Well, This Isn’t Good

Some of the older leaves on my plant are dying. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just that they’re done or it’s been so humid they can’t survive. But I’m afraid it might be a goner…

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19 Responses to Well, This Isn’t Good

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    I think this is completely normal. The new growth looks very healthy. Don’t give up on it quite yet.

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  2. The new leaves all looks pretty and fine. Just make sure the leaves stay dry and the soil is not overly wet. If the older leaves are soft and mushy, remove them. All the best.

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  3. Evelyn says:

    I was never able to keep African Violets alive, but my sister has at least 100 of them! She has such a green thumb.


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  4. Ellie HS says:

    Leaves on the top looking quite healthy, you might still be able to see the beautiful flowers ☘️☘️

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  5. chrisknits says:

    I kill things on sight, so I got nothing for you.

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  6. My sister has the best luck with African violets, while I kill them wishing a few weeks. Good luck with yours.

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  7. My grandmother used to grow African violets. They are very finnicky. These look healthy to me, but I’m no expert. If you feel like they’re declining, may take some good photos and visit a nature center and see if a naturalist has some advice for you? I know that might sound odd, but some of the people who work at botanical gardens and nature centers are extremely knowledgeable about plants and happy to share what they know. 🙂

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  8. lawrunner says:

    It looks like over watering. How wet is the soil? Are the dead leaves dry or wet?

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  9. I think my mum used to stand her African Violets in saucers of water rather than pour water onto the top of the soil. You may very well already be doing this.

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  10. I’ve never grown one, but the top still looks good. Don’t overwater is my advice, the leaves look begonia like and those get mushy from too much water.

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  11. I hope you can save it.

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  12. kathyreeves says:

    I don’t water my African violets very often, sometimes they are dry as a bone when I remember to water them, so maybe let them dry out a bit? The new leaves look wonderful, so you are doing something right!

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  13. Good luck! I’ve never had good luck with African violets at all.

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  14. Don’t give up on it! This happens in plants, the leafs on top look good!

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  15. evoknits says:

    I am no longer allowed to own fish or any plant other than the Pothos. All fish and all other plants other than the Pothos die under my care. It’s tragic really, how many attempts I’ve made to have fish and a variety of house plants. Thankfully the last time I tried with plants, I was able to give them away before they completely croaked and I heard 2 months later from the new owner that they were thriving under her care. I don’t think she was gloating…..she might have been gloating.

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