Things That Are Bugging Me Right Now: A List

  • The weather. Where is summer? It’s been teasing us with a day of appropriate sun/temperature and then we pay with days of rain or overcast skies. It isn’t fair to have humidity and no sun.
  • The squirrels. I like squirrels but there are two who are getting on my last nerve. Every week they tear apart the trash and I have to go out, chase them away (as they guard their find) and put the bags in a barrel. Not everything can go down the garbage disposal so there is always food in the trash. The Husband always skips the barrels.
  • My children. I’m pleased that they are somewhat independent but a text, phone call or a sentence would be appreciated if you’re going out, change plans or will be late. I am always accountable to them when I do things (or they freak out). Why don’t they see it from the other side?
  • The above plant. I have been staring at a pot of dirt for weeks just sure that the plant would return like it always has in the past. I know The Husband has given it a few looks but he knows better than to touch the things in my domain (inside plants are mine. Outside he is free to do as he wishes, if he asks first). Just yesterday I noticed a tiny shoot and this morning the leaf is appearing. I really should be like the plant and be more resilient.
  • How’s things with you? Is anything bugging you?
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    22 Responses to Things That Are Bugging Me Right Now: A List

    1. Anne Donovan says:

      Isn’t it funny what bugs people? I can so relate to the children bug. My daughter used to take the phone upstairs and forget it’s the house phone (long before we all had portable or cell phones). She hated me going into her room but I had to find the phone……Nowadays I find my Dad worries so much about stuff and needs constant reassurance that things are fine, often things he can’t control or can’t really understand like not getting a paper copy of holiday bookings because he’s booked online. He asked me to check out he’s definitely booked into the hotel and has insurance. A major bug bear of mine is people who won’t wait for their turn in a queue or are rude to the shop assistant/bus driver as if it’s their fault! Moan over, back to the knitting….

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    2. . says:

      Well, I live in the UK, so where to start! Brexit, the next PM (please not BoJo the clown, or worse Jeremy Hunt).
      The weather. Apparently it’s going to be 29C on Sunday. Hate it.
      The weeds in the garden! they’re not invited, they can just do one.
      That’s it!

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    3. barbfessler says:

      Weather is warming up and should be 90 F here today. At least its not raining.
      What’s bugging me is politics. I hate it! Lets get our act together lawmakers and do something for your (our) country.

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    4. Stefanie says:

      Man, you’ve got aggressive squirrels in your hood. Not much is buggin me right now. The weather’s cooler today which is nice. I am feeling a bit sleepy from having to wake up early and a workout.

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    5. Oh, you have totally set me off. I spent the morning thinking about the things that bug me, and I am afraid that there is a whole blog post on the way. I will definitely link to you!
      So here is a short list:
      1. wool moths
      2. food packaging that I can’t open without resorting to tools from the garage
      3. hail storms
      4. weeds
      5. lawn furniture that wears out

      Of course I am going crazy over political matters; I think that the lovely people at my congressional representative’s office may be getting tired of my calls, but they always politely listen and sometimes the vote goes my way.


    6. salpal1 says:

      Hmmm, your list covers it all! I would add politics, of course. Is EVERYONE running for president? Must they all fight and call each other names?

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    7. What’s bugging me is chronic constipation in a 4-year-old and ground squirrels eating my garden. I’m awfully grumpy about both of those things.

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    9. AJ says:

      Oh so many things are bugging me!!! It just gets to a certain point where I’ll have to laugh or I’ll cry!

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    10. Alissa Head says:

      It’s full summer here now with 90 degree heat. And that is bugging me. I’m not a summer person!

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    11. I knew from the title this was going to be a good post 🙂 It’s in the 70’s here, which is sweltering by Alaska standards. Also, there are wildfires burning all over the place, so it is smoky as all get out. It smells like I’m standing in a campfire pretty much all the time, and there is low to no visibility. Those are the things that are bugging me right now.

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    12. chrisknits says:

      1 Politicians have so divided this country that now we have crafting communities that are fracturing. Could we just leave politics out of our crafts? Is that too much to ask?
      2 Wanting to make ALL.THE.THINGS!!! and not enough time to make ALL.THE.THINGS!!
      3 Humidity. nuff said
      4 Not having enough yarn/fabric to finish things I am making. Maybe that’s because I didn’t plan well? Maybe I should choose patterns according to my stash? Nah, where’s the fun in that.
      5 The younger generation and their lack of principles, morals, and manners. But I am sure the older generation said the same about MY generation. LOL! I am right on the Baby Boomer/Generation Jones birth line.

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    13. randomlyerin says:

      Your heat is here, please come get it. We’re going to have triple digit heat indices the next three or more days.

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    14. Olivia says:

      Omg EVERYTHING. I can’t even catch a Pokémon after I win a raid. I’ve lost not one but TWO bottles of Clorox Clean up. Maybe the squirrels are taking my trash too. I can see them now with their tiny little brooms and sponges spring cleaning with my bleach. I gave up on the accountability issue years ago. Now I give me what they give me. Sometimes I’m available, sometimes I don’t answer the phone. And does anyone make a bed in the morning but me?! Now I just close the doors and curtains so I don’t have to look at the messy rooms. Yep, I’m pretty bugged this week too. Lol

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