Rituals & Quirks: A Quiz

I freely admit that I’m a quirky person who keeps my life in order by having certain rituals in place. I suspect (and hope) that other people have certain rituals that help them get through.

  • Do you have any crafting rituals that you regularly follow? Do you have regular life rituals you follow? If you’d like to share the details feel free.
  • Do you consider yourself quirky? Does your quirkiness bleed into your crafting? Again, feel free to share details if you wish.
  • Do your rituals and/or quirks play into the crafts you do? Do you avoid certain crafts because of your quirks and/or rituals? Again include details if you wish.
  • You’re free to answer the questions in the comments or include a link to your blog if you’ll be answering them there.
  • Here are my answers.
    • I do have rituals or habits I like to follow because they work for me and make me feel comfortable. My normal daily ritual includes lingering in bed so I can read my email, catch up on blogs and play a few games. I set my alarm about 45 minutes early so I can do this. It helps me start my day feeling like I’ve relaxed and gotten something done. Yes, the things I’ve done aren’t important but it still makes me feel good compared to the days I jump out of bed and immediately start my day at a sprint. As for knitting, I’m one giant string of rituals. I prefer to complete all the ribbing on a project in one sitting. That way it’s not hanging over my head. Can you tell ribbing isn’t my favorite. I also like to knit the heel flap and turn the heel of a sock all in one go. It seems like a single step to me. No toes are kitchenered after dark! It’s too easy to make a mistake and it only going to take a few minutes in the daylight the next day.
      Yes. I’m quirky and I don’t mind admitting it. I like things my way and my way can be weird to others. I like having no more than 3 active projects going at once. This normally works well. Currently I have 2 back burner socks going that I have hijacked the needles from which really makes them UFOs but they aren’t in the UFO bin so I won’t call them that. That means I can’t cast on anything else even though I want to cast on some more mindless socks. See quirky. In my real life my biggest quirk is that I don’t like cheese. Yes, I eat pizza but only with mozzarella. All other cheese is evil. Not liking cheese has caused problems. I’m a difficult dinner guest. I won’t eat it to be polite either.
      Yes. I avoid crafts that require too much fussing. Sewing is an example of a craft I consider fussy. Everything has to be done just right or the item looks wonky or the clothes don’t fit. I am anti loose glitter. Glitter in yarn is fine but jars of loose glitter are not. It is way too messy for my liking. I tolerate beads but wrangle them very tightly because they can be messy like glitter. Don’t even get me going about crumbs! One of the earliest lessons my children got was to eat with their head over their plate. I’ll give them each a B+ on this lesson.
  • So it’s been more than 45 minutes of lingering in bed today so I’m done and ready to start my day. Feel free to share your rituals and quirks. We can all be weird together.
  • About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    16 Responses to Rituals & Quirks: A Quiz

    1. Emma says:

      Wow! I thought I did, but I now feel very undisciplined by comparison 🤣 I don’t even know how many projects I have in progress right now, and I’ve been working on the ribbing on a sweater for a few weeks now 😬

      I don’t turn sock heels after 9 p.m. I need something period on the tv when I spin inside. I also really dislike making the same project twice, so the motivation has to be through the roof when that happens. Otherwise, though, I have no rules 😃

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    2. I hope we are ALL quirky! It’s part of what makes us interesting.

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    3. Laura Kate says:

      I believe that performing rituals is an essential human practice. It’s a way to impose some order into the chaos that exists around us. My favorite rituals are morning coffee on the patio and browsing WordPress Reader.

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    4. What is life if not a series of quarks rituals? These are the things that bring order to our lives! 🙂 Certainly my life is ruled by rituals…

      1. I cast on the second sock immediately after binding off the first one. It’s the only way to be sure that it will be done.
      2. I never leave the house without my sunglasses and a project bag with socks in it!
      3. Never kitchener stitch late at night
      4. All new yarn into the house spends a night in the freezer, especially if it has been at a fiber festival.
      5. Larger projects are always stored in plastic, locked lid boxes. No bags!!

      6. Pickles are evil. I’m shocked that you have confused cheese for pickles…
      7. I have 4 latte mugs that I love. I use them in the exact same order until they are all dirty, and then it is time to run the dishwasher.
      8. I cant sleep unless I’ve read my book for awhile.

