What Do I Want

So this isn’t the “thong” I was knitting before. This is another experiment. I keep ripping and reknitting as if I’m going to suddenly have exactly what I expect. I went with the double YOs as the pattern says this time. Here are my thoughts overall.

  • I’m not happy with any version of the lace. I like my lace neat and orderly. The evenness of the stitches is required. Blocking isn’t going to even the stitches.
  • I’ve been mostly happy with the right side of the right side every time. The left is always funky. At a minimum the YOs are too small compared to the right. At most it’s just plain ugly.
  • The most striking part of this pattern is the fading of the colors from one to the next. It is what will be noticed.
  • It greatly annoys me when I can’t knit a pattern and have it look the way I want. While I’m not a perfectionist per se I expect to end up with what others get. Over 8000 of these have been made.

So what do I do? Do I keep going even though I’ll never be happy with any of the lace? Do I skip the lace and just knit the entire thing in garter stitch? That’s where I’m leaning. It will give me the fading I want and I won’t be totally unhappy with the finished project. Who’d have thought there could be so many thoughts on what is a fairly simple pattern.


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21 Responses to What Do I Want

  1. If you want to continue with the pattern the way it’s written, then I think you need to identify what it is that’s making the left lace different from the right. That’s what’s most intriguing to me at this point. I mean, if both sides were equal, you would continue on happily, right? Is there something you’re doing that’s causing a difference?

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  2. AJ says:

    Go with what will make you happy and the object wearable for you! You don’t want to do all that knitting and end up with something you won’t wear!

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  3. Definitely agree that you should do what will make you happy and that will give you something you will enjoy wearing. Doing the whole thing as garter stitch will be perfectly fine. It will look great and be a cushier, warmer shawl. You are right that fading from one color to the next is the nifty party of it, and that part happens in the garter sections anyway.

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  4. I think I’d be tempted to pop it in time out for a few weeks, start a new project and then make a decision once you’ve had some time pass. Then there’ll be less frustration clouding your thoughts. Like AJ says you don’t want to knit something that you don’t want to wear. Or when you wear it it sparks unhappiness or memories of your frustrations.

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  5. salpal1 says:

    I’m with Renata on this one – have you identified what the problem is? I haven’t knit this, so can’t help sort it out, but it has to be either the pattern or the execution, right? I would try fiddling about on junk yarn until I sorted out what the difference between the two sides is, then I would decide if I wanted to knit it patterned or plain.

    Is it the the yarn overs are different sizes? Or the stitches don’t lean properly? I wish I lived closer so I could help work on this with you, it is exactly the kind of puzzle I most enjoy.

    If it is a yarn over issue, SlippedStitches recently wrote a post on getting them the right size when doing them between knit and purl stitches. Would that help?

    If all else fails, yes, cushy garter all the way! It will be beautiful either way!

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  6. Evelyn says:

    It seems the thing you like best about the wrap is the fading colors. If I were you, I’d knit one of my favorite wrap patterns using the color fade formula of this one. That way, you know you’d enjoy the knitting and the outcome, without the frustration. Good luck!


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  7. Alissa Head says:

    I am also wondering if you are wrapping the yarn all the way around for your yarn overs on the left side. That’s a mistake I made once / not wrapping the yarn around the needle properly after a purl stitch. Maybe you could experiment with that?

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  8. whip1up says:

    Maybe omit the lace altogether. Or, as Evelyn said, choose a different pattern, but fade your yarn in. Maybe the yarn just isn’t happy in that pattern.

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  9. You are going to spend a tremendous amount of time with this project. Do what will make you happy both while knitting and wearing.

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  10. Greetings – Do any of the pics of this that those many others have knit show it in such a way that you can see whether their left/right sides of lace are identical? I find knitting straight garter stitch to be terminally boring, so that wouldn’t be my choice – but I know many (EZ, for instance) enjoy it. But there are lots of other lace patterns, and I don’t know that it would make any difference in the finished object – maybe a regular mesh?

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  11. Colleen says:

    I just ended up frogging a shawl that was a drag to knit. As a (mostly) process knitter, I put a lot of weight on whether I am enjoying knitting the project. Of course I love wearing or using the finished product as well but knitting is my place for peace and order and joy. If a project does not accomplish those things to some degree, then I can recover the yarn for a different project that does. How badly do you want that particular shawl? Is there another similar project that might bring you more joy to knit?

    That said, there is also the joy of mastering a complex problem………

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  12. slippedstitches says:

    I’m not familiar with the pattern so I don’t know if any of this will be much help. Have you looked at the projects page on Ravelry to see what others have experienced with this shawl? It might help.

    If the yarn overs differ in size between the left and right side it could be one of two issues. First, does one yarn over come before a purl stitch? If so and you are wrapping the yarn all the way around the needle the yarn over will be much larger than one that comes between two knit stitches. I just wrote a post about this and how to fix it.

    Second, what are the decreases for each side? If you are working a right leaning decrease on the right hand side before the yarn over it is going to pull the yarn over into a larger hole. If on the left side you are working a left hand decrease before a yarn over the hole is going to be smaller.

    Again, the project pages on Ravelry will help because there must be others who have experienced the same thing.

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  13. slippedstitches says:

    I found this on the Ravelry projects page. I hope it helps some. I am choosing to do the CDD decrease instead of what the designer is indicating in the pattern. I am also doing a kfb instead of the k1 yo. It is cleaner and less fussy. Of course, that means that I have to modify the instructions for the lace section. That is hard and I will try to figure out the pattern and write it out here. One more thing, since I am left-handed, I am doing the ssk all of the time. The lace doesn’t look crisp enough with the k2tog.

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  14. cbraun354 says:

    There are many good suggestions here so I won’t add another … other than maybe a time out would let you consider all of the suggestions and then do what makes you happy.

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  15. Pauly Heller says:

    I agree with the other commenters. Make the adjustments you need and do what makes you happy.

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  16. chrisknits says:

    I am wondering if you really do not want to knit this project. You seem to be focusing on such a small area that you even say isn’t going to be noticeable. So what is the real problem with this project? Is it the lace or just a fear of making it? Wish I had the pattern so I could try to figure out what your issues are. Hang in there, if nothing else, knit more socks!!

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  17. I think you should do what is not frustrating you. I recently ripped out a shawl with a very lacy pattern that wasn’t working for me. I’ll try it again in the future with a different yarn, but for now it is not giving me anymore grief. Knitting should be enjoyable, not driving you crazy. If you are not ready to give up on it just yet, I’m with Highlandheffalump, and agree to put it in a time out for a bit. Good luck with it.

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  18. Stefanie says:

    Yeah, I say if you don’t like the lace but like the fading technique then good, ol’ garter would be the way to go.

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  19. Do what makes you happy. I’d have thrown in the towel a week ago!

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  20. I think it would look great without the lace. Go for garter stitch and enjoy knitting it.

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  21. ReginaMary says:

    Too much like work, hon. I would scrap and cast on something that makes your heart sing!

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