Tool Talk In Q & A Form

Let’s have a few questions about the tools we use when we craft. Feel free to answer the questions with any craft in mind. Many people are multicraftual and would appreciate learning about things that would enhance their craft time.

  • Is there a tool that you own that is your absolute favorite? Which is it? What did you use before you had that tool?
  • Is there a tool that you bought that is way less useful than you hoped? Does it detract from your crafting?
  • Is there a tool that other people think is necessary and you just don’t use it? How do you get around it?
  • How do you store your tools? Do they have their own special space?
  • Feel free to answer in the comments or post a link if you’re going to blog your answers.
  • Here are my answers.
    • My favorite tool is stitch markers. I have maybe a hundred of them. Some are plain plastic loops. Some are fancy dangling ones with beads. Any time I can use a stitch marker I do. They are both handy and pretty. Before I got store bought or homemade stitch markers I used to just tie a loop in yarn of a contrasting color. It’s what my mother and grandmother always did.
      I try not to buy tools. I’m the kind of person who makes do a lot of the time. Call me a frugal yankee but it’s limited my disappointment in gadgets.
      I used to block without a blocking mat. I didn’t think it was necessary. Mine still isn’t intended for blocking. I use padded floor squares. I used to just block on the floor on a towel or on a bed. Once I got the mat my blocking improved dramatically. I don’t think I could go back.
      I keep the small tools in a pouch in my knitting bag. The needles and other bigger tools are stored in small plastic tubs.

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    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    20 Responses to Tool Talk In Q & A Form

    1. I have a quilting frame – I’ve never taken it out of the box. I also have one of those small lap frames, and I can’t use it.

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    2. purlbaby says:

      I love my stitch markers as well! I smile now to think how reluctant I was to buy them and how I thought they were superfluous – as I now know, they’re extremely important. 🙂 I don’t own a blocking mat either (seeing how I’ve only recently started knitting “seriously”), and haven’t knit much lace yet, so I just use towels.

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    3. Kathryn says:

      I love my blocking mats! In the beginning I was only making blankets for my children and friends. Now that I have moved on to pieces of apparel, blocking is so necessary so that things look fantastic!

      I just don’t see the need for those yarn guides for color work. They hold the yarn to close together for me, or they snag the yarn. I have a few different types and have decided that my fingers do just fine.

      What’s the big deal about cable needles, awkward and time consuming. I usually just use my needles and move the stitches around that way. Plus I don’t have to keep track of another needle with my active work.

      My tools for my active projects are in the bottom of my knitting bowl. I am a mess but with everything there I can pick up what I want and don’t have to track down something in a bag in another room or the car!

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      • Ooh, interesting comments about cable needles. I am very much in favour of cable needles and see cabling without a cable needle as an exercise in making a simple procedure for which there exists an excellent tool into a more complicated procedure! Clearly a case of one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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    4. I find interchangeable needle sets a waste of money. Too many times the join has come apart, or the tip come off. Now I just get a regular circular, I always use circulars, and consider it part of the project cost. I too love stitch markers.

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    5. My special tool isn’t strictly crafty, but it serves many purposes and is the tool I have most often lent to other people – it is a multi-tool intended for bicycle maintenance, has a set of allen key heads, flat head and cross-head screwdrivers and a straight pokey thing. I carry it in my handbag at all times, which men in particular find amusing and admirable in equal measures.
      My less than useful tool is a lucet. I am sure it would be useful if I used it, but I would rather knit. It doesn’t detract from my crafting, but then again it doesn’t inspire me to do something different.
      The tool all others seem to think necessary that I simply can’t abide is the circular knitting needle. I “get around it” by knitting garments flat and seaming the pieces together which is how I have always knitted. Socks are knitted on a set of four double-point needles.
      As to storage, well, my knitting needles sit in a tall tin beside my main work bag which originally came with soft Amaretti biscuits in it; other tools are in various pouches contained in a large cosmetic bag which came with a Clinique gift-with-purchase.
      Now, I’m going to go back and read what other people have put!

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    6. AJ says:

      I love my stitch markers and should have mentioned my new yarn scale in my post as I love it too! I don’t have a blocking mat but am rethinking that after reading your post

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    7. . says:

      Stitch markers are essential. Can’t stand the dangly ones though. Various sizes and colours of plain rings, lockable, ones that look a bit like paperclips for shaping markers. Also a weighing scale. I actually have one specially for my knitting! Hate metal cable needles, even with the shaping in the middle of them they are still too slippy. Always use wooden ones, but the KnitPro have little grooves along them which drive me crazy.

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    8. salpal1 says:

      1 and 3 are the same – interchangeable needles. I resisted them for years. Then someone gave me a set. I love them!!!!

      I keep them all over the place. Tote bags by my chair hold most of them. But there are stitch markers in my project bags, just in case. 😉

      I can’t remember #2, I will go check and cone back.

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    9. salpal1 says:

      Ahh yes, less helpful tool. I can’t think of any in you I think about tools a lot before I get them. 😊

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    10. Julie Amanda says:

      I have a little circular yarn cutter that I wear as a necklace while I knit. No misplacing scissors when I need to cut yarn.

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    11. Stefanie says:

      I’ve been using nondangly stitch markers; I only use the dangly ones that are for progress keeping. I have two pouches of stitch markers (circular ones and dangly progress keepers) mini scissors, cable needles, small Post-Its, a mix of needles to weave in ends, and a needle gauge in my first ever, sewn zipper pouch. I use whatever when needed.

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    13. chrisknits says:

      1 Favorite Tool-My Knitters Pride interchangeables!!
      2 I don’t use them if they aren’t useful.
      3 Row counters, I never remembered to click them, so why have them. I just read my knitting.
      3 Handmade or store-bought pouches, and tins from purchases that turned out to be handy containers!

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    14. 1.Boy, that is a tough one. My favorite needles are my Knitter’s Pride Karbonz interchangeables, and I do love them very much. As far as general tools, probably stitch markers also – any kind. They are fun to collect and fun to use 🙂
      2. I don’t find cable needles helpful – I just use a regular double point.
      3. Can’t think of anything here
      4. Tools have a couple special spaces 🙂 I have a footstool with storage in it – most of them are in there 🙂

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