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The Husband and I finally got back to the mall yesterday morning for a real walk. We did 3.5 miles. On the first trip around these yarn bowls caught my eye. At a mere $7 I was very tempted to buy one but resisted. Of course it helped that the stores were still closed and we left before they opened. I don’t have the urge to go back to buy one because 1. They’re plastic and 2. I don’t think I’d use it more than once or twice. Have you resisted buying anything lately? Do you regret that decision?

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22 Responses to Seen At The Mall

  1. chrisknits says:

    Considering I have purchased over 8 yards of fabric I didn’t really need right now I have to say a resounding NO! Plus took over 1500 yards of yarn off of my friend, an even bigger no! I give in much too easily. LOL

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  2. Alissa Head says:

    I have been purchasing way too much lately and I am ready to resist for a little while.

    I have a beautiful handmade ceramic yarn bowl that I never use. I bartered candles for it, though, so I’m ok with just looking at it occasionally.

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  3. RebSef says:

    I resisted buying a t-shirt with sleeves yesterday, despite really needing one. I just didn’t want to settle on a boring colour.

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  4. I have a yarn bowl that I use all the time. It’s made of wood and has some heft to it so it doesn’t move when I pull on the yarn. Those plastic, straight-sided ones don’t look like they’d be all that functional…other than look pretty.
    I’ve been purchasing fabric lately that I “think” I need. I do have projects in mind but not sure if they will be completed any time soon.

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  5. I rarely regret not buying something, yet often regret having bought something. Impulse buying is just too easy today. Putting some time between desire and purchase usually means I no longer want it.

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  6. The one lasting regret was that I didn’t purchase the companion painting when my sister bought an aboriginal artwork while we were in Australia. I still look at hers and regret – at least 15 years later! I rarely make impulse purchases; I was in Webs last week, and managed to resist everything but the one thing I went for, and I looked at a lot of tempting fiber!

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  7. Oh I like those yarn bowls! Ceramic just breaks here bc I can’t keep an eye on 4 cats while Im knitting.

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  8. ReginaMary says:

    I haven’t had anything tempt me lately, but I am trying to be very cautious about newsletters sharing updates and goodies from my favorite dyers, designers and shops; one rogue click could be dangerous.
    I think the idea of a plastic yarn bowl is fine and I probably would have purchased one. I have to be so careful to keep my pottery ones out of the way of Razz’s tail. (Razzilla!)

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  9. Stefanie says:

    I think you passing on those is a good decision. I think waiting and maybe buying a wooden or ceramic yarn bowl is a better way to go.

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  10. I resist buying a lot nowadays! I think about buying a lot of things, but have started a policy of waiting at least a day between the impulse and actually buying. Mostly I just forget about the things, or the urge passes. A few times I have been sorry, but mostly I’m glad I waited and resisted 🙂

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  11. I have been trying to resist buying, but it is very hard. But since we are clearing out our basement and storage room, I have given so much away that I’m ok with buying a little more. I have resisted buying a few things lately and have not regretted it. When I think about it, I remember the reasons I didn’t buy, so that helps. While the plastic yarn bowls are cute, I like the ceramic ones better. I was gifted a sheep one a couple of years ago and I have used it several times. When I am not using it, it sits on a table where I can see it and smile. The ceramic ones are pretty heavy, too. With the plastic one, I’d be afraid that it would move when I pulled on the yarn too hard.

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  12. I have been very good lately at looking and not buying. I try not to buy immediately when I see something, and if it is meant to be, I will go back, or else, I guess I just dont need it.
    These are very pretty, but I think you made the right decision. I like a bit of a heavy bowl that wont move, so I may have given these a miss too. 🙂

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  13. salpal1 says:

    I have been careful with going into stores since I have little resistance! But I can tell you that not buying a plastic yarn bowl was a good choice! There are so many prettier ones out there , wood, pottery, etc, made by artisans who could use the business if you really want a yarn bowl. I have one and do use it. Sometimes even for yarn! Often as a storage/paperweight unit. But it actually has yarn init at the moment!

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  14. Olivia says:

    I want you to know that you have inspired me to start Pokémon go. It has gotten me out walking in this freezing cold weather just to get the Poke balls. I don’t really understand the game yet but somehow I’ve gotten to level 17. Maybe you can give me some pointers.

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  15. Kate says:

    I resist buying stuff all the time. First, as a single income household, I can’t afford it. Second, I don’t need more stuff – we all have to much *stuff*. It’s just stuff and I think of people long past who got along perfectly well with probably the same amount of stuff you could fit in the back of a pick up truck for their entire lives. Third, if I can make it for myself, I will, then I get some experience and some joy under my belt along with a useful and beautiful thing. Fourth, likely, I can borrow it from a friend – and I have things I lend to my friends, so we all don’t have to keep collecting stuff. Five, there’s way too much plastic in the world. Yes, there’s a place for it, but it doesn’t really ever go away, and I don’t want to help perpetuate the creation of more of it. If I need to buy something, I make sure I genuinely need it, it’s made of recyclable or biodegradable materials (natural fibers, clay, wood, metal, glass), and the construction of the thing is quality.

    Of course, I do buy cheapo plastic things from time to time, because I need to, but I do try very hard to adhere to the five points above. 🙂

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  16. I continually do virtual yarn shopping at Joann’s, putting everything I want in my cart. Then I go to the cart and remove skeins I don’t really need. Trying to be conscious and only buy yarn that I have a specific project in mind for. Then, I look across the room at my yarn stash and think about all the yarn tucked away in the basement. At that point, I virtually walk away and let my cart get emptied because I don’t “Continue to Checkout.” I don’t need another strand of yarn! But — it’s hard to resist because JoAnn’s is always having an amazing sale. So far, I’ve been able to resist completing checkout! Between the cost of shipping or having to make a trip to JoAnn’s to pick it up in store to save the shipping cost, I usually seem to talk myself out of it!

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  17. kmkat says:

    I applaud your choice not to buy the yarn bowl. Resist buying a [fill in the blank] for a day. Decide then if you still want it. If you go back to get it and it is gone, rejoice.

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  18. Oh plastic?? But they look so pretty.

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