Just Playing Around

Sometimes I just have to try something out to see if it’s going to work. Case in point this skein of Yarn Love Juliet in the maiden colorway. I checked my stash page and see that I added this to Ravelry June 9, 2011. I then checked the blog and discovered that this skein was part of my first ever order at The Loopy Ewe. I have tried it out on a few patterns but nothing has worked out. This is the start of Be Simple Variations by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank. I’ve wanted to knit this pattern for a while but I don’t think this is the right yarn for it. I think I’ll be headed back to Ravelry to find a more suitable pattern. I’m sure the perfect pattern is out there. I’ve just got to find it.


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10 Responses to Just Playing Around

  1. Those colors remind me of Maleficent! Good luck finding your perfect pattern. I have a few yarns in my stash with similar attitudes.

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  2. kathyreeves says:

    It sure is pretty! Worst case, socks!

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  3. chrisknits says:

    Pretty, but what is it you don’t like about using it on this pattern?

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    • I think the colors of the yarn is going to fall in a ugly way. This pattern doesn’t work hard enough for the variegated yarn. I have a different pattern that I’m going to try out:)


  4. I love the colours in this yarn. If it was mine I would do something in plain stocking stitch because I find that really allows a pretty yarn to sing.

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  5. Stefanie says:

    What f-u-n yarn! I had to look it up on Rav. I love the colorway names. This one you tried out is zippy and so X-Men.

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  6. That is lovely yarn! You will find the perfect pattern for it for sure 🙂

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  7. Olivia says:

    I totally agree, that is gorgeous yarn. I love the little bit of shine to it. You have to find a pattern to show that off! Keep digging

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