WIP Wednesday: Needle Chat

I have two active WIPs and they couldn’t be more different. The stockinette sock now has a heel. Hopefully I’ll find time to pick up the stitches and knit the gusset decreases today. Or maybe not. I’m still plugging along on the baby blanket. I keep reminding myself that baby will arrive in April whether I’ve finished the blanket or not so I better get moving on it. But here’s the thing, these projects are so different that I have to be in the mood to work on them. I love working on the blanket. The ChiaoGoo lace needles are so nice and pointy. The socks are being knit with Clover bamboo needles. They feel nice in my hands but aren’t particularly pointy so it feels like more work to knit with them. Both projects are easy. It’s just how I feel about the needles that’s slowing things down. How do you like your needles? Pointy or less pointy? Do you prefer wood or metal? As you can guess I really prefer a very point metal needle.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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32 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Needle Chat

  1. Katrin says:

    I am all for the wood or bamboo needles! I find the metal ones to be too loud. 😂😂😂

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  2. ich lese says:

    I love ChiaGoo needles, especially the lace for knitting two at a time socks!!!! If I don’t do that I have 100% second sock syndrome 😉

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  3. randomlyerin says:

    Pointy wood or bamboo needles are the best! I do also have a set of Denise needles that I like but the sizes don’t always go small enough for what I work on.

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    Did you get any snow in your neck of the woods? We released early yesterday, and had a delay this morning. Our 2-3 inches turned into 4-6. Sock looks great!

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  5. For me the smaller the needle size, the pointier the needle. I prefer wooden/bamboo for slippery yarn and metal for the rest. And I LOVE ChiaoGoo needles!

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  6. Both of your projects are looking beautiful. I prefer pointy metal needles, though I do have some old Susan Bates that feel pretty good sometimes, too. I agree with Patti in preferring bamboo for the slippery yarns, too. Happy Stitching!

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  7. LDSVenus says:

    Altho’ different needles have different reasons to use them, I’m a fan of the wooden/bamboo needles and use them as much as possible.

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  8. Anne Donovan says:

    They’re both really nice projects and I think it’s good to have different things on the needles. I’m about to sit and watch TV and cast on the ribbing for the front of my latest knitting.

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  9. I love metal needles and prefer pointy as well. ChiaoGoo Twist Lace are my go to needles for anything I can use them on — I almost have a full set, so there’s not much I can’t use them for! 🙂

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  10. I love pointy metal needles. The only wood needles I like are Lykke Driftwood, but I’m so scared of breaking them I rarely knit with them.

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  11. chrisknits says:

    I used to be all Addi, all the time. Now I am all Knitter’s Pride all the time. They are a touch pointier than I like, but that’s because I tap my needle tips as I am knitting, to move the sets to the tips. It’s a very weird motion, but it works for me.

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  12. Stefanie says:

    I find for DPN’s, they need to be bamboo or wood although I like how the fabric slides across my Takumi Clovers. For circular needles I’m about metal. When I had knitted my Flax, I knitted the sleeves on DPN’s and they couldn’t go around and around fast enough for my tastes. I told myself I’d use metal and buy shorter circs if needed.

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  13. Bamboo and wood for me, with the exception of my sock wonder needles, but now I’ve almost finished my first 2 at a time socks. I’m tempted to stick with knitting socks that way on my wood needles.

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  14. Always wood always pointy

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  15. Love the projects! And I like my needles metal and pointy! I’ve been eyeing the ChiaGoo. I will treat myself soon. I use KnitPicks Options Nickel Plated. I use circs for everything. I also have a set of Tulips which are wood that I like also.

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  16. sthnxstitch says:

    I definitely prefer bamboo. If I knit for very long using metal needles my wrists and hands can start to ache a bit.

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  17. RebSef says:

    Bamboo needles – but I only have a few pairs.

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  18. claire93 says:

    I’ve only ever knit on metal.
    I tried bamboo for crochet, but prefer metal for that too.

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  19. whip1up says:

    Kollage square needles, super pointy and so comfortable in my hands!

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  20. Alissa Head says:

    I prefer wooden needles. They can be hard to find, so I make do with bamboo when I have to. I don’t like needles that are too pointy because I’ve noticed sometimes I push the tip of the needle as I knit, so pointy needles hurt. Of course if I used metal, I probably wouldn’t have to push. But the metal needles are more slippery than I like and the sound makes me cringe. I’m hard to please. 😑

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  21. kathyreeves says:

    How interesting! I am definitely a metal girl, but not sure about the points, I’ll think on that!

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  22. stephaniedanielsonauthor says:

    Metal makes my hands ache, so my goto is bamboo or some new ergonomic needles I found that are triangular.

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  23. salpal1 says:

    I much prefer pointy and slippery for most things. But not all, some yarn needs a needle with a little resistance.

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  24. Wow, it’s pretty evenly divided in the comments between wood and metal. I like wood (straight) needles to knit garments and metal (double point) needles to knit socks. Wood are semi-pointed, metal sock needles have a sharper point.

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  25. I prefer a point needle for sure. I used to prefer metal, but recently metal needles started really hurting my hands, so now I mostly use carbon fiber. Where that isn’t possible, wood or bamboo. But like you, I don’t prefer it. Your sock and blanket are both looking great!

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  26. AJ says:

    My absolute favourite needles are Addi Turbo

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  27. kmkat says:

    When I am knitting a splitty yarn I prefer Addi Turbos because their blunt points do not split the yarn. For a pattern with lots of k2tog I prefer a more pointy needle, which for me means my Knit Picks Options. Signature needles, while expensive, are the perfect compromise for any pattern — quite a sharp point but one that somehow manages never to split the yarn. Bamboo or silk yarn requires a non-metal needle; I have a set of Knitter’s Pride bamboo circs that work well except they do not have a particularly sharp point, so they are a bit frustrating if the pattern has a lot of k2tog.

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  28. Olivia says:

    Barbary blankets take FOREVER but that one is lovely, they are so tempting to make. Plus they keep you warm while making them. I adore your sock yarn but bamboo size one needles?! Wooden needles creep me out. I do have some bamboo size 6 needles that I bought out of ignorance and desperation once but luckily they have had enough lanolin from the yarn to be super smooth. I just try not to think about the wood and splinters part. 😬

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