WIP Wednesday: Thoughts

The projects have both grown a wee bit though I didn’t knit yesterday. Yesterday involved the dentist and errands and a quick lunch out with The Husband. By the time everyone was home and dinner had been made and eaten I was too tired to even pick up my knitting. I’ll get to it today.

I really appreciate everyone’s comments on the Marie Kondo decluttering thing. I don’t live with a ton of clutter but I do have a lot of stuff. As I use things in the future I will judge the need for the item. It may be a better way for me to clear out some stuff without doing it in an overwhelming way.

All the talk about things “bringing joy” made me wonder if I could apply this to my knitting. Do I enjoy using this yarn? Do I enjoy knitting this pattern? It seems like a good way to chose what to cast on next or what yarn to buy or use. I may try implementing this in the future. Let’s just hope it isn’t an excuse to cast on with wild abandon or drop a project for no real reason.

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9 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Thoughts

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I heard someone talk about a 1. finish, 2. give away, 3. frog system. I have done 1 and 3, but unless I deliberately make something as a gift or donation, I never have things I don’t wear when they are completed. Maybe I should! Maybe some things look crappy and I just don’t know it! 🙂

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  2. Kit Dunsmore says:

    My word for 2019 is ENJOY and you make a good point. Just because we enjoy knitting doesn’t mean just any old knitting project is for us. Same with the materials and tools we use. I’ll be paying more attention to my choices going forward. Thanks for bringing this up!

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    I think your approach to decluttering is right on the money. I do that when I’m putting things away. Periodically, I stop and look in the closet and ask myself if I’m using everything (usually not), and then I try to take out 5 things that need to go. When I go out, I drop them at one of the thrift store drop offs. It is slow, but if a I ask that question twice a month, year round things do pare down!

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  4. chrisknits says:

    I don’t listen to Marie, why do I have to decide if something sparks joy to have it in my home? Sure there are things I eventually get rid of, like you said, as you use things decide then. But to upend your entire house to do it? Not for me. In knitting I think most of us already do it. When we rip out because the knitting isn’t working. Or when we ignore stash for new stuff!! LOL Now THAT sparks joy!

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  5. AJ says:

    I’m not sure I could apply Marie Kondo to my knitting so I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes for you

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  6. I have 3 words for the year: Don’t overworry, overanalyze or overreact. So I guess my word is OVER

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  7. salpal1 says:

    Hmmm, interesting to apply that to knitting. I haven’t paid much attention to Marie Kondo, but she sounds a lot like the Fly Lady, whom I did pay a lot of attention to 10 or 12 years ago. If you don’t need it or love it, let it go. The “need” is important or I would have let the vacuum go as I sure don’t love it! How I applied it to knitting was to work at reducing my WIPs and eliminating all my ufos. I use my queue more, and I rip if I am not loving how something is turning out. Right now I have 5 things on the needles, and that is ALOT for me, so nothing new will get cast on for a while, even if I finish something soon. Which I will, I have a shawl that can be done at any point now. That leaves socks, a shawl, a sweater and a year long mkal scarf on the needles. That’s a lot for me who tries to only have 2 – 3 wips at a time!

    I like your idea of reducing as you go, not easy to do, and you have to remain focused, but it is worth it as you realize change is happening!

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  8. Applying it to knitting is definitely a bit of a challenge! There isn’t much about knitting that I don’t love 🙂

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  9. Stefanie says:

    I cleaned out my yarn bins when separating yarn by weight to smaller bins from the big ones the hospital gave us after each daughter was born. I was trying to make room for my stamp cart which ende dup staying outside here by the fireplace. It did feel good to cull some yarn and I still need to give it to a SF knitter who checks in with me now and then.

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