Following My Rules

The socks are nearly done. I just have to kitchener the toes but I smartly followed my one solid sock knitting rule: Never kitchener at night. I always screw it up when I do. So I’ll save it until later this afternoon.

Do you have any knitting rules you always follow?


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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25 Responses to Following My Rules

  1. I have a rule that when I am doing Kitchener stitch I always say the steps out loud, otherwise I lose track.

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  2. Evelyn says:

    No complicated cables while watching TV; only move the marker on a chart when I finish the row and hit the BOG stitch marker; always refer to the picture in my Elizabeth Zimmerman picture when weaving underarm seams.

    I guess we all learn these things the hard way. And like highlandhuffalump, I often say steps out loud while knitting!


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  3. Don’t knit tired or drunk is pretty much my only rule!

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    I don’t knit when my team is losing or when I have had two glasses of wine. The socks look great!

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  5. Olivia says:

    That’s funny I finished my sock last night and saved my Kitchener for this morning as well. It’s bad enough knitting socks at night and I don’t wanna lose a stitch on the Kitchener stitch and have to spend the next hour or two fixing a problem!

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  6. salpal1 says:

    Don’t cast on anything new when I am near the end of a big project, save that cast on as a reward for finishing. 😉

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  7. iknead2knit says:

    If you feel the need to frog, sleep on it! Never, ever frog on impulse!

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  8. kathyreeves says:

    I always try any stitch pattern on light colored yarn, before I try it in my garment, because I have found that some stitches are turned the wrong direction for the way I knit. Weird, but it has happened more Han once, and I’ve learned!

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  9. Kit Dunsmore says:

    I tried to match the difficulty of the project to my fatigue level. Super tired = super simple knitting. The complicated stuff I do when I am feeling focused and clear and don’t have anything to distract me. So guidelines rather than rules, but I like your Kitchener rule.

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  10. barbfessler says:

    Agree especially if you’re working with dark colors.

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  11. chrisknits says:

    Don’t make socks. My one rule. LOL!! Been following it for 17 years! Been knitting for 20.

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  12. I absolutely have the no Kitchner at night rule, and I also never bind off a sweater when it is late at night; a get the binding too loose or too tight every single time!! I just love the colors of your new socks.

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  13. Friends don’t let friends knit drunk. A friend and I came up with that one in college after we had been drinking and knitting, and wound up with some, er, interesting fiber art pieces.

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  14. The one rule I’d love to follow (which I typically don’t follow because that’s the only time I find to knit most days) is never, ever knit at night after work.

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  15. Stefanie says:

    Hmmm…I know if I knit with a dark color I must use a standing lamp because the stitches are too hard to see.

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  16. Alissa Head says:

    No rules for me. If I made rules I would just break them!

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  17. AJ says:

    Only one project at a time.

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  18. kmkat says:

    Anytime I screw up after 9pm, I put the knitting down and do/knit something else. My post-9pm corrections are usually wrong.

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