      There is more, but its knitting time!!

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    5. salpal1 says:

      lol I do have rituals, or “rules” as my spouse calls them. Some are about crafting, some not. I prefer to think of them as time saving systems. When I put away the clean towels, or any other laundry for that matter, I put the clean ones on the bottom of the stack. Since everyone in my house takes from the top, this keeps laundry cycling through and getting even wear. If I open the last of something, I write it on the grocery list. This helps us not run out of anything. I don’t think that these are awful, but I stand alone on this opinion at home.

      Craft rules are more about DO NOT CAST ON! This helps keep the number of WIPS down, though I currently have 5. Ugh.

      I avoid crafts that I am hopeless at. anything involving drawing or painting I should stay away from. Other than that, I am willing to try it all, though I have learned that I don’t like being a novice. Being a novice weaver has lasted a lot longer than I would like.

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    6. chrisknits says:

      Quirky, yes!!! OCD is what I prefer to call it. I must play games on my phone before bed. The same 5 games, in order, Solitaire versions. I don’t have quirks in sewing, but I guess in knitting my quirk is I must finish a row. When doing short rows this drives me crazy, because I haven’t returned to the start!!! I guess a big quirk is symmetry or even-ness. I can’t stand asymmetry!!! So this negates a lot of patterns. Oh, another quirk, I HATE cabled patterns that don’t have increases before the cables start and decreases when the cables end. I HATE cable splay and feel it’s a big tell for newbie designers. If they haven’t corrected for cable splay I rip out and redo it with increases/decreases, and never knit their patterns again.

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    7. AJ says:

      I am quirky, but my quirks all revolve around organization and the need to limit visual stimulation.
      I also am a one project at a time person!

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    8. Alissa Head says:

      How fun. I will answer your questions on my blog tomorrow.

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    9. ReginaMary says:

      The one ritual that my family loves to tease me about involves clean sheets and a freshly made bed. I strongly believe I should be the first one under those covers. I also believe that no one, and I mean NO ONE should rumple up that fresh bed once it is made. (except Razzle!) Needless to say, it has become a contest to see who can run in and jump on the bed first! I don’t know why I bother {{hair flip}}

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    10. Do you have any crafting rituals that you regularly follow? I start my day with a cup of coffee and knit my daily square. If I’m not able to do this I am out of sorts for the day. My kids are forced to wait for breakfast until I have finished.
      Do you have regular life rituals you follow? Yes. My bedtime ritual is quite structured: brush teeth, shower, write in journals (one of A, one for E, one for me, and one where I list 3 things I’m proud of), then a chapter in a real book, then read a kindle book, then prayers and sleep. Every. Single. Night.
      Do you consider yourself quirky? See above.
      Does your quirkiness bleed into your crafting? Yes, I sew in ends as I go because I don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of boring stuff at the end of a project.
      Do your rituals and/or quirks play into the crafts you do? Yes
      Do you avoid certain crafts because of your quirks and/or rituals? I avoid sewing and quilting not because of quirks, but because I can’t cut a straight line to save my life.

      Thanks for asking these! It’s always fun to read the comments.

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    11. Fun questions and interesting answers, as always! Will answer in my blog 🙂

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    13. I’ve posted my answers on my blog and now realise I have a touch of OCD lol. https://highlandheffalump.com/2019/09/21/quirky-qa/

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    14. Olivia says:

      You are amazing and I’m sure everyone loves you not in spite of but because of your “quirks”. I think they are just the way you’ve honed your life to make things work for you. Not quirks, but preferences and you’re entitled to them. xo

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    15. Stefanie says:

      I get up at 6:30 to wake up by washing my face and then having 10 oz of water to get my system started. I may plank for a minute in the kitchen and then after washing my hands, start breakfast for the girls. They get woken up when it’s ready. After drop off I have to work out and then after showering and styling my hair, I figure out dinner and see if I have to get groceries from TJ’s or if there are errands to be done those are taken care of. It helps to kill time as I was for the bell tower tone to go off to signal I can stop fasting.

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