An Assortment Of Things

  • I love this sock pattern. N had an appointment last night and I was his driver. I got nearly an hour of uninterrupted knitting time. The pattern is so easy to remember that I don’t have to refer to it. I do have to keep track of rows but that is easy enough. I am coasting down the foot and hope to be on sock number 2 before the end of the weekend.
    I have been slacking, well, on pretty much everything except the knitting, walking and Pokemon Go. Those seem to be the priorities in my life. That means the bills haven’t been paid, the laundry isn’t done and my house needs a good cleaning. Even the blog has been let slide. I think I’ll stop slacking on Monday. Tuesday at the latest.
    I had to school another non-crafter on why I don’t sell my knitted items at the farmers market. He understood once he made the correlation between how much he’s paid per hour for his skill (aka job) and how much my skill should be valued by someone doesn’t have that skill. I’ll have to knit him something now that he gets it.
    I’ve been craving peanut M&Ms again. Funny how I can go months without even thinking about them and then suddenly I. Must. Have. Them. Now! Don’t worry, the ice cream craving is still at a constant level. It never goes away.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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15 Responses to An Assortment Of Things

  1. randomlyerin says:

    Isn’t it funny how no one wants to pay $125 for a pair of hand knit socks? 🙂

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  2. chrisknits says:

    My house needs to be dusted! I am slacking on that for sure. But the laundry is done, just need to make 2 beds and I will call it a good day. Oh, and I have quilted some and I am knitting now. I just need someone to make/buy me dinner!

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  3. “Even the blog has been let slide.” Total exaggeration, you never let your blog slide, you keep up with it so well!

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  4. AJ says:

    Oh ice cream is the one thing I always crave too!

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  5. salpal1 says:

    So housework is supposed to have something done about it? Huh. Who knew? I had to work today, so dear A did all the errands, the weekly grocery shopping, AND the laundry! I knit this evening. It seems a fair deal. Crazy times call for drastic measures!

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  6. RebSef says:

    I’ve noticed that M&Ms now sell blocks of chocolate here. But for £2.50 a bar, I am waiting for a special offer before I buy one! I hope that they are as good as proper M&Ms.

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  7. The sock is looking great! Non-crafters just do not understand – sometimes even after the time and expense we put into projects is explained. Glad your NC friend got it! And I know what you mean about the chores – I let them go way too often. But knitting is so much more fun!

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  8. Olivia says:

    Craft Fair knitting?! Oh dear god. Good call.

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  9. Stefanie says:

    Have you tried any of the new M&M’s? There are so many fillings now.

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