized feet

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  9. WalksAlone says:

    I usually make the legs 7 inches on socks for me.

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