Motion in Design

I’ve got a confession for you today. Way more times than not I reach the point in a project where I hate it. I’m sick of the pattern, find the once soft yarn scratchy and can’t imagine what attracted me to both in the first place. But I haven’t felt that way with this pattern. The yarn feels a little scratchy (even though it isn’t) but I’m blaming that on all the painters tape I removed yesterday. I no longer have moisture in my fingertips. Everything feels rough. Anyway, it dawned on me as I was knitting this morning (yes!! Starting the day with yarn in hand always feels good.) that with each row I love this pattern more and more. When I looked closely at it I realized that what I love is the motion that is visible in the design. The undulating rows are so pleasing. The more rows I do the longer the waves get. It makes me think of the sea and watching the waves ripple across the water. I find the ocean very calming to my soul and knitting this shawl has been calming because the pattern is very rhythmic.

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15 Responses to Motion in Design

  1. Pauly Heller says:

    It really is beautiful. I can see why you enjoy working it. And a nice balance of knits and purls too. Do you ever deal with hand pain? What do you do for it? Mine has suddenly flared up and I’m doing lots of stretching.

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    • I have had wrist pain in the past but I read that when doing repetitive motion it is important to take regular breaks. So I never knit more than a row or two (assuming long rows with heavy weight due to the amount of yarn) without stopping to do something else with my hands even if it’s just to sip my drink or check email on my phone. If my hands feel tired I’ll clench and unclench them just to get the blood flowing. I hope you find what works for your hand pain.


  2. AJ says:

    It is a beautiful pattern and I hope you continue to enjoy it. I often get tired of projects too

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  3. I get tired in the midst of projects, too – that’s why I nearly always have something small and quick on needles or ready to go! I’m rarely knitting to a deadline, like you are, though.

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  4. barbfessler says:

    Not only do I love the pattern but the color of the yarn as well.

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  5. I get that pleasant feeling when knitting the chevron rib pattern in one of my favourite cardigans – Slope Rib Cardigan by Nancy Vale. If I’m not in love with the yarn when I start out I will usually find it less and less pleasant as I work through the project. I think I am more likely to delude myself into thinking a project is going well when I should be giving up on it than feeling unhappy with it for no real reason.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    I am using a new to me yarn, it’s not the most luscious yarn I’ve knit with, but it’s nice enough. Not sure if it’s the nylon content or the wool. Can’t wait to see your shawl done!!

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  7. Alissa Head says:

    It’s also really beautiful.

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  8. It is beautiful, and your description makes me want to knit it myself.

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  9. kathyreeves says:

    Poetry in motion, both your words and the knitting.

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  10. It is really gorgeous – so glad it is also relaxing and fun to knit!

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  11. RebSef says:

    It is beautiful and wavey 😊😊

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  12. salpal1 says:

    I get tired in the middle, often. In the old days it is how I would wind up with many wips and ufos. Now I strictly limit the number of wips, but do have a few going, so I can switch out.

    I do love that shawl, another winner!

